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  1. Dear god. You don't half think a lot of yourself, plumped-up on your own self-importance. Borrowed plumage won't keep you warm corporal...
  2. quilp

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    £1m to refugees, sweet fuck-all from most of the prosperous Middle East nations, some of whom refused access to anyone when it was needed. Have you ever thought to have a moan about that Albert?
  3. quilp

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    It's been possible for a good while to be able to purchase high-concentration CBD vape oil in the Offshore Vape shop, Castle Street. Available in a 50% concentration right up to 600%. In various flavours: 'Mango Kush' 'Lemon Haze' are two and both flavours come through very distinctly, more so to those pot-heads who've sampled the actual bona-fide leaf. The label of the 300% and 600% (£37and £72) bottles indicates that the product "may induce drowsiness." Which, when vaped neat it does, kind of, but I wouldn't describe the effect as "drowsiness" more a certain, 'mellowing.' Having suffered from 'Cluster' headaches (darkly described in some quarters by some as a 'suicide headache'-- think brain-freeze intensity from too much ice-cream, only lasting up to 2 or 3 days) for as long as I can remember, illegal cannabis, with an average THC content, has been manna from heaven in terms of relief. It has the same effect on the pain induced by the osteoarthritis of my 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th vertebrae. Although not quite as efficacious (because it really does need a balance of THC in there, let's be honest), the CBD vape has a very near effect on the aggravating symptoms. The alternative offering of NSAIDs, Tramadol or other opiates proved useless, just adding to the low mood and listlessness brought on by the dreaded, incessant ache. The only obvious downside of the CBD vape and other CBD products is its expense but burgeoning competition in the market should bring about a more sensible price. It also got me thinking whether or not the high CBD content in the vape would produce a false-positive result in a road-side swab test. Does the test differentiate between the CBD and THC? Who knows..?
  4. quilp

    Ronaldsway Airport

    It'd have to be a farcical comedy of errors...
  5. quilp

    Helpful member of the public threatened with the cops

  6. quilp

    Helpful member of the public threatened with the cops

    Am I losing it or did your avatar just wink at me..?
  7. Lol, you should see my loft...
  8. quilp

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Dear god...
  9. This cushion saga's a load of ol' fanny...
  10. quilp

    2018 Festival of Empty Road Watching

    Thank fuck for that.
  11. quilp

    Ronaldsway Airport

    There'll be a battle for the pasties...
  12. quilp

    Blackpool Tower - Isle of Man Race.

    It'd never get through H&S...
  13. quilp

    Blackpool Tower - Isle of Man Race.

    Plenty of archive shots and a recent article in the Blackpool Gazette. I remember it well. The Wacky Races of its day...
  14. Lol. It's the gunslinger eyes on him. Looks like a polo shirt with a tie...
  15. quilp

    Ronaldsway Airport

    What a surprise! He definitely came in under the radar...