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  1. hissingsid

    News content

    Here we go again.......
  2. Waiting for the headlines on the board outside our local shop 'Blowing a Hooley'. that was last years take on last years hurricane. Gave everyone a laugh.
  3. hissingsid

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    The thread on Facebook has been pulled, getting a bit feisty apparently, they do not know how to have a meaningful discussion like what we do.......without getting a bit presumptuous with their remarks, one poor poster was even labeled Racist !!!!! Scarred for life now no doubt.
  4. hissingsid

    More IOM Government Spin

    Here we go !!!!!
  5. hissingsid

    News content

    Yesterday it was on MR news that Jurby junk was closing, big deal, today it was given the same level of importance as apparently now it has closed...stuff being auctioned off etc.. now I realize there are slow news days but this is scraping the barrel, last time I was in there I came out scratching. There must be more than this going on, surely. The travel was also as good certain planes affected and the boat is not sailing and then the Snaefell tram is not going this morning or the horse trams, I don't think many people will be surprised by that.
  6. hissingsid

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    Once the Island accepts responsibility for these people they have to house them, feed them, educate them, look after their health including dentistry, give them enough money to exist on, until they got jobs, fund lawyers, police, doctors , nurses etc to be trained in the language they speak. It would create insurmountable problems. I think Daphne and the four local charitable groups are well aware of this. Nothing has changed since they asked last time so why ask again ? Perhaps they thought they would get another million!!!!!!This is how charities operate, you give them a donation and they hound you for more. It has happened to me with the Red Cross, purchased some cards next thing they are phoning me up asking for a donation.
  7. hissingsid

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    Yes this is the idiot who is scaremongering about the goats, she would have got in if Dudley Butt had not canvassed for her, no one had heard of her and she had no experience in anything remotely concerned with politics local or otherwise. The chap she beat, by a small margin had served on Laxey and Lonan commissioners for a while and had least dipped his toe in the water. Well you reap what you sow.
  8. hissingsid

    Onchan residents group

    You would know very little about personality !!!!
  9. hissingsid

    Isle of Man News and Politics

  10. hissingsid

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    I know it is like being in a room with a bluebottle, just droning on and being annoying, pass me the scatter...please.
  11. hissingsid

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Ignore and hopefully she will go away.....somewhere far, far, away.
  12. hissingsid

    Onchan residents group

    You should be in bed, there is school in the morning !!!!
  13. hissingsid

    Onchan residents group

    Quite a nice little group with local information...then along came Buster, full of sh..e as usual threatening to sue someone for defamation, as if, and he does not even live in Onchan. He was getting short shrift by most of the posters but a few were actually encouraging him by interacting. Is there nowhere safe from him. According to him he has been in politics over 60 years !!!! he also has the saga of the Chief Executive under his belt, with figures and facts galore !!!!! If he had been sent to negotiate Brexit it would have been long sorted, they would have given any deal to get rid. What a man.
  14. hissingsid

    The mayhem is to commence anytime now

    Tomorrow is D day....tick rock tick tock.
  15. hissingsid

    Rally Under Threat...

    Judging by the standard of driving around tow on Saturday I think a lot came anyway. They should have all come, had a bit of a thrash on the mountain mile and done a bit of sight seeing.