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  1. Somehow the Lewis Hamilton story has grabbed the imagination. I can't see anything wrong with that bit unless of course the VAT rules wernt being followed. I was more interested in the Ashcroft story. If, as alleged, he was controlling the trust then he should be in serious trouble. I bet HMRC are investigating this. Also the oligarch control over Everton seemed rather dodgy but I am not sure I properly understood it.
  2. Well done Alfred

    Quite right Andy!
  3. We've given some good material for the NOW show!
  4. Shrinking economy

    Watch out for some new taxes coming our way
  5. Vision Nine Contract...

    In the absence of a financial assessment of the TT, NO!
  6. According to the BBC we were paid £60 to get the VAT man up early.
  7. Maybe I misunderstood the program. Most of it was waffle a and the Lewis Hamilton thing did not seem too serious other than the suggestion that the authorities bent over backwards to collude in the process. The bit which worried me most was the idea that some Russian oligarch owns a local CSP, which he is also a client of. I do hope the FSA are looking into this,
  8. Well since you ask We are a low tax jurisdiction which provides financial services to those who wish to optimise their potential tax liabilities and we can offer confidential ways to provide anonymity if necessary.
  9. The Island isn't a tax haven. Our leaders always tell us this.
  10. Just now on the BBC business page The Isle of Man's low-tax system has come under intense scrutiny following revelations in the Paradise Papers documents. Dame Margaret Hodge calls on the government to publish details of a formula which sees the UK government paying the island for the VAT it should generate, even if that's not the amount that's collected. She tells parliament that the payments of about £300m a year "support and subsidise it as a tax haven". Article share tools Share this post on Facebook Share this post on Twitter ShareView more share options Share this post Copy this link Read more about these links.Read more about sharing BBC content externally
  11. I thought everyone had a pop a price Charles