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  1. Car boot sale, Sunday 9th July, 11:00 to 15:00 in the top field at Blackberry Lane, Onchan in aid of Onchan Junior Football Club's New Pitch fund, Spaces available, please contact Annette on 457826 for more information.
  2. Motor Home Parking

    I wonder how the number of commercial vehicles compares to other places, as we do seem to have a lot of vans on the Island, although this may just be an impression and not actually any different to anywhere else. There seem to be a lot of Transit sized vans.
  3. Motor Home Parking

    The problem lies in the planning system that continually allows housing estates to be built without adequate residents parking. Rightly or wrongly, the majority of family houses now have at least three cars, works vehicles etc in the household, yet houses are continually built with a parking allocation either on a driveway or car park for two vehicles. This means that the other vehicle(s) ends up on the road and it only takes a few vehicles to clog things up. People then resent larger vehicles which can often take up the equiavalent of two car spaces, as people then look for spaces outside other peoples houses, on pavements and next to junctions, and the whole thing just snowballs. The Island is unfortuanately awash with vehicles and the problem is only going to get worse.
  4. Interesting at the airport !

    Quote from the forum on the pprune.org website which is well worth a read: Is it just me that's amazed how critical people are here? Just to clarify that from an announcement at 22:00 on a Friday, Eastern have been able to find space in their schedules (flights, maintenance, crew) on TWO of their aircraft. They have arranged ground handling and passenger services at 3 airports they don't currently operate into (VLY, BHD, IOM). They have insured that the crews will have also correct documents, to allow performance and airfield familiarisation be available to crew. They have done this in a 48 hour period, over a weekend. Just purely looking at staff cost, office workers which would usually be off at the weekend, are likely to of had to of come in. Then you have had to find a crew of pilots and cabin crew willing to spend the next week in CWL, and from NCL crew that would be willing to take longer days. Bear in mind they have also launched these routes with zero marketing or research. Especially the IOM they are taking a risk, that is not calculated. An airline is not a charity, if the cost of running the route to get off the island right now is £99, that seems cheap to me based on what Eastern would of had to throw at this. You will only get cheaper costs and therefore flights if you have a historically good load factor, more frequencies , or bigger aircraft. If you want that, you will have to use it....or lose it
  5. Help with cooker repair

    Does anyone know of someone who would be good to repair a Whirlpool oven, I think the thermostat or something similar must have gone, as it comes on as normal but the oven won't heat up. Thanks.,
  6. Douglas South

    I'm happy to say I voted for Mr Fitton, having read all of the manifesto's I thought him worthy of my vote. However I do think that certain areas of the constituency are always targeted by candidates whilst others never seem to get a second thought, even though their votes count just the same.
  7. Douglas South

    My wife and I voted for you as did my next door neighbour. It's absolutely gutting Malarkey got back in. Gutting. The one thing I would say is this - I didn't see a single candidate on my doorstep and I think the fact you were so late to the party has probably cost you (and those 296 wasted votes for David Fowler). If what turned up on my doorstep is representative (i.e no one) then I think the reason for your low turnout is possibly that. Do you know what the figures of turnout were like at the polling stations? i.e was there more in Pulrose than the school in Saddlestone? I echo these comments, I live in Harcroft Meadow and the only knock we had at the door was from Mr Fowler. I did not vote for him personally, but maybe the 296 who did used that as their main criteria when voting. There are a large number of houses on our estate, but we didn't appear to be deemed significant enough for any of the three main candidates to call as far as I'm aware, however they always seem to find the time to visit Pulrose and Anagh Coar !!
  8. Douglas South

    In which case you will no doubt be relaxed about not making an impression alongside their names on the ballot paper. Two days left and still no other candidates around, mind you one this time is one more than called in either 2011 or for last years bi-election, obviously not an important area !!
  9. Douglas South

    Four days to go to the election and we've had just one of the four candidates call at the door, not even a "sorry you were out when I called" from the rest. Obviously not too bothered about making an impression.
  10. And we thought the last five years were bad. There are three names that I think on past performance may have some credibility (Cannan / Quayle / Watterson) but dear god, looking through your predictions, we really are in trouble. The sad thing is that one or two credible candidates who would have helped matters will not get in. I think that Shimmins and possibly Bowers in Middle would have enhanced that list, as would possibly others. A couple of things come to mind - perhaps we really need to review whether a) all island elections are required or b) whether we now offer better pay and conditions and secondly I pity the next CM. Even Maggie Thatcher would struggle with this collection of misfits ! If we could just select 24 for the whole Island as opposed to just picking 2 in the constituency in which you live, we would get a much better standard of MHK, As stated above, some constituencies have 3 or 4 candidates who would all make good MHK's whilst some constituencies have none, or a at the most 1.
  11. Quayle To Stand Again As Mhk

    Unfortunately the intelligent ones get the Ministerial positions and have to make the unpopular decisions, whilst the unintelligent ones can just concentrate on helping their electorate with all the little things they ask for in their area, thus remaining popular.
  12. Outdoor car boot sale today between 12 and 3 in the top field at Blackberry Lane, Onchan in aid of the new Onchan Junior Football Club pitch
  13. Pubs closing

    Good to see Mr Malarkey has his priorities right though, the IOM may be facing major problems due to the EU exit, but he's calling a public meeting to discuss the closure of the Pinewood !!
  14. Car Parking Charges - or how not to pay them.

    I think and I could be wrong, but when the MHK's and MLC's are referring to it being unfair on Civil Servants, they are not saying that Civil Servants shouldn't pay, but why is it only Civl Servants, and not the other Govt employees who also get free parking spaces in the same areas of Douglas, such as at schools, health care establishments, police stations etc. Not everyone who works at those places requires use of a car during the working day and many are doing clerical jobs which are no different to those undertaken by Civil Servants. Do people think they should pay for their spaces too or not ? I'm sure parking costs for private sector workers in town aren't charged depending on job type.
  15. Car Parking Charges - or how not to pay them.

    In the same Manx Independent today where they are naming and shaming the MLc’s and MHK’s, there is also an article about how the Sefton Group has introduced pay and display for everybody at the Palace Hotel car park. To quote the Chief Executive, “it wouldn’t be fair to make exceptions. Once you start making exceptions for one category of customers you end up making exceptions for everybody. The only fair way to do it is to introduce it right across the board for everyone who uses the facilities”. I’m sure that if this was applied to the Govt parking spaces so no matter what grade you were and where your place of work was, including offices, schools, health centres, police stations etc., then the charges would have been approved. It is the fact that some people have to pay and some don’t that causes the problem.