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  1. JessTickle

    Police Tazer Dog!

    Bloody hell thats no good, half a story boy
  2. JessTickle

    Police Tazer Dog!

    What was it?
  3. JessTickle

    Police Tazer Dog!

    http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=38709&headline=Jenny the German shepherd has returned safely home after 16 days&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018 https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/jenny-the-german-shepherd-found/ The owners had it back a matter of days and before it was loose again. Its been gone for months this time.
  4. JessTickle

    Police Tazer Dog!

    Is it that missing dog Jenny? If it is that dog I can see why it has been tasered, its lucky it hasn't been shot given that it is thought responsible for the multiple lamb killings on one farm. Its owners don't seem to be able to control it or contain it. IMO there are enough dogs here and the UK needing homes before we start importing foreign problems.
  5. JessTickle

    More death and destruction

    To be fair it was the awards presentation that always takes place, and a big percentage of those there had come from the S100 campsite. It wasn't a party. CT commissioners have had the square closed to parking and additional seating for people to congregate there all week. There were people having sat having tea in addition to those who were having a drink.
  6. JessTickle


    Took sensble precautions.... Yeh right. Who lights a BBQ right next to the cardboard packaging it came in. First class imbecile.
  7. JessTickle


    Cheers Druid. If i'm ever in the area I will be sure to give you a shout Thanks Piebaps - I saw that but can't work out where you can and can't camp from the map in the bye laws. Can anyone advise exact from where to where you can't camp that is the Ayres Nature Reserve? Does it include the bit up past the lighthouse? Was there somewhere near Maughold lighthouse too?
  8. JessTickle


    Thanks TP & Dilli. Are you allowed to camp at Blue Point? Also can you still camp at the Point - heard it is for camper vans only now.
  9. JessTickle


    Can anyone suggest places to camp other than the registered campsites? Tent rather than motorhome. Cheers
  10. JessTickle

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    Without someone making a complaint to the AG its never going to happen, and these people seem to not act kindly to those who go against them, so bit of a chicken and egg situation. Allegations of homophobia would be investigated by the UK Charity Commission, no idea how it works here though. It is time that this organisation is looked into thoroughly.
  11. JessTickle

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    Charity No: 1076 Objects "To assist home and foreign missions or individuals who in the opinion of the Directors are engaged in similar activities as a service to God. To do all such things incidental or conducive to the attainment of the object above and in furtherance of the advancement of the Christian faith as defined in the Statement of Faith as annexed to this Memorandum" Contact C/o these http://www.turnstone-group.com/about/about-2/
  12. JessTickle

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    Have to say that was my immediate thought too - its time it was stopped.
  13. JessTickle

    MV Karina...

    Was that the Waverly last year?
  14. JessTickle

    Cock Chafers 2018

    Thankfully I haven't seen any of the bastards this year. Horrible feckers that they are.
  15. JessTickle

    Manx Radio

    Same but for hot chocolate