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  1. I reckon humans evolved from nose cells would be proper snotty twats.
  2. The inimitable William Black esq. Prince of Hairdresser's asked whether I wanted something for the weekend. I did. "Have these", said he, "half price, because they're a year out of date but rubber doesn't go off." Anyway, it (rubber) did go off, into about 5 pieces and 9 months almost to the day later...
  3. Yeah, Uncle Joe proving a point...
  4. And look where that got him..?
  5. Or a nice straw hat...
  6. Funniest post in a long time there fella...
  7. With five and a half million of them, they're quite a crowd. And 110,000 or so in adjacent areas of France. What would Catalan independence mean for Spain and its current status within the EU? Yet more expensive and lengthy renegotiation with the likelihood of massive social unrest if the EU and Spain let it all drag on. And as guzzi said (good post), there are the Basques to consider on the issue of independence. It couldn't be one without the other. Another potential fracture in the foundations of the EU edifice, perhaps?
  8. Mirror-image narcissism.
  9. Spot on there Uhtred.
  10. We can only hope the protest may embolden those who before might never have bothered to include themselves and increase attendance at any future gatherings. Public displays of disapproval and protest are essential if those in government (who work for us, don't forget) are to sit up and take notice of those they serve.
  11. And your sense of humour while they're at it...
  12. Not all of NK's population are brain-washed and although obviously in serious danger, there is dissention and a growing opposition to the regime. Especially amongst the younger generation. The longer the stalemate continues the greater the possibilities of trouble within. A year down the line this situation may still be the same with the back-and-forth brouhaha and sabre-rattling continuing ad nauseum. Trump is doing his best to carry the same threat to the mullahs in Iran, who in reality, with their own nuclear ambitions, pose just as great a threat to world stability. I wonder how the Obama administration would have been handling this? Or worse still, Clinton?