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  1. The hooded Ram tent will be packed with a mix of locals and tourists. the previous tent was regularly open and near enough empty. Yes it was busy in the evenings but for more that half the time it was open there was barely anyone in there. People like a bandwagon to jump on and at the moment loads of people who never went to the Bushys tent are blabbing on about how they will not go to the new Tent because it is seen as the right thing to be saying. better beer, better food, no doubt better facilities, and I really don't think they will be struggling for customers or bands. No doubt loads of smart arses willl take photos at 14:03 on a Tuesday to show how quiet it is and how it isn't working while forgetting that Bushys was empty nearly all day everyday while it was open.
  2. Oh right. That hasn't been on for at least three years, probably more - so , no, they don't
  3. What are you talking about? They have bands at TT but no two day festival.
  4. Depends what's in the contract for the rental of the car park surely?
  5. Beemanx?
  6. Just me that thinks the Bushys tent had got a bit shit and stale then? nasty pre poured pints, dirty, pretty average music, not very good value, crappy uninspired food etc. No way people will follow that business model anywhere else. They were attending purely for the fact that the pub used to be across the road and used to benefit from a great location and self made entertainment on the doorstep. A few years ago that changed to organised entertainment and a tent on the car park, and recently has been no entertainment and a crappy tent on the car park. Hooded Ram have put together what people have determined is a better proposal both financially and in terms of the overall package which I assume means better music, food, tent etc. Remember the people who have made the decision have seen both proposals and we haven't. The time to criticise or congratulate the corpy and the Hooded Ram is the middle of June next year. Any comment before then is just people clinging on to a past that wasn't actually very good. Take a minute and imagine the reviews for Bushys Tent 2017 would have been like if we had never had or seen it before , so with fresh eyes and not the rose tinted nostalgic ones everyone is using.
  7. Still no idea who you are talking about.
  8. Who? You sad old tosser. All the girls are doing fundraising as far as I am aware. Nice that the forum still has the usual sad blokes to drag it down into the gutter though (see three previous posts, not just you)
  9. Just thought I would bring this one back to life as the event approaches and since it is already apparent from all the fundraising the contestants are doing that it is way more than just the beauty contest people were whining about. Just proves people should give things a chance
  10. There were staff there making sure people didn't go in to use the toilets who were no doubt on double time
  11. A good afternoon, certainly helped by the weather. An opportunity for the government to put a few quid in the coffers by opening the villa bars and letting people use the facility before, during and after. instead they paid security guys to be there and prevent people going in to the building to use the toilets. idiots
  12. We disagree then. No problem, the world is full of and made more interesting by people with different thoughts and opinions. i still think we will see self driving cars and a change in parking before the prom scheme is finished. i also think the scheme is shit. i also think we should be a testbed and world leader for self driving cars. i also think self driving cars will ruin driving for people who like driving, like me. i also, and finally, think there is something wrong with my phone and it's ability to do capital letters .
  13. I agree - if this was live from tomorrow. as it is it will be ten years minimum and will be in place for many years after that, and I honestly think we need to consider the impact of self driving technology in that timescale. People won't still be taking a car and dumping it somewhere nearby. Your car will either drop you off and go and park somewhere u til you call it back, or you will just hail a self driving cab and not even own your own car anymore. having said that, the impact on retail while they build it can't be underestimated but to build something that might still be in use in fifty years and assume we will all still be driving our own cars even in ten would be a bit shortsighted. ps - I think it's a nasty scheme, but don't think the parking should be a major consideration for reasons above.
  14. It's nothing like laying a motorway though is it? its reclaimed land with loads of services underneath it and which when finished will be all sorts of different fancy ass paving which surely is way more expensive in terms of material, preparation, and then laying than a motorway surface. not saying it's the right way to do it as personally I would just tarmac the road area and leave the rest as is but comparing the cost to the Sloc or a motorway is not remotely relevant. Better to compare to similar schemes in other granite grey town centres up and down the UK. And the quoted cost of £150 an inch or whatever it was sounded cheap to me since it's based o my on the length of the road which lets face it is wide, has pavements, parking areas and a wide walkway with tramlines on it. Must be 40m wide in places
  15. Hate all the granite. it would be ok if kept clean but is constantly marked and stained. On the quay in Douglas there are a couple of areas where they have obviously cleaned it in some way and you can see what it should/could look like when new or looked after. They haven't bothered doing the rest though which is all discoloured and in fact what used to be different coloured areas look pretty much the same. i haven't really got an issue with less parking either. I can't remember not being able to find a park in town in less than ten minutes but then I am not a lazy lump who refuses a short walk. plus, by the time this gets approved and finished we won't own our own cars and will all be using autonomous self driving vehicles from a shared pool which are claimed to greatly reduce parking requirements worldwide, or knowing the DOI we will be able to just teleport from our homes directly to whichever charity shop, pub, or coffee shop we want to go to.