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  1. This Week

    Yes, memorable for me as a kid too. Predictably the programme has become a bone of contention and seen by some as racist and extolling white supremacism/imperialism, though the imagery was sometimes a bit suspect...
  2. Look, the solid evidence is the EU bloc is in a parlous state. There exists much malcontent and disillusionment in many member states regardless of the issues surrounding Brexit. The cracks are already apparent, the recent threats of sanctions or even expulsion directed at Poland (or was it Hungary? Czech Republic perhaps? Or Austria, Italy, Netherlands? Thankfully they are many) for not toeing the official line on immigration, attest to this. Blind faith? Nah...
  3. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    Totems of 'culture.'
  4. Beats me why, instead of tedious baiting, you don't you do some searching, yourself? Googling, 'opportunities in brexit' might be a good start.
  5. Winter Solstice Celebrations

    It is a tower. The 'folly' thing is a local attribution...
  6. Flat Earth?

    Quite right RIchard. Apart from it's Bannatyne.
  7. Dogging On The Isle Of Man

  8. It made me laugh my tits off. The parody is hilarious. It does take a certain amount of diverse, mental agility to create such a thing. With a pinch of latent talent thrown in.
  9. Hurrah for Prince Harry

    Well, look it up if it's fired-up an interest. Names, details of the constitutional legal team, all specialists. She must've picked up a few nuggets. They're all coached in it from an early age. Tradition, an'that.
  10. Hurrah for Prince Harry

    Apart from the fact that HM Queen is supported by a framework of expert constitutional advisers she has been at the game for a long time. When it's (the constitution) a big part of your life you learn a thing or two.
  11. Ha, because I'm an even bigger cunt than notwell, apparently. And don't forget Neil, he said he got the same message.
  12. Hurrah for Prince Harry

    Not that ol' chestnut...
  13. Public Sector Pension Liability

    Yes, a Bounty. We've gone off Topic...