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  1. Hostages taken at French supermarket

    Pongo explains it perfectly... Seems people have become so inured to terrorist outrage that it begs a wisecrack or two? It's a bad show RIchard, you choosing to deflect to me.
  2. Hostages taken at French supermarket

    Yeah, let's make light of it, make up something funny. After all, only 3 people died and a paltry dozen injured. Fuck the suffering and significance let's have laugh...
  3. Salisbury Street demo.

  4. Illegal Dumping...

    Probably the eldest of old wives tales...
  5. Explosion On London Underground Train

    Gotta beg to differ there woody. He had time for everyone and was rather partial to chatting with muslims, especially the cab drivers who ran him around. He claimed that there was a tendency in some political circles to promote hostility toward them all, not just the dreaded islamists. What was true then is true now.
  6. Explosion On London Underground Train

    Well we're both showing our age. That wasn't my point though. The wording of your post could've been words out of his mouth. When I read what you posted it was in his voice sounding in my head, lol. A great man, and not the beeb's biggest fan...
  7. Russian Spies

    If he looked at you like that in the Gent's you'd have to skidaddle...
  8. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    Sid. Sid. Sid! What difference will the next election make?
  9. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    George Bernard Shaw suggested it was 50000...
  10. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    I Wonder if this kind of exceptionalism is comparable to Chris Thomas's-- therefore government's reasoning on 'equalising' (tinkering with) the delayed Equality Act to "more suit ourselves..."
  11. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    "Problem drinkers," innit? I'm all for it but making the brewers and distilleries finance pictograms on their labels, as with ciggies, would've been a better move. A few choice shots of pickled livers, a shrunken brain, brewers-droop, a beaten kiddie or wife, a smashed up car or three, with graphic depictions of death and consequence would probably be more cost-effective. Heron And Brearley's could lead by example... If they'd just free the weed and collect the tax there'd be more cash in the pot (pun intended)...
  12. Manx Radio

    Strong word, "hate." It's lost its proper meaning through misuse. Believe it or not, many people can't stand MR and would never dream of tuning-in, swiftly skipping by it when the auto-tune locks on in the car, finding they're listening-in by accident rather than choice. I imagine they do this without a smidgen of real "hate." I can't stand Anchovies, dislike them intensely and their stench reminds me of an old acquaintance but I don't hate the little buggers... Do MR still include those dreadful but immensely profitable American 'jesus-loves-you' evangelist segments in its programming?