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  1. Obvious? What's obvious to me is you, and your various guises. This forum is dying of boredom.
  2. What is, "the total forum agenda." You mentioned this entity before but never quite explained it.
  3. Well said woolley.
  4. From BBC news... "US president Donald Trump has said he expects a 'powerful' trade deal with the UK to be completed, 'very quickly.' Speaking at the G20 summit in Hamburg, he said he would go to London. Asked when, he said, 'we'll work that out.' The US president is holding talks with UK Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss a post-brexit trade deal. It is one of a series of one-to-one meetings with world leaders which will also see Mrs May hold trade talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe." Hm-mm...
  5. I could go on but it'll cost ya...
  6. Mrs Watson. Wet dream. Pencil skirt, seamed stockings, tight blouse. Perfume garden...
  7. She did stamp her foot a couple of times...
  8. Have you noticed in her video she doesn't wash her hands after? That's just taking the piss...
  9. Another wicca basket case...
  10. Yep. Best pasties ever.
  11. Hormones.
  12. Good pies in there...
  13. Alright not difficult. It's whether her consenting will affect his sentencing. Ya know, taken into consideration...
  14. You just beat me to it, woolley. Consensual. Will it make much difference in his sentencing I wonder? At 13, as a child, the law indicates she cannot give consent. Difficult.