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  1. quilp


    Anyway... Not everyone's cup of tea but before his descent into madness he was one of the most insightful people of his day... https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/keywords/nietzsche
  2. quilp


    What's the point if you're not going to listen to any..?
  3. quilp

    Donald Trump

    Lol, The Donald tells May the UK should "sue" the EU. Brilliant!! Who would've thought..?
  4. quilp

    Advantages/Disadvantages Of The EU

    No, and er, yes...
  5. quilp

    Advantages/Disadvantages Of The EU

    This thread is being presented with the aasumption that most of those 'benefits' will cease to exist. Will they? The way it's looking anyway it'll be a feckin 'Kit-Kat Brexit' i.e. A thin layer of exit chocolate over a wafer of remain. "We're on our way to Naseby we shall not be moved..!"
  6. quilp

    Donald Trump

    No we don't. Forcing two completely different cultures, who have absolutely nothing in common, to live side by side, is never going to end well.
  7. quilp

    More death and destruction

    Twice in one thread, no less. Don't see what the problem is looking back in context. It's hardly anything compared to some of the shit thrown your way. Strange, really, seeing as I was posting in support...
  8. quilp

    More death and destruction

    This. The avoidable cost, year on year...
  9. quilp

    5G Network Radiation?

    Fuck knows, it's new to me but there's plenty of 5G for dummies websites out there. Some science papers to digest the tech from. Every time the technology evolves there's always the odd scare-story. Only time will tell if 5G throws up anything sinister.
  10. quilp

    Farage Against The Machine

    New era digital media processing (all mediums) can be pretty innovative. Darwinism in art.
  11. quilp

    World Cup Final

    And goalies wore caps and polo-neck sweaters, etc... I see Alan Gilzean died recently. Hard bastard, Scotland's Tommy Smith.
  12. quilp

    More death and destruction

    The truth is, people die. Not only that, families are ruined, the consequences and the grief are far-reaching. Until very recently, no one wanted it talked about, those who did were villified for their conscience. For some, like LC and others on here (including myself) and elsewhere, there has to be some balance applied to the TT glory, the fanfare and splendour. The truth, it appears, is that it's more likely to hurt the pro-TT-at-any-cost fanbase when the negative coverage is publicised. I wouldn't normally bother to join in the TT threads anymore, it's all been said before, pro and anti, but in recent years there has been a steady growth of local opposition to the event and its organising, especially when the full realisation of the negatives are examined. As they always should be, in public.
  13. quilp

    5G Network Radiation?

    20 times more powerful than a 4g transmitter. 4g :- 20Mhz, 5g :- 400Mhz bandwidths.
  14. quilp

    More death and destruction

    Not my intention at all. Posted with hard-to-convey sarcasm, getting it in before the usual. I'm all for the full horrors being kept in the limelight. So there.