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  1. It's not publicity to discuss what happened,.
  2. Lxxx

    The next MMR?

    I should explain. Many years ago my wife had a routine smear here which showed she had grade III cervical dysplasia. We immediately sought the best consultant we could across privately. He told us that she wasn't the first woman he had seen from the Isle of Man and if Nobles had been conducting their smear tests properly this should have been picked up years ago, which is a whole different discussion. Anyway we developed a good relationship with him and as he had decades of experience my wife asked him what caused it and was it the HPV virus. As she, as we all have, had been led to believe it was. He raised his eyebrows and said it is a complex issue but to say cervical cancer is caused by the HPV virus is overly simplistic and inaccurate. This started my wife, and I, on a period of research as it was the second time she'd been diagnosed with it and we wanted to make sure it didn't happen again. We both came at it from a position of impartiality and the journey was enlightening. That was four years ago. So when we get a leaflet from school come home from our daughter about the HPV vaccine we're more knowledgeable than we would have been had my wife not gone through the process.
  3. Lxxx

    The next MMR?

    I’ve spent a lot longer than 8 months researching the topic, on both sides.
  4. Lxxx

    The next MMR?

    Congratulations. Your ability to use Google to make yourself sound knowledgeable is impressive. It does however contain factual errors, which you would know if you’d done more than a cursory search to find a website reaffirm to your belief. There are no legal restrictions from CDC members of the advisory committee developing patents, having industry fund their research and if the vaccines come to market then profiting from the sales. As happens with Dr Paul Offit and Merck. I don’t know why you would find collusion between governments and industry so strange. What do they pay lobbyists for? Now if you’d like to get back to the topic of the HPV vaccine in question. I look forward to your next instalment of Google knowledge.
  5. Lxxx

    The next MMR?

    My original point was a general point not about the specific HPV vaccine. However the CDC still relies on industry safety studies not independent studies but that’s beside the by. There’s no point in having rational discourse on manxforums about the subject because it degenerates into something that is barely rational and contains no discourse. It’s polarised into pro or anti vax and there seems to be no inbetween. Which is a shame as science of any description should never be settled and should be subject to rigorous, continuous scrutiny.
  6. Lxxx

    Steam Packet to be sold

    To be fair those types of companies don't really need to change their management structure to survive. They're very similar to the civil service in that money isn't really an issue such is their size and market dominance so they can all feed from the trough until pension time.
  7. Lxxx

    The next MMR?

    Appreciate your point of view. Whilst I don’t entirely agree with what you’ve wrote (what’s a ‘populist’ government supposed to mean anyway) as I’ve said before this isn’t a pro/anti-vaccination debate which it keeps being dragged back to. It’s just an opportunity to air points of view regarding one particular, optional, new addition to the schedule. People will make their own minds up and feel comfortable with the decision they’ve made.
  8. Lxxx

    The next MMR?

    Quite a lazy jibe but as I stated before, this isn't a question of whether you believe in vaccination per se as that is a whole different topic. It's a question of whether the vaccination is necessary and if any perceived benefit is commensurate with the risk involved.
  9. Lxxx

    The next MMR?

    That fact itself is still very much debatable and shouldn't be presented as such. There are well over 100 strains of HPV and about four that carry oncogenes, which only have the potential to turn cancerous in the correct environment. Most people of reasonable health will clear HPV within a matter of weeks. Of the ones who don't most will live with it completely symptomless and it won't progress. From that only a small % of them with a compromised immune system will develop genital warts. Of the ones who do develop cervical dysplasia however again only a small % of them will then go on to develop grade III dysplasia. Of those again only a small % will develop cervical cancer. Even after all that it still has not been proven conclusively that the cause of the cancer was the HPV virus. It really isn't the big issue it is made out to be and certainly isn't worth injecting a not insignificant amount of aluminium sulphate into the bloodstream for, which is the main cause of the side effects that are being reported around the world.
  10. Lxxx

    The next MMR?

    Cervical cancer is not a public heath risk. It's a non-communicable disease. Therefore clearly it should be optional if you decide to go down the route of vaccination and should be on an 'opt in' basis rather than 'opt out'. Which isn't I believe the gist of the documentation which kids get in schools.
  11. Lxxx

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I know a few people who work in the cabinet office. I'm still not sure what they actually do. I do know they are handsomely rewarded for coming into work though.
  12. Lxxx

    The next MMR?

    The CDC is a patent holder of many vaccines, I don't think they can be completely impartial on the topic. The HPV vaccine is a non-essential vaccine. It was originally developed to combat genital warts but it needed a PR makeover to enhance sales so it now allegedly prevents cervical cancer. It's been banned in Japan because of the sheer number of adverse reactions. Whatever your thoughts on vaccines in general, whether you are for/against/on the fence this is one that is completely unnecessary and can be quite easily and routinely combatted with reasonable health and regular pap smears.
  13. Lxxx

    Plans for lord street

    Cars aren't an issue on the islands roads. Most of the time the majority of roads are virtually empty, except for a few hours in the morning and evening. Congestion really isn't an issue even in Douglas, at most it's a little inconvenient occasionally but nothing like across where you can be stuck for hours only travelling a few feet at time. Let's keep the harebrained schemes of the future for high tech cities with real congestion issues. Biggest traffic problems here are potholes and tractors. Oh and cyclists. Bloody cyclists.
  14. Lxxx

    Steam Packet Ireland

    Are/were there any significant economic ties with NI anyway? Not being pedantic but is it a route we should be bending over backwards for anyway if the demand isn't there. Closer ties with the 65 million people the other way would seem to be make more sense.
  15. Lxxx

    Port Erin Marine Research Station

    The café in Laxey on the front is nice, when the wind dies down.