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  1. Nobody told me! A bit like Jurby day. What a pity.
  2. It also shows you can't get a taxi in Ramsey. Disgraceful.
  3. A new pole sitter. Good for us. Not so good for Hamilton.
  4. Now that was more like it. I will not comment in case you have not yet watched it, but Max was voted the well deserved driver of the day.
  5. It is very important to sift the flour. It needs to be fluffed up and incorporate air. Great baker chum of mine taught me.
  6. Is it a registered building? If not, it's such a little landmark that it should be.
  7. And save wasted time watching it.
  8. There are possible team discussions reported that the Chinese GP may be moved to Saturday, tomorrow. Bad weather expected on Sunday.
  9. Successive governments have known there are significant natural gas fields in Manx waters just off Maughold. There was a report and survey from BP which confirmed its existence, large but not quite large enough for them to extract. The government had various lucrative options from which to select a decision. Sell the rights, bring it onshore and use it here, do nothing in the hope that values would rise. They chose to do nothing and oil/gas prices have fallen. Except our domestic bills, of course.
  10. Being sensible for a moment, I very much hope Brexit will give the island a chance to strengthen its position with regard to the waters around us. Thirty or forty years ago there was a thriving fishing fleet here. Those days will not return, but from what I understand from talking to a few remaining fishermen, we drew the shortest straw when the UK joined the EC.
  11. I see by the total lack of comment here that we were all totally underwhelmed by the opening Grand Prix of the 2017 season. It was a predictable procession with the only excitement provided by the single pit stops. As small compensation, we saw a contest between two teams. Perhaps China with its wide track will permit some passes. Let's hope.
  12. OMG! Brilliant.
  13. Some of the best tunes ever written. RIP Chuck.
  14. I wonder how many tonnes of crude oil are used to transport each tonne of plastic to the UK recycling plant.
  15. The Barcelona tests seem to indicate that the 2017 Ferrari is a front runner with Red Bull making a good showing. Mercedes is still well to the fore, but perhaps not as dominant as it has been for the last three years. Kimi was fastest today with young Max eight tenths back. Driver opinions are mixed over the potential difficulties of overtaking. Two weeks to go until the first race with greater tyre choice, new start regulations requiring more driver input and standing restarts after a safety car. And no Bernie.