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  1. MLC nominations open

    No new nominations today, how disappointing.
  2. Plans for lord street

    Now Summerland should be turned into a multi story car park with decent sized spaces now that cars are getting bigger, and wider. The little shuttle buses that Bus Vannin have could run up and down the promenade or we could all get fitter by walking, cycling or skating to work along the walkway. Sorted.
  3. Age Concern 'shocked' at Meals on Wheels funding blow

    The price of postage these days I think will make this service one for those with a few bob, but we will see at least it is worth trialling and a far better idea than frozen meals.
  4. MLC nominations open

    Seems like Tanya Humble has the most supporters, on paper at least. She seems to have a problem reading the news so that should be interesting but....it ain't over until the fat lady sings...we have until Friday to get the final number. I am confident there will be more because it will be a case of 'well if he/she is having a go '. why not, if I am right, and is has been known , it costs not a penny to put your name forward unlike the general election which costs time and money. Also, if they are unsuccessful they do not feel so bad if a lot of others are also unsuccessful. Here we go...I predict at least two more perhaps three to put their names forward.
  5. MLC nominations open

    They would never have enough material to write a blog !!!!!!
  6. Moorehouse Strikes Again

    Ha ha.... good one Albert.
  7. Moorehouse Strikes Again

    I was just wondering ..what now I thought he was going to start on the wallabies, the I realized Rob had claimed all the attention. I will have to have an early night must keep alert and excited....tomorrow is BUDGET day.....there is one thing certain there will be no good news.
  8. MLC nominations open

    No small wonder that there are multiple candidates queuing to get the job, just think for 5 years you will get £250,000. Plus expenses, jollies, etc all for turning up and clearing your throat , a lot, during questions you either do not approve of or do not understand and you are teflon coated, untouchable for 5 years. What is not to like.
  9. MLC nominations open

    I wonder how many of these good and great would be standing if it was just expenses like local commissioners have....none. I also noticed the advanced ages of most of the candidates, we need young proactive people not old crones looking for to feather their nests. so
  10. Manx Radio

    Manx Radio has so many employees you could not believe, most of them part time or casual.
  11. MLC nominations open

    Not as yet, but has until Friday, might be keeping the excitement going by waiting until the last hour. As for this imminent budget coming up I swear I could hear a drum roll in the background when Howie was banging on about it, one might even be tempted to think something new or faintly interesting was going to be announced. It will be the same old. ...difficult times ahead...that of course is directed at us....cannot expect services to remain the same.....that is us again...blah, blah, blah, work harder for longer....us.....all due to Brexit, the world turning round, Trump, plastic bags, goats, squirrels, seagulls. Nothing at all to do with black hole pension pot, scallop raiding or a weak government. Carry on as usual Captain Mannering.
  12. Manx Radio

    Yes it was on the politics page but James pulled it, caused an incry apparently amongst her dozen or more fans. Pathetic, it was for charity as well. She can not be that famous because I have never heard of her !!!!!
  13. Moorehouse Strikes Again

    Must say I disagree regarding Caine, she went for a review of Manx Radio, got it and then expressed disappointment that she was not on the committee, her husband and brother in law both work there so naivety or what ? and it is her that is persecuting the goats !!!!!
  14. MLC nominations open

    Interesting that only one of the retiring members , Poole-Wilson, have put their name forward, are they seeing what the opposition is likely to be or do they think they have pushed their luck for long enough. Juan Turner has got this court case looming, which the timing is unfortunate, perhaps Geoff has had enough and wants to go out on a high note .Mummery may have become disenchanted....who knows or there may be a last minute flurry.