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  1. I'm not dismissing what you posted. I just think it simplistic and doesn't fully explain the culture divide. Some cultures just don't want to assimilate. Why is that?
  2. The grammar is a minor distraction, the gist of Twinkle's post is obvious.
  3. Generally, the 'mad' don't know they're mad.
  4. It's my bad. Paypal, an'that...
  5. The finest piece of apologism I've read in a long time.
  6. Tried to subscribe again and the message which states I can't because I already have one (sic) keeps blocking my application. Frustrating, so it is...
  7. Just the legs remain...
  8. "Atheist terrorists". Eh? Oh, this one?
  9. Very good, but it's only relatively recently that outpourings from the ummah were enough to attract such publicity. It's a good thing, but not before time.
  10. A bit like suggesting setting someone up for a speeding offence in the first place...
  11. It doesn't, actually. The oft-used label of, 'islamophobia'. Some word, so it is! However I'm inclined to take the view that this is, "a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons." Just about sums it up nicely in my book.
  12. So you're saying that an edited copy would be indistinguishable to intensive forensic science, to the original? Surely not?
  13. Funny we should be talking about Glasgow. My colleagues and I were discussing islam-inspired attacks today and 4 out of 5 had forgotten all about that one. Didn't airport security have to pull that Jock off the terrorist? Before he killed him? Ace, brave man, not much thought for his own safety, straight in head-first (literally, iirc!). Not many like him around anymore...
  14. Most of the cameras I have seen show location and time. It is usually optional whether to include this information on-screen when viewing but it is registered internally. Thus it would be obvious to a techy whether or not it had been tampered with.
  15. Who remembers Glasgow? Except you and I, maybe...