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  1. They were crying out for Marshalls last week, all over social media, the radio etc. i think they normally just have induction sessions at the grandstand the week before that they advertise
  2. I LOVE the rally, but that is just bollocks sorry. some TT fans don’t spend much, some spend fortunes. Same as rally fans. The difference being the TT fans pay a lot more for their hotel, ferry, etc down to good old supply and demand
  3. Not sure you would chop departments but if you started running CS like a private business you would simply reduce all admin staff and make the ones you have work harder and with less holidays and benefits. The admin bloat in government and the work ethic I have witnessed when in there either as an outsider wanting help with something or when I have been in there doing my own job would be unheard of in any private company I have have worked for or visited.
  4. You know they spend what they earn right? In shops, with builders, on petrol etc etc. i wish I was one. I wish I had their wages and holidays but just stopping paying them as much is clearly moronic. Disregard the CS/pensions situation and to improve and grow the economy you need more people here. That way more business can survive/grow/open and we are all better off.
  5. erm, you ever heard of economies of scale? More residents equals more market for local shops, utility suppliers, etc etc and so prices go down due to higher buying in volumes, higher turnover and so being able to reduce margins and still cover overheads etc.
  6. HNWI's have modern ones
  7. Yes the tractor misjudged the overtake but: we don't know how long he had been stuck behind the cyclist. we don't know how many vehicles he was then holding up, that he might have been trying to speed up for. the cars coming the other way don't seem to have read the situation very well (they could have slowed down or stopped earlier) the cyclist hasn't helped things by not judging the situation and either stopping or slowing down. Should we have to alter our course or speed to allow for another drivers error of judgment? Not really. is it sensible to do so sometimes having used a bit of road craft to read the situation, accept that people make errors of judgement from time to time, and just make everyone's lives a bit easier? Yes. Basically the tractor misjudged and the situation that arose was his fault. However both the cyclist and the vehicles coming the other way could have seen what was happening and taken action to mitigate the impact of the tractors error and prevented the kid throwing the bike onto the pavement.
  8. I must be thick the. Because you said you were talking about the riders telling off not coming from a reliable source rather than the road closures, when it did. It was all over manx radio
  9. Do learn to read chump. The telling off was made public and widely discussed on the radio prior to the restart as already stated upthread.
  10. RadioTT, after some bloke binned it at Braddan Bridge on his first racing lap, and others then didn't respond appropriately to the waves yellows at the scene or the stationary yellows further on after the race was red flagged.
  11. I sync at 63. Wifi speeds round the house vary from 50 plus to less than 10 depending on which room I am in, what other devices are rurned on etc etc. Obviously the times it is less than 10 I could wings about MT being rubbish, or I could be bright enough to realise that the speed into the house is always ok and the slower speeds are down to a number of factors that I could sort if it was a big enough issue for me to be arsed.
  12. Just re read this. if the app was a speedtest thing from a phone or tablet it proves absolutely nothing as the issue could still be your wifi as opposed to the broadband connection
  13. So phone them up and log it as a fault. i have never had an issue with them fixing faults for me, friends and relatives, and loads of customers over the years. Either it's a fault which they will fix when you report it, or it's an issue with something that's in your control and not theirs.
  14. No. All good here. You sure it's not your wifi or an issue with your router? What makes you immediately think it's your broadband and something MT could do anything about?
  15. There is a cash machine two minutes away on foot. you would have to be pretty bloody minded to not take a few quid in cash for a day out in a small town full of seasonal businesses tbh.