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  1. White City

    That horse looks really familiar to me too. The original place wouldn't have been Silverdale would it?
  2. Vet Fights Back

    She is an admin on Corrins FB Group
  3. Vet Fights Back

    Yep It was quite amusing yesterday watching it. The above letter was posted 4 or 5 times and each time was filled with comments critical of the Corrin cretin only for the post to be deleted in its entirety and the posters banned. At one point Corrin's henchwoman banned Buster again "for the final time". He seems back today though...... Arsewipes the lot of them.
  4. Supertour 2018

    Derek, I'm all for a bit of enterprise and I hope your event is a success. However, if you are using a public resource for personal financial gain then you should be putting your hand in your pocket and paying for that resource. It doesn't matter which road it is or whether its for half a day or half an hour, you don't own it. I'm sure if you were paying anything you would have stated this straight away. Your evasion is making you look like a scrounger and a bit of a twat.
  5. There Is No Death, Says Scientist

    He was alive a few hours ago so defo blocked Teapot. At one time I thought you were TJ @the stinking enigma
  6. Ronaldsway Airport

  7. Ronaldsway Airport

    I liked him but I really don't understand that twitter shite. How do I find it?
  8. Ronaldsway Airport

    What did Cueball do to get banned? I missed that one.
  9. Ronaldsway Airport

    Maybe after he has had a poo. Where is @CueBall - he has gone very quiet.
  10. Ronaldsway Airport

    Its sorted now. Rob Callister has fired off an email and is just waiting for a response.
  11. Bizarre nonsense

    Just noticed Albert had started a new post.
  12. Abort67

    Me too Go Wrighty!
  13. The Horse Trams are now defunct..Move ON

    Shut up you feckIng knobber