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  1. How long to Heysham ferry?

    Don't let her tell you whilst you're driving up the aforementioned stretch of the M6 at 5pm then.
  2. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    They'll get him in the end. You can't take on an entire system of institutionalised corruption but it's entertaining to watch them squirm.
  3. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    Pesky democracy hey.
  4. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    Selling uranium to Russia isn't enough of a national security threat apparently.
  5. Russian Spies

    Heron & Brearley.
  6. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    I agree there is an underlying theme to this. Which is to try to explain away Trump and Brexit, two 'populist' bloody noses, as being somehow gained by illicit means other than just the populace having enough with the way their countries are being run and actually having the audacity to vote to do something about it.
  7. Premiership 2017/18

    This year's Premier League season is probably the most boring since it started. I don't think I've hardly watched a match and probably wont until next season now.
  8. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    Of course. In today's world we have a number of digital touch points daily and if someone really wanted to target a specific individual I'm sure it can be done easily if you put in a bit of effort but you don't want to spoon feed this information out there.
  9. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    Which I don't have a problem with. I know a few people however who have been the victim of quite detailed identity fraud which I'm sure is in some part due to the fact they gladly give photos of themselves along with most of their personal details wilfully to a social media site, which will then probably be sold on numerous times until it reaches people who will use it for criminal intent.
  10. How long to Heysham ferry?

    Trying to navigate the M6 between Birmingham and the East Lancs at any time other than the early hours of the morning is one of the most soul destroying things a person is ever likely to do.
  11. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    Personal information, yes. I don't have a profile picture or felt the need to tell everyone my date of birth, my employment history or family connections. Of course I use it to browse my interests and news items so those will be known but I'm comfortable with that, I wouldn't expect anything else.
  12. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    I don't actually see what the problem is here. Do people really think, when they wilfully handed all their personal information over to a global, for profit, tech company, that it was just going to sit there and not be used? Facebook is an intelligence agency's wet dream, not to mention a marketing gift from God. Anyone who has any interest in data would want a piece of the action. It's why the only piece of information I've ever given to facebook is my name and was always asked why, up until now.
  13. Illegal Dumping...

    I wonder how much has actually been raised since they introduced the charge to dispose of them at the civic amenity sites.
  14. Explosion On London Underground Train

    Whatever your political persuasion he was of an ilk we don't see anymore. Unfortunately.
  15. Boatyard - Protesting too loudly?

    Much prefer Filby's. Found the Boatyard to be quite soulless for somewhere that charges a premium to dine there.