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  1. Yes. That's the simple answer, but I was caught by a speed camera, sent my licence and cheque for the fine like a good boy only to have it returned with a note saying they can't accept it from IOM. I binned all further letters and the matter was dropped. But it's best to observe the speed limit.
  2. The halo safety device: the teams do not like it, the fans do not like it and most of the drivers dislike it. So the FIA has decided that all cars will be fitted with halos in 2018.
  3. At one time the top drivers would compete in any type of car. Stirling Moss, for example, won Grand Prix, sports car races and saloon events both on track and in rallies.
  4. Did anybody else go? I did and thought it was much improved. The earlier timing helped and the sunny weather. I enjoyed the different nations appearing in their traditional costumes.
  5. For those who fancy a bit of spice in their formula one racing, watch the brief news clip of the 1951 British Grand Prix at Silverstone before TV coverage today. Drivers in short sleeved shirts. Concrete filled oil drums lined the track, Straw bales and a rope protected the nearby crowd. Now that's dangerous! I know, I was there, by the way. (Ages me a bit).
  6. Just read this news item. The coeliac nuns will be gutted.
  7. I am surprised nobody here has commented about the excellent Azerbaijan race, I am a bit late too, but I can't be alone in having enjoyed it. Today Vettel finally apologised in public and admitted his move on Hamilton under the safety car was an overreaction. Austria next.
  8. Good for Gove. About time too. Now if Boot kicks hard enough there is a good opportunity to snatch back control. I am sure it's been carefully planned and is part of the Manx Great Repeal bill. Or is it?
  9. There is always a pile of pallets there. I am often tempted to take them for my wood burning stove.
  10. I agree about the noise levels, that was due to the 'live' surfaces... and the folk having a good time. But the many plus points outweighed this. I thought the 'one price' menu chalked up on the black board was a great idea with perfectly cooked fresh fish. I just hope it's not going to end up as yet another burger and chips joint.
  11. That's a great pity. In my opinion it was the best little restaurant on the island.
  12. Economically perhaps, but not politically.
  13. As widely predicted. It proves he's even more mad than we feared.
  14. It is far better to leave a tip in cash at a restaurant than add it to the card, provided you have had good service given with a smile. About 12% to 15% is right. Don't be mean with the last few £'s after a good evening. These kids earn hardly anything and catering is the toughest job around. The girls and boys remember you next time and you get the best table!
  15. It's a direct challenge to riders to try to complete a fast lap themselves. A very stupid slogan.