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  1. Castle Mona Hotel - The Lunatics are taking over the Asylum

    It was not on Talking Heads I heard him , that would have been different, it was on the News.....he was waffling his utter rubbish on the News......the fact that the deal had fallen through..fair enough..but then to let this cretin on to further his nonsense that is just not newsworthy.
  2. Dogshit Map...

    If this is the greatest worry of your life I would gladly swap.
  3. Spineless or what

    This is a little extreme but we do need to get an appetite to be more aggressive in our approach, in law, would we be entitled to consficate any boat fishing without a license ? We should consider getting another boat for the scallop season giving us more protection and the two skippers who have not paid the fines should be imprisoned and banned for life fishing our waters. Zero tolerance the only answer.
  4. Castle Mona Hotel - The Lunatics are taking over the Asylum

    I was thinking the same thing this morning why does Manx Radio give this fruitcake,being kind and before watershed for the faint hearted, air space. If he did pu a deposit on the sale it is really good news if he has lost it. The Castle Mona is an important part of our heritage, as are the horse trams and the people who treat money as their god will never understand this. They will go and spend about two quid on a mediocre coffee or buy plastic bags without a qualm but mention things that matter to us Manxies, or some of us who love everything about the Island and realise the worth of our difference and the reasons why we need to treasure our history, they will never understand......let us get on with the promenade..be glad we are looking to the future instead of whining and moaning. If you do not like it get the boatvwe will not miss you, not one bit.
  5. More argy Bargy over social housing rents

    I overheard a conversation a couple of years ago when one chap was saying he was not going for a job as with all the benefits he was getting, I think he had quite a few children, he would not manage on £500 he would get as wages, his companion agreed he was definitely making the best decision he would be worse off working as well...ffs.
  6. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    I think the horse trams are great, worth every penny and as for holding up the traffic, it is a promenade not a speed track. I think it is fabulous that all the car spaces are going that make the prom look like a untidy car park. Build a car park on the disgrace that used to be the Villiers, build one at Summerland with reasonable charges, smart toilets etc. encourage people to rediscover those things called legs there are busses going up and down for people that cannot walk. Make plenty of spaces for badge users and make all the spaces reasonably sized, cars are wider and it would cut out a lot of door bumps etc.. I am totally for the new designed promenade and just wish they would get on with it. The world does not revolve about motorists!!!!
  7. For goodness sake means test...the only fair way, and pay according to the combined income of all the occupants of the property.
  8. Axeman Ashford

    Disagree Donald....strongly he is a man you can talk to and he does act on concerns, I know this firsthand.
  9. Road Safety Consultation

    There should be MO T s. here some of the vehicles are dreadful, especially vans, especially the ones that randomly overtake on the mountain circuit.
  10. Road Safety Consultation

    I have always maintained our police force should have a traffic control unit to go around the Island on motor bikes and deal with speeding, illegal parking, RTAs etc This would let the rest of the force concentrate on police work in general and not have the distraction of traffic offenses. A few of these hi viz police bikes patrolling the roads would sharpen everyone up and the cost would be far less than patrol cars.
  11. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    I have said it before and I will say it again....Rob it is a big mistake for a politician to embrace social media. There are some contributors who will ask sensible questions and others that will give constructive criticism but they are as rare as hens teeth. If people want answers about a matter or suggest an idea they may go to the surgeries you have. By the way I like the beard.
  12. Axeman Ashford

    At least he is trying to get things on an even footing it is a very complex and unwieldy department, I think it should be split in two ,but however, I think he has hit the ground running and needs time to clean of the mess of his predecessors.
  13. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    There used to be people armed with clipboards bothering travelers at the pier asking questions regarding purpose of visit, duration of stay etc.. Most people kept on walking I think they were down at the airport too. This was apparently what was determining business or holiday numbers, very weird way, however jobs for some.So how do they define nowadays who is on business, who is on holiday, who is returning from holiday, who has been away to hospital....lucky guesses I would say. I would choose to believe hoteliers, who have been in business for long years and carriers who would surely not falsify figures than some civil servants who are probably just working out how many days they have to idle through until they can claim their fat pensions or if they can get away with pulling a sickie anytime soon. I tried to book, well in advance ,self catering accommodation for family coming over last year, not at peak times and had great difficulty. The transport department say their figures are up. I think this bad publicity has undermined the tourist industry and the Cabinet office should be made accountable for the figures they have produced, let us have an explanation of how they arrive at them. Silly me, sorry, Government departments don't do accountable that only happens in the grown up real world.
  14. Vet Fights Back

    This is Manx Radio, the nations station, it is not supposed to be entertaining, it's role is to keep us assured that Government is doing a great job especially in the year of 2018. We have black skies.....and culture...what else could we want....do not spoil anyone's day by mentioning electricity increases, road tax increases, parking increases etc, etc.
  15. Road Safety Consultation

    If I had my way, of which there is not a chance in hell because there is not one politician who is brave enough to face the unpopularity it would bring, I would introduce speed cameras, this would cut down on accidents, thus taking a lot of pressure of the hospitals, and with all the money collected in fines from the boy racers, who would subsequently have less to spend on drugs, I would divide it between the Health Service and the DOI. This would relieve pressure on our Health Service and improve the roads. Stipulation would be the amount given would be spent on only improvement of roads and footpaths. It is a dream that will never happen of course.