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  1. Zimbabwe

    That’s excellent news. Let’s hope the country now returns to prosperity.
  2. formula 1 2017

    There is still the opportunity to stuff it into the barrier on the out-lap of Q1.
  3. formula 1 2017

    He was the underdog during thr first half of the 2017 season.
  4. formula 1 2017

    Will Lewis Hamilton race hard in Brazil? My answer is yes. He will now have only two possible long term objectives: either to beat Schumacher's unrivalled tally of seven championships or perhaps the lesser target of bettering Micharel's ninety-one race wins. He is now one of as many as three four-times winners of the F1 title along with Prost and Vettel. Only one driver, Juan Manuel Fangio won five. Nobody won six times yet, but will Lewis want to race for at least two more years to end up in the record books as the second best F1 champion ever? I think not. No racer ever wanted to achieve second. He already has more poles than anyone in the history of the sport. Perhaps winning the most ever races might satisfy his ambitions. But by then he may well have more titles and be at least equal second with Fangio. Again second overall. So, I think right now only eight F1 World Championship titles will now really appeal to Lewis. In which case he has a very hard four year minimum to face. Time will tell.
  5. Ciao Antonio

    The celebrity chef Antonio Carluccio has gone to the great cafe in the sky. RIP.
  6. Now the Beeb is having a pop at Prince Charles.
  7. They are calling the Appleby leak 'The Paradise Papers' so clearly not leaked from their Douglas office.
  8. Clock repairs

    Try Henry Ballard 880833. He can help with clocks. BTW I need a good watch restorer. I would like to have my granfather's pocket watch going. Any ideas?
  9. Fireworks in Douglas

    Thanks folks. I will see you there.
  10. Fireworks in Douglas

    Does anybody have any information on the time of this year's Bonfire Night display on the promenade in Douglas? The Corporation website lets us know it is to be on Friday (not 5th Nov) but does not say when.
  11. Catalonia

    Yes, they corrected it.
  12. Catalonia

    The Catalonian parliament just voted 78 to 2 for independence from Spain.
  13. Will we win at Stamps?

    The odd thing is that when you post any package at the PO they don't stick the IOM stamps on it, they use a thing that looks like a bus ticket. Collectors don't like them much, considering you can buy them 'second hand' at well below face. And with due respect to Dr Taylor and his collection, when do we see the George Daniels stamps?
  14. formula 1 2017

    Last year maybe, but F1 is full of 'would have should have'' stories. (Moss/Hawthorn for one). But even with 2016 this would be Hamilton's sixth.
  15. Fats Domino...

    The Fat man has sung. RIP.