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  1. quilp


    Some album that...
  2. quilp

    TT 2018

    Only a quarter of Marshall's are local, according to that Craine fella on the radio. Interesting, that...
  3. quilp

    Yet another Tory Plant wilts (BBC Question Time)

    Lol... Reads something in a thread on MF, demanding a firm rebuttal/correction... Reacts by tapping out a comprehensive reply, putting the record straight, etc. Uses sardonic tone. Feels smug... Re-reads, edits, adds, loses track and thinks... And delete the lot... Know it well.
  4. quilp

    Manx Radio

  5. quilp


    Ach, it's all small beer...
  6. quilp

    Manx Radio

    Someone told me there's a ventriloquist lined up for next week's show, after Stu models the latest range of Bally loafers available at Curphey's...
  7. quilp

    More shootings in the U.S.

    Shotgun, even easier to obtain than the semi-auto assault rifle. Walmart special. Nuts.
  8. quilp

    Premiership 2017/18

    That Stoke attacker, little Black geezer, forget his name, some talent there. Works like a navvy...
  9. quilp

    Yet another Tory Plant wilts (BBC Question Time)

    I already said that I rarely miss it. Sometimes it's a struggle but there have been some memorable exchanges. Douglas Murray and Medhi Hassan is one which springs to mind. Moons ago they had either Rory Bremner or Alistair McGowan on the panel-- hilarious! Never stopped laughing at that episode. Who's your favourite, Dimblebore or Sir Robin?
  10. quilp

    Yet another Tory Plant wilts (BBC Question Time)

    A brilliant idea. MHK Bingo. So many possibilities...
  11. quilp

    Steam Packet to be sold

    There you go again Albert, a whiff of flowers and you look around for a coffin...
  12. quilp

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    You'd probably need to...
  13. quilp

    When The Fun Stops...

    Agree totally. Those who can afford it the least lose the most.