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  1. Credit Cards for the IOM

    I have an HSBC and a Barclaycard. They both have nil balances as they are used for similar purposes as Rhumsa. What is the problem with them? Are they about to be taken off me?
  2. Vision Nine Contract...

    On a positive note at least the committee has stated responsibility lies with Skelly and not passed the buck. Chances of that twat resigning though are slim to none and if Howard does nothing about it then it says as much about him as it does about Skelly.
  3. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Thankfully I don't eat lamb. I brought this up well over a year ago and verified it, but nobody was arsed and I just ended up getting called a racist.
  4. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Yes. Lamb is slaughtered on a specific day each week. From memory it is a Tuesday and someone comes over especially to do it. The given reason is that we export a significant amount of lamb and it is to countries that only eat Halal so its tough on those that live here and want to eat Manx lamb.
  5. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    I did. All the lamb slaughtered at the IOM meat plant is Halal. Not rumour, fact I'm not aware of beef being Halal
  6. Age Concern 'shocked' at Meals on Wheels funding blow

    But true It was said at the time that the u-turn was done on funding medication for one person, at a rate of £250k per year, that savings were going to have to be made by the DHSC elsewhere. Here is some of the savings .
  7. I might have stopped cringing by lunchtime
  8. Ronaldsway Airport

    I was told exactly the same thing by someone who works at the airport.
  9. Mother duck murdered in cold blood

    Absolutely agree, but it would be unusual for there to be any ducklings at the end of October. You can shoot duck from 1st September
  10. Mother duck murdered in cold blood

    Didn't the duck breeding season end months ago?
  11. The Mystery of The Green Fabric Wire

    Out of interest, has it now gone ?
  12. Fairy Bridge devastation

  13. The Mystery of The Green Fabric Wire

    The road sweeper will in the morning
  14. The Mystery of The Green Fabric Wire

    I'd be surprised if it was aliens, but you never know I'm just interested to know what it was because I wondered at the time.