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  1. Preen launches collection starting at just 65p

    The Guardian is wrong, basic postage in the IOM and to UK & CI is 47p. The Manx post office is rightly proud of some of its designs and gives them good publicity, telling us that they proclaim the island’s message wherever they may be sent. It is a pity, therefore, if you go to a counter and mail a package they don’t use any stamps unless you specifically ask for them.
  2. Plans for lord street

    I don’t like the look of those stairs.
  3. More shootings in the U.S.

    That was a jest Scotty. The American nuitters, but don’t do it really.
  4. More shootings in the U.S.

    Just shoot ‘em.
  5. F1 2018

    Along with a lot of us, Max Verstappen thinks the 2018 halo design is ugly and unwelcome. It adds 6kg to the car and as a heavier, taller driver he is not in favour.
  6. Missing mail ?

    Possibly somebody somewhere hopes there could be a fiver slipped inside a card. Will send them in plain brown envelopes from now on.
  7. Plans for lord street

    That’s a great listing of films. It would certainly get me in. It’s quite possibly a comfortable clean venue too. Not that the little Villa cinema here is too bad, but limited in choice of movies. One.
  8. Plans for lord street

    The Palace is too big and hard to access if not all that sprightly. A comfortable cinema with legroom, lifts, good toilets, a bar etc and several smaller screens showing a range of interesting films would have my support. Not too many kids eating popcorn, please.
  9. Missing mail ?

    I have had several items mailed to the UK that vanished. Always birthday cards!
  10. Plans for lord street

    This looks like a great idea, particularly the multiplex cinema. If they show some decent current films it will do alright.
  11. Yappy dog type MHK

    The frightening truth is that both the well meaning Howard and the Baron fondly believe this policy will work.
  12. War

    So far as feeding ourselves, we would need to start digging for victory again. Most people would not have a clue how to go about it. It’s not a bad idea, though as everyone was a lot fitter in the war.
  13. Brolly Dollies...the end is nigh

    If the grid girls were banished because their use was regarded as an abuse of women, is the move to replace them with ‘grid kids’ due to be viewed in a similar manner? Most likely this is a cost-cutting measure as the children will presumably not be paid, unlike the newly redundant girls.
  14. Demise of the model?

    A thoroughly good decision. They generally had the best girls too!
  15. Riders banned

    The TT is about the only fact people around the world have in their heads regarding the IOM. (Apart from the odd cat fancier). I don’t think you could transfer it to a purpose built ‘safe’ circuit and yet retain its unique appeal. It’s the element of danger and the ever present threat of death that makes it unique. That’s the truth. There are already many modern race tracks in far more accessible locations than here. It ain’t broke yet, so don’t try to fix it.