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  1. war baby

    F1 2018

    The French Grand Prix was a big improvement after Canada. The winner was always highly predictable, but Vettel has taken over from Max as chief shunter. Two in one race deserving much more than a 5 second penalty and yet wins driver of the day!.
  2. war baby

    TT Fireworks

    The display of fireworks seemed shorter and quieter this year. I like the big chest thumping explosions with stars high above the beach. These were missing last night. Was there not meant to be a final Big Bang? Maybe that bit of blue fuse paper is still just glowing...
  3. war baby

    TT 2018

    It’s good to see the TT not following F1 and banning the grid girls. Keeps us old boys amused!
  4. war baby

    TT 2018

    Why does the Manx Radio commentator at Ramsey hairpin say ‘certainly’ all the time? After listening for a few minutes, it certainly sounds a bit repetative.
  5. war baby


    I can agree with that. But keep it quiet or else it will get too popular and we’ll never get in :)
  6. war baby


    Read the answers to the thread I started asking much the same. Food and Drink, 26 Aug 2016.
  7. war baby


    We gave this restaurant a second chance recently. Ocean is the title of the new ‘fine dining’ offering occupying the excellent harbour side room, previously the much praised Samphire before its sad demise. The first time it was fair to middling, helped by a very personable front of house chap who spoke to everyone as they arrived and settled them happily. It was nowhere as near as good as its predecessor, but the waterfront views compensated. I noted the wine was vastly overpriced. These faults did not deter a second visit when prompted by friends to join a table. I doubt we would go again. The wine was still very pricey, but the food was distinctly poor. My starter was passable, pleasant prawns. I should have asked for two and left it at that. My main course fish steak was overdone, dry, cold. Aiming for a tasty crust, the chef had forgotten that the interior still needs to be soft and pliable. He failed. The vegetables were cold and strangely tasting of curry. The plates were all near to cold, luke warm at best. The friends had steak, one of which was reported as being exactly as ordered, the others said to be very fatty. Deserts seemed fair. The seating is an improvement on the old interior, but that’s not hard. It’s nothing to write home about. Mostly cold stone walls against which new banquette seating helps to damp the sound. Why do women insist on yelling in restaurants? There always seems to be a Mrs Raucous on the next table pointed at me. She seems to follow me around every time I go out to dine. I now carry ear plugs. We will not be seen on another Ocean voyage. Which is a pity, because it’s a splendid spot.
  8. war baby

    The Fishery

    I can agree with that, Declan. Always have pre-theatre fish & chips. Excellent.
  9. The free plane spotting app I have used now wants to charge me. Is there a good alternative that is still FOC?
  10. war baby

    What's missing?

    Well, not me, thanks. My topic question was a genuine enquiry after visiting some large English cities and encountering the bewildering array of new cuisines on offer. My own view is you can’t beat a bit of good of fresh local fish.
  11. Could easily be 15% 20% or more. Seems an odd way to spend money.
  12. war baby

    What's missing?

    There are some interesting ideas here, thanks! I agree that a good Japanese restaurant would be very welcome. There is/was a sushi bar at Quines Corner, but I never used it as it always seemed to be shut. I would certainly visit a good Vietnamese place. Keep the ideas coming, maybe there is a budding young entrepreneurial chef reading MF.
  13. This would seem to be a rather odd way to transfer title within a group. If there was not a third party under-bidder, it fails to establish a true market value. Which is probably zilch given all the strings attached.
  14. war baby


    I’m guessing, but probably about at the same stage as our shot at being the second nation to put a man on the moon.