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  1. Fireworks:Where to buy?

    We always had our bonfire and set our fireworks off on douglas beach. i can’t remember when they stopped that but always used to be a good evening with loads of groups/families having their own fires down there.

    Can’t say I see a massive problem with the roads compared to the UK, never mind a third world country? what do people expect? Every stretch of road and pavement to be smooth, with completely new drainage and faoundation, perfectly lit and weed free? Get real and grow up. The roads are mainly just laid on the existing soil and have been for years.
  3. Liverpool Arms Closes

    Another one proving the point I was making. People who are so pissed they shouldn't drive are going to drive regardless of if the limit is no pints, one pint, or two. So making it so that everyone else, the majority of whom are more than capable of figuring out if they are fit to drive after a couple of pints, dart have a drink for risking getting a ban and ending up with no job is draconian and killing out of town pubs. Like I said up thread I don't have a better solution other than letting people use their own brains, which clearly can't be relied on, but anyone who thinks dropping the limit to 0 would make any difference to injuries on the road is deluded. Pissed people will still drive, and people below, at or slightly over the limit don't go bouncing off other cars and causing carnage anyway.
  4. Liverpool Arms Closes

    The point was, I can’t remember the last crash where drink was the only factor at anywhere near the drink drive limit. The prom one I had forgotten about, the other kind of proves my point because he was already disqualified so completely backs up the point I was making in my post. With regard to the rest of you post, I have no idea what you are talking about? I probably post about ten times a week and only in a small number of threads.
  5. Liverpool Arms Closes

    Agree completely re the drink driving. The way its enforced at the moment means the dicks who get so pissed they are a danger to themselves and others still do, and those of us who might just fancy a drink with a meal or after work don’t because if you have a completely unrelated bump, like someone running into the back of you, you will be breathalised and risk ending up in the paper, fined, without a license or a job. I can’t remember the last drink driving serious accident. I have a feeling it was about 29 years ago in the mountain and the law made stuff all difference. Having said all that. I can’t suggest a better solution because although most of us can be relied on to be sensible it clearly doesn’t apply to everyone.
  6. Liverpool Arms Closes

    Not enough to charge sufficiently to allow for bringing a truck back empty after a move if he doesn’t have one lined up coming back on the same dates by the sound of it. Or to adapt his business so that he does collections other than house moves to recoup some of the costs.
  7. Liverpool Arms Closes

    Removal firms we deal with through work all saying a definite shift in the last couple of years, and now more coming than going. What would they know though, they are just the blokes doing the job day in day out.
  8. Liverpool Arms Closes

    Glen Helen has been empty for a while now. The restaurant in the building behind is still there - I think. food in the LA was good the last couple of times I went. Problem is you give someone a bad experience three years ago and they don’t come back.
  9. Glen Truan Holiday Development

    Who cares? Why not look for the positive in something for a change
  10. Glen Truan Holiday Development

    Oh ffs - prove it. the guy has run a successful business doing this sort of thing in the UK. He has moved here, made it his home, spent money locally , and now he is trying to do something of benefit to the Island - using his own money- and all the local nobs can do is whine and complain and make out there is some sort of shenanigans going on. If I was him and would piss of and leave all the negative backward thinkers on this rock to spend the rest of their days being critical of everything before it’s even happened. I would tell all my rich friends to give the place a wide birth as well. it the same when any individual or business tries to do anything and it’s sad and pathetic and will prevent the place ever moving forward.
  11. Rally Isle of Man slated

    They were crying out for Marshalls last week, all over social media, the radio etc. i think they normally just have induction sessions at the grandstand the week before that they advertise
  12. Rally Isle of Man slated

    I LOVE the rally, but that is just bollocks sorry. some TT fans don’t spend much, some spend fortunes. Same as rally fans. The difference being the TT fans pay a lot more for their hotel, ferry, etc down to good old supply and demand
  13. Do we need more people?

    Not sure you would chop departments but if you started running CS like a private business you would simply reduce all admin staff and make the ones you have work harder and with less holidays and benefits. The admin bloat in government and the work ethic I have witnessed when in there either as an outsider wanting help with something or when I have been in there doing my own job would be unheard of in any private company I have have worked for or visited.
  14. Do we need more people?

    You know they spend what they earn right? In shops, with builders, on petrol etc etc. i wish I was one. I wish I had their wages and holidays but just stopping paying them as much is clearly moronic. Disregard the CS/pensions situation and to improve and grow the economy you need more people here. That way more business can survive/grow/open and we are all better off.
  15. Do we need more people?

    erm, you ever heard of economies of scale? More residents equals more market for local shops, utility suppliers, etc etc and so prices go down due to higher buying in volumes, higher turnover and so being able to reduce margins and still cover overheads etc.