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  1. manxman1980

    Premiership 2017/18

    Stoke made some pretty big signing for a club of their stature but the star players under-performed. The managers loses his job, the team drop out of the Premier League and the 'star' players decide that they are better than the Championship and want to leave. If they were that good then they would not have been relegated. Chelsea are another example. Twice now they have gone from being Champions to then finishing outside the top four and the manager has been the casualty each time not the players who decide that they don't need to put the effort in any more.
  2. manxman1980

    Brexit Is Reversible...

    Purely giving you feedback on what I have personally witnessed based on the manufacturers that I have dealt with.
  3. manxman1980

    Brexit Is Reversible...

    Even if the numbers of manufacturers were increasing then the chances are that the number of people employed would still be falling as companies introduce more automation and data exchanges (industry 4.0). Anecdotally, my experience has been that major manufacturers have been closing their UK factories and moving into other EU countries (prior to the referendum). That appears to have stabilised but perhaps the telling thing is that major manufacturers who still have factories in the UK are not making significant investments in their plants. The only exception I am aware of is the automotive sector.
  4. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    I think we have all seen PGW for what he is. I ducked out of this thread many pages back but it just keeps coming back partly because people can't resist having a go and partly because PGW keeps posting more comments (weird for an impartial observer) putting forward an alternative world view. To be honest I think this whole thread is a troll fest with very little real scientific discussion (apart from China's contributions).
  5. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    So Gerry was the only one with an opposing world view and he stopped contributing. We can therefore close the thread seeing as you an an impartial spectator (who seems rather involved in the discussion to be a spectator) and that since Gerry left everyone else is in agreement that the Earth is not flat and is in fact a globe. If everyone is in agreement you will have no discussion to observe and that makes it all rather pointless.
  6. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    Where did you pull my pants down exactly? I am sure I would have remembered that. I am happy with the definition that China and I work too. I do not agree with your amendments. You are the one that will not put forward the parameters. I believe that is because you are looking for wriggle room so that you can continue to deny the evidence that centuries of scientific research has established. What erroneous scientific statement did I make? I know that. Gerry started this thread but you are the only one remaining who seems to have an opposing view to all of the verifiable scientific knowledge which has been established over many centuries. So for one final time state your case and let the rest of us critically analyse it.
  7. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    Chinahand has summarised my view nicely. At the moment you are somewhere between asking a question (What shape is the Earth?), doing some background research (youtube and Flat Earth conventions appear to be your main source) and constructing a hypothesis of your own. Rather than continually going around the houses I would suggest it is now time for you to share your personal hypothesis and how you intend to test it with an experiment. Basically, it is time to put up or shut up.
  8. manxman1980

    Flat Earth?

    PGW please can you clarify what "scientific method" would provide sufficient proof for you? I have put quotation marks simply because I am quoting you directly. To me a scientific method is generating a hypothesis and then testing that through experimentation which provide measurable results. Those results will either support the original hypothesis or not. The experiment should be performed in a controlled way, with any variables noted, and with any equipment properly calibrated. The experiment should be repeatable and all the data collected should be reviewed and considered. Another person should be able to follow the same methodology and under the same conditions come up with the same results. Chinahand has given you examples of many experiments which can be used to test the hypothesis that the world is a globe. Chinahand has even explained how you, or anyone else, can undertake the same experiments and compare the results against previous experiments. I have seen no-one satisfactorily present a scientific method which provides data to support the hypothesis that the world is anything other than a globe. My final point on this topic is that we can clearly see through telescopes the shape of the other planets in the solar system. Everyone one of them is an imperfect globe. Why would the Earth be a different shape from the other planets? What would make the Earth so special?
  9. What about the child's rights? If Alfie could have communicated do you think he would want to remain on a ventilator, fed artificially and with no chance to recover or do you think he would choose to receive palliative care and be in a "comfortable" condition until he passed away. Many times we see adults go to court to establish a right to die when they are suffering from debilitating conditions for which modern medicine has no cure. Do we think that a child would also want to live on in pain and be kept alive through intrusive medical intervention? The situation is shit and I cannot imagine how the parents feel. I have seen people die and I hope that when my time is up that I can slip away peacefully and without pain.
  10. manxman1980

    Arsene Wenger

    Does anyone else think that Wenger almost downed tools after a lack of investment from the Arsenal board? Compare how motivated and calm he was at the start of his tenure to the last few years when he has done nothing but sulk. He always had his faults (never saw his team do anything wrong) but he did bloody well to stop a very good Manchester United side from dominating the league every season. Once Mourinho came in at Chelsea the landscape changed once again and Wenger did not seem to have an answer.
  11. manxman1980


    Yea, you could really have done a better job cleaning the bogs though...
  12. manxman1980

    Brexit Is Reversible...

    *shrugs shoulders* Sorry but you are the one grasping at straws if you think you are going to get a reaction out of me. My point was not in relation to the validity of the outcome of the referendum.
  13. manxman1980

    Brexit Is Reversible...

    What are you on about? There is evidence in this article and more if you search google and if you read the rest of my comment you will have seen that I said that it probably would not have made a difference. You are ridiculous.
  14. manxman1980

    Brexit Is Reversible...

    Apart from a number of imbeciles who admitted the following on television that they had voted for Brexit as a "protest" vote against the Government and had not really thought it would result in Brexit actually happening... I am not saying that the result would have changed but it does show that some people cannot be trusted with a simple vote and have to try and over complicate it to make some sort of statement!
  15. manxman1980

    Brexit Is Reversible...

    And yet they somehow it was a good idea to let that same electorate vote on Brexit? The real issue with the electoral system is that the two major parties do not want it to change. If it did they would no longer be the only show in town and it would require a different type of politician to thrive and survive in a better electoral systems. Why would the Conservative or Labour parties want that to change?