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  1. It is far better to leave a tip in cash at a restaurant than add it to the card, provided you have had good service given with a smile. About 12% to 15% is right. Don't be mean with the last few £'s after a good evening. These kids earn hardly anything and catering is the toughest job around. The girls and boys remember you next time and you get the best table!
  2. It's a direct challenge to riders to try to complete a fast lap themselves. A very stupid slogan.
  3. OK hboy, I did not know that. In which case, if the site is under the control of the Corporation, it's even worse that it sits as an eyesore.
  4. The dot ru is a good clue too.
  5. Yes, he had to work for that one. THe moment of the day was Kimi putting a Ferrari hat on the young fan!
  6. I doubt that awful screen ever had proper planning permission, like many other things at Mount Murray.
  7. As far as I recall, the hotel which stood on the site of 'the square' was owned by the Alder family. It must still be held privately. In my opinion such prominent sites should be forfeit after a limited time, gravelled, planted with a few trees and opened up with seating etc. The original owners could reclaim their land after payment of a 'fine' relevant to the period it was left as an eyesore. At least this would create a few useful amenity spaces. It is a pity the IOM Govt does not set a good example... Summerland.
  8. This kind of 'one make' car club event should be welcomes to the island with open arms by all. It's the tourists, remember? There are dozens of car clubs in UK and Europe who would enjoy a chance to use closed roads for a quick run, particularly our hill climb runs. The drivers and follwers will be good spenders. Don't knock it.
  9. They look fun! Oh to be six months younger.
  10. Does anybody know if the Castle Mona sold in the auction sale on Monday?
  11. Peter Karran would have made us smile!
  12. Yes, another ugly block of flats, then. Whereas a 'Palace' for the Lord of Man's representative could become a tourist attraction in itself. Sentries outside, parades on the gardens, pipers, marching bands, appearances on the balcony waving to the adoring crowds. No?
  13. Well, I was actually enquiring how you know where the next one to arrive at the bus stop will take you rather than when you are on board.
  14. I agree teapot, both most unpleasant, but sorted at Nobles.
  15. As long as the bank only debits us at a fiver each, good news. I do not want to pay extra for a plastic box. The report says it's a proposal so far.