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  1. Do the OAPs get a free ride

    I would have to agree with the sentiment of the opening post. In my experience, the difference in generations is that those under 40 or 50 view taxes and NI as 'dead money' that you pay as a price for for living in a civilised society. Pensioners seem to take the view that they have paid 'paid their stamp' for x number of years and are therefore entitled to something back in their elder years. The most ridiculous thing of all is Rob Callister and David Cretney lobbying that we should have an 'old people's champion'. The OAPs are the most effective political lobby in the Island, if theres one group who doesn't need a political champion it is surely OAPs.
  2. That’s not how GDP is calculated. GDP is a measure of ‘value added’ not turnover.
  3. In this case the business activity isn’t supposed to be leasing, it’s Lewis Hamilton being an F1 driver. If the ultimate use is business then it’s a legit structure. Yachts are different and have different structures.
  4. Chief Minister says unpopular decisions lie ahead

    Inheritance tax is also an option as a revenue raiser.
  5. Ronaldsway Airport

    The ridiculous thing is that we spent tens of millions of pounds in order to be able to accommodate larger aircraft, now the airport management are saying they can’t cope with the obvious consequences. They should have planned for this when extending the runway or not done it.

    DHSC Expenses 'Beyond Belief' says woman who receives £7,000 expenses per annum.
  7. Rob callister mhk

    Need to remember that they get this £7k regardless of what expenses they actually incur, so it makes no difference what an MHK nominally allocates to expenses and what they pay for from their salary. For this reason this whole exercise of publishing expenses is pointless. Not sure what Rob hoped to gain from this exercise, but the failure to anticipate the backlash shows a definite lack of judgement.
  8. MLC Rant - says Manx Radio.

    Does anyone have a link to the actual post on Facebook?
  9. MLC Rant - says Manx Radio.

    ...because Westminister is such a bastion of good governance isn’t it?
  10. Paypal blacklisting IOM?

    The story relates to PayPal's working capital scheme whereby PayPal gives businesses a loan which is repaid when customers buy stuff using PayPal. They are saying this is unavailable in IOM, presumably due to difficulties enforcing the debt if it's not repaid. Nothing to do with normal people buying stuff on eBay.
  11. Interesting at the airport !

    Citywing collapse being reported on the Independent (the UK newspaper, not the Isle of Man one) 'Calls for Virtual Airlines to be outlawed following collapse of Citywing'
  12. On ya (free) bike!

    Richmond Hill is hardly Alpe d'Huez is it?
  13. 2017 Budget

    I think someone has misread the Pink Book. There's £1.195million budgeted for Capital works to Broadcasting House. The line below that is £6.5million which is the total for that section. This is page 36 of the Pink Book.
  14. 2017 Budget

    But if you're going to bring up historical interest rates then you also have to consider inflation which ran very high during those decades. Many a mortgage was inflated away with 5% nominal wage growth for a decade at a time.
  15. 2017 Budget

    At 10% after all operating costs. Not like other people (pensioners) pay on their income at 20% VAT for all the food they buy in shops. It would seem that you want your debt to low tax paying banks to be subsidized by other people (pensioners) who earn less than you do and who pay more taxes than you do (no mortgage relief, full VAT on all food, full tax on income etc). It doesn't make much sense does it? But you forget that the pensioners of today were probably once mortgage holders and benefited from this relief in their working lives...in addition to much more reasonable property prices. (I say this with no knowledge of how long mortgage relief has been in existence).