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  1. What is happening with kfc place

    Yes, they had a pop up in there at Christmas
  2. What is happening with kfc place

    Neil, Neil, Neil obviously you just dont understand the importance of pretty nails
  3. Abort67

    Your views on this particular subject have been graciously accepted so do you really have to resort to this sort of comment to put your point accross?
  4. Ronaldsway Airport

    When? I booked Tuesday and Thursday morning flights at the end of February begining of March last night IOM/LGW/IOM
  5. Happy New Year

    Happy new year everyone
  6. Last minute Christmas shopping

    You skank you
  7. Last minute Christmas shopping

    M & S is open to 2200 on Saturday and 1700 on Christmas Eve. The late night on Saturday will probably be less painful than Christmas Eve. One stop shop for boys too
  8. Xmas lights

    FFS They are the most irritating things ever. Everytime I go past the one at Ballakaighen Corner I nearly crash trying to work out WFT the shapes are. Has anyone actually managed to do that without killing themselves? If so please share. More feckers
  9. Xmas lights

    You and me both. it almost make you pine for the red mount murray sign Feckers
  10. The blizzard of 17

    Damn blizzard causing duplications
  11. The blizzard of 17

    You fecker you.
  12. Construction site opposite Spring Valley

    Nope. Gansey. Shore Road, Rushen is by Fishers Hill https://www.google.com/maps/place/Gansey+IM9+6LN/@54.0767485,-4.7372533,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4863f35561cee1fb:0x4c24c0b2e4968d05!8m2!3d54.079117!4d-4.733305
  13. Construction site opposite Spring Valley

    Whilst I agree with the sentiment, and I certainly wouldn't buy anything in that particular spot because there probably is a reason the road is sinking, there is only one left to sell at that development.
  14. How many personalities do you think are contained within "We" Its a truly bizarre state of affairs thats for sure.
  15. Now I thought that was funny before the edit