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  1. Even if you are not an F1 fan, have a look at the first lap of the Singapore GP held yesterday.
  2. McLaren have confirmed that they will use Renault power units next season. Fernando may be a bit happier. Bottas will stay at Mercedes and Carlos Sainz will move to Renault. Ousting Palmer?
  3. I was interested to see that Guy Martin is working in the Williams garage this weekend at Spa. Rebuilding Massa's car!
  4. She has a strong Glaswegian accent. She is a very accomplished self made business woman. I hope she does spend some of her time here.
  5. http://www.theoldfoodie.com/2015/07/how-to-cook-sea-gull.html I hope this helps.
  6. Not in my garden.
  7. There are far more sea gulls now than there were. They are becoming a major pest. A monster with a three feet wingspan swooped on me to try and pinch my sandwich in the Shoprite car park! A pair scream around my garden every day, making it hard to go outside. Cull needed now.
  8. Who needs a Big Dipper when we have this exciting ride!
  9. Paul di Resta will replace Felipe Massa, who is sick, in the Williams at the Hungaroring for today's qualifying and the race tomorrow. A big task for him without practice in his first GP drive since 2013.
  10. I do not think clearing away the accumulated rotting seaweed is a waste of money. The beach smells bad enough without adding a further pong.
  11. Yes. That's the simple answer, but I was caught by a speed camera, sent my licence and cheque for the fine like a good boy only to have it returned with a note saying they can't accept it from IOM. I binned all further letters and the matter was dropped. But it's best to observe the speed limit.
  12. The halo safety device: the teams do not like it, the fans do not like it and most of the drivers dislike it. So the FIA has decided that all cars will be fitted with halos in 2018.
  13. At one time the top drivers would compete in any type of car. Stirling Moss, for example, won Grand Prix, sports car races and saloon events both on track and in rallies.
  14. Did anybody else go? I did and thought it was much improved. The earlier timing helped and the sunny weather. I enjoyed the different nations appearing in their traditional costumes.
  15. For those who fancy a bit of spice in their formula one racing, watch the brief news clip of the 1951 British Grand Prix at Silverstone before TV coverage today. Drivers in short sleeved shirts. Concrete filled oil drums lined the track, Straw bales and a rope protected the nearby crowd. Now that's dangerous! I know, I was there, by the way. (Ages me a bit).