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  1. NoTail

    More death and destruction

    If you hit a tree at 100mph bits of your body will be very damaged If you hit a tree at 200mph those bits might find themselves across the road or in a field. Either way you are just as dead
  2. NoTail

    More death and destruction

    I am no expert as I don't really follow the racing. I don't recall many fatalities in the Southern 100 over the years. Is it a fairly new thing to be happening down there?
  3. NoTail

    Audi TT 20 Year Celebrations

    Talking of road closures ... how is it that the road by the Imperial Hotel has been shut for over 6 months. The demolition people seem to have just walked away .
  4. NoTail

    £3.8 Billion

    If your mortgage is 700k and your income is 15k then you most certainly have a problem!
  5. NoTail

    £3.8 Billion

    Stu Peters would be a good start for dictator.
  6. NoTail

    £3.8 Billion

    Put it out to tender, the Chinese would also like a piece of the action !
  7. NoTail

    Clean up your act!

    The person that bought it knows ...
  8. John, so pleased that your treatment has been successful. Recover well!
  9. Sounds sensible to me to make it wealth (not salary) related. If a bloke with 20m gets caught pissed as a fart he can easily pay say 20k fine. The local council worker with 5k can pay 500 . Good for the government who want more income , good for the police who can concentrate on Ferarris, Bentleys etc which are are easy to spot.
  10. NoTail

    Shopping trends

    Because I live off a relatively fixed income which is not high , I am forced to cut my costs and make savings where possible. With prices on the Island being high I tend to do my shopping online. Dining out etc wait until I am off island. I don't have the luxury of taking money from others just because I want more money. That is called theft in the normal world.
  11. NoTail

    We can’t save money so now you’re getting screwed

    If the reality is that there are people out there receiving large incomes which they did not full contribute to, if at all and the funds which are supposed to pay them are running out then the only realistic option is to reduce the payments they are getting. I seriously don't see why I should pay through increased taxes.
  12. NoTail

    We can’t save money so now you’re getting screwed

    I can't see why Alf could not introduce a new tax. All civil service derived pensions over say 30k will pay 30% on that extra. Call it a pension tax.
  13. NoTail

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    It's a shame these religions cant be prosecuted for making false claims/selling goods or services which are not fit for purpose.
  14. I can't see any point in believing in something for which there is no evidence like God.
  15. I've been standing by my bed for 3 hours now and nothing has happened. Can I stop now?