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  1. war baby

    F1 2018

    So Fernando Alonso has announced his departure from F1. Hardly a surprise as he was clearly frustrated by McLaren’s lack lustre showing yet again this season. He made the worst career decision of his life when he walked away from Ferrari. Perhaps Briatore, his manager, was tempted by his own percentage of the fee and pushed him in that direction. Expect to see him in Indy cars next year.
  2. Please try not to fill this topic with silly juvenile comments. It does not contribute usefully to MF and debases the reputation of the contributor. One person has been seriously injured. Others are also in hospital. Just thank your lucky stars it has not happened here. Yet.
  3. war baby

    waterside bistro port erin

    I hope you take a long walk after that lot, John
  4. war baby

    The Highways Looney at it again..

    Get the cyclists to pedal into Ramsey and leave them there. An excellent plan, finally they came up with a sensible use for the place.
  5. war baby

    weird TV

    I really enjoy that 5pm broadcast. My favourite TV show of the week
  6. war baby

    Mums gone to Iceland

    Don’t they realise how stupid they look to everyone with their silly made up titles and fancy dress? They work for what is no more than a pumped up town council.
  7. war baby

    F1 2018

    German GP: if you have never seen a GP, find a recording of this one. You will not often see better. If you can’t spend time to watch it all, pick it up from lap 40. Great edge-of-your seat entertainment.
  8. war baby

    Douglas Carnival

    I am aware of the relevant population figures, but I am not sure the effort is proportional. Could try harder, as my teachers used to say.
  9. war baby

    Douglas Carnival

    I was enthusiastic when this carnival was revived a few years ago, but sadly I agree. It’s a pathetic affair without a single float or costume that was anywhere near the standard of the original ones. Have a look at the efforts made in Notting Hill, Trinidad or Rio for a bit of inspiration, please.
  10. war baby

    F1 2018

  11. war baby

    F1 2018

    The British Granad Prix was an entertaining race with exciting moves, some spectacular crashes for those who enjoy seeing them (nobody hurt) and technical decisions on tyre wear having a major impact on the last few laps. Try to catch up if you missed it. Rarely will you see a ‘train’ of the top six drivers and cars lapping faster and faster in such close formation. This was F1 at its best. Rarer still was the broiling heat at the Nothamptonshire track with a record 340,000 fans enjoying the spectacle. Splendid!
  12. war baby

    William Dunlop...

    I belatedly read about William’s death. He was an amazing talent and another great loss to the sport. RIP.
  13. war baby

    F1 2018

    The Austrian GP today provided some good entertainment. I will not spoil it in case you did not see it yet, but it’s worth a look. The first few laps are exciting and the winner drove a well managed race.
  14. war baby

    Water wheel at Groudle Glen

    Does anybody ever bother to have a look at it?
  15. war baby

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    Skelly still has nearly £50m of seed capital to spend.