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  1. hissingsid

    Radio Quirk ?

    Buster and Quirky may not get priority but they sure get more time than anyone else and I do not think anyone would be encouraged to phone in when they start their rambles...more encouraged to flick the switch.
  2. hissingsid

    Clean up your act!

    Why do the Government not compulsory buy these eyesores, or the Corporation you see in the papers places across being bought ?
  3. hissingsid

    Fish murdering bastards

    I am not vindictive as a rule, well only a little bit, but I really hope they catch these scumbags.
  4. hissingsid

    Brains Cregeen

    They do not help themselves.......they are like Aunt Sally's at a fair .
  5. hissingsid

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Beecroft has started a blog now on something or nothing which is being promoted by the prince of darkness and the black fairy, a few months ago when she stopped meals on wheels there was caricatures and hate ridden posts galore she is now flavour of the month or even of the day , bessie friends, I expect when you are a laughingstock other laughingstocks make you feel important.but she has picked a couple of beauty's there to get close to they will turn like dogs the next full moon.
  6. hissingsid

    Visitors from the Parliament of the Motherland

    That is the hard faced bitch who colluded in nicking our scallops.
  7. hissingsid

    Red Cross lose contract for patient transfer

    The same thing happened with Patient transfer under Beecroft the firm that had provided a good service with suitable vehicles was rejected in favour of a firm that has caused numerous problems not least having unsuitable vehicles I.e.taxis with flip up seats and 6 patients squeezed in the back, some patients get a taxi to themselves or a low share but it is very much a roulette. However, when challenged it turned out the Treasury had dealt with the tender process and this is probably the same, the procurement lot at treasury look into these contracts and that is generally that. If the bus company can do it for less then unfortunately in these times it has to be looked at and if you think the Red Cross is a struggling charity look up how much the CEO gets !!!! Probably they have been doing it for years and just did not expect any competition so outpriced themselves. Having said this I am really sorry for the drivers of the Red Cross vehicles who have been put out of work and hope they find some other employment. Tough times, tough decisions.
  8. hissingsid

    Visitors from the Parliament of the Motherland

    That Hodge creature should mind her own business, I still do not see why they were invited.....reptiles like these two should have been ignored....they hate being ignored.
  9. hissingsid

    Clean up your act!

    Surely it would have been registered now, I thought it was public notice unless the police determined otherwise....interesting times....not
  10. hissingsid

    Fish murdering bastards

    It sounds as if it was personal to me......I think it was a dreadful thing to do and really hope the scumbag/s get caught.
  11. hissingsid

    Radio Quirk ?

    I was listening until he started....blood pressure issues so reluctantly had to flick the switch.
  12. hissingsid

    Radio Quirk ?

    Was on TH again today.....we have people waiting says Stu but first we have Quirk....first talking anal rubbish about the bus in Onchan going around with a few people on them...I have yet to see him on a bus I use them all the time...his abnormally small brain does not seem to recognise that he lives near the terminal so everyone has got off and only a few get on further on there are loads of people catching it in fact it must be one of the busiest routes as it progresses to Port Erin, but then goes on to subject of discussion which is the patient transport situation, he goes on about the tender.......and drawls on and on not really adding much of anything but he seems to get priority.....my only consolation is I never voted for him.
  13. hissingsid

    Visitors from the Parliament of the Motherland

    Two vile creatures do not know why they were invited, achieved diddly squat and probably cost us a lunch plus taxi. Gobshites extroadinair
  14. hissingsid

    Gubay v Drower et al

    Beecroft I'd going to look into it when she has her summer recession so at least it will keep her sticky little beak out of other matters for a while.
  15. hissingsid

    Win a house competition!

    I would query the legitimacy of changing T and C after ticket selling had commenced and some sold.