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  1. Bushy's to lose TT site?

    Rolling in it.
  2. We Have To Eat In Order To Exist

    How would we do that then, refuse to pay?
  3. Do-Gooders

  4. I'm a Daily Beast man myself.
  5. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    It won't be there much longer.
  6. The Proles don't care.
  7. Flat Earth?

  8. Rob callister mhk

    He thinks Rob's crap.
  9. We Have To Eat In Order To Exist

    Correct. The forelock-tuggers, and cap-doffers, those who were brought up to know their place, perpetuate this nonsense of wilful ignorance and wan compliance. Like ghosts in a weed-garden.
  10. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    "You there, don't you know the difference between mediocrity and excellence?"
  11. We Have To Eat In Order To Exist

    And then what will they do? Likely as not it'll be the same as it ever was, they'll accept what they're told, moan about it for a while then quickly roll over and forget about it in supine indolence. A typical example is the gas rip-off; many thousands of locals took a rather dim view of the new terms and were, by their own accounts, very angry. A demonstration of this anger was organised with much fanfare. Less than 100 people turned up... Lol.
  12. Donald Trump

    And one other thing, I might find someone's post humorous, even if I don't 'agree' with it. It's the retorts and dry one-liners I appreciate. Does humour belong in ManxForums..?
  13. Donald Trump

    It's because I like the cut of his jib And he's funnier than you, who bites every time. If you were as humorous I'd be liking you too. Alas, you're not. As it is, it's none if your business who I like. Hau ab...
  14. Donald Trump

    Surrender, monkey...
  15. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Where do you see the thread going then? The scope for spreading the word and seeking support for your campaign about halal meat is very narrow on MF. The dirty dozen have spoken.