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  1. So is the APNR in place for TT?
  2. Messaging slider working and stored! Brilliant thankyou. 'like' still not functioning. Thanks ans...
  3. I sent a PM out to a poster who hasn't received it. Indicates inbox empty when there were a couple in there before the upgrade. Selecting notifications for messaging, the 'slider button' will not slide to produce a tick. Same for 'like' notifications. Anyone else experiencing this? 3rd ask...
  4. And what about the messaging and 'likes'? The notification settings don't seem to save preferences...
  5. I predict a nasty leadership challenge within Labour.
  6. You're underestimating the extent of disgruntlement amongst the rare few on this Island who take a discerning look at the shenanigans, misdirection and mismanagement of our politics. Unfortunately, there are those who swallow everything they're fed. Voting turnouts, and the quality of candidates confirm this.
  7. In 'General Notifications', clicking on the 'messsage' and 'like' commands to recieve notifications doesn't seem to save.
  8. This is a thread that'll go down to the knuckle...
  9. Didn't he buy a house in German..?
  10. Aha...
  11. Thanks ans. Wish I knew how to compress it. Will give it a go.
  12. Just tried to upload a photo to my avatar but max file size exceeded at 0.1mb. Is this a glitch? Thanks...
  13. Give it time FB, you'll soon get used to it.
  14. This format is good. What's not to like? I might juat chuck 20 quid at it again. Thanks for the effort lads'n'lasses...