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  1. No it definately was not shouted about - i think it is the way IVC do business! Their presence on the Island is worrying and its not something I personally am best chuffed about. However, Ray is a decent man and would not put making money before the welfare of any animal and it is wrong for that to be implied. I also agree with his position on the trammers, I have said exactly the same here previously.
  2. He did but does not now so he personally is not profiting from being the trammers vet and the horse trams continuing, as was being suggested.
  3. 100% certain. He hasn't owned it for over a year. It is owned by Independent Vet Care, they also own Arg Beiyn of man&locationlat=54.236107&locationlng=-4.548055999999974&sortType=1
  4. But he doesn't own the business.
  5. Ray Cox is an employee at Milan - nothing more. He is also an equine vet, so knows a damn sight more about horses in general and what that breed is capable of than the protesting fruit loop that can't even string a sentence together properly.
  6. There is bugger all up with my hairstyle you northern inbred twat
  7. Good grief. You are an elected public official. Grow up and act a bit more professionally.
  8. However there were loads of complaints this year because the buses at certain times were full almost as soon as they started the route. Perhaps they are going to schedule extra buses to prevent this happening again. There are numerous occupations that don't allow any holidays to be taken in TT fortnight so they are not the only workers in this position. They are a bunch of fucking wankers who think they are owed a living. Twats should be sacked
  9. I heard that it was down to the objection from Collinson Cafe ........
  10. Very possibly. He's much better ovine eye candy than that skanky hill sheep Wooley
  11. A fine looking sheep ........
  12. Please continue this each week
  13. Nope, they really aren't nice. They have these huge inserts in them. You just can't beat M & S for your smalls
  14. I have to be honest, I don't understand how Ultimo was so successful, they are the most uncomfortable bras I have ever worn. But fair play to her, she designed the product and her company did very well.
  15. Yes you're right it was Beanie. You don't get characters like them anymore.