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  1. Interesting post. Maybe the Manx quasi independence days are coming to an end and a serious decision is needed Become part of UK Become independent Even become say, part of Ireland. I would vote independent if forced.
  2. Just found £10 down the back of the sofa. Do you think I should make a bid?
  3. He won't settle for anything less than Total Dictator.
  4. Can't see it working Say they put a 25% sales tax on electrical goods. Just go online and buy it from Amazon. The kids do a day trip to Liverpool now anyway to buy stuff and save money.
  5. Take the cat for a walk
  6. This evening I saw a very new looking post van with UK plates on!
  7. I am fairly sure that the Steamy have indicated that prices in general would rise considerably if there was no TT.
  8. CG. I don't have a dog in this fight. It is my understanding that the TT is a contributor to the economy and not a drain on it. This is certainly the view of the Government/Treasury.
  9. Aristotle Please look up the difference between less and fewer.
  10. It would be good if we could stop green fields being chewed up. Keep building but on grey sites which are in desperate need of being redeveloped.
  11. How many lives does Dr Who have?
  12. 9.30 does sound a bit early for Jerry
  13. Port Erin The money laundering capital of the isle of Man?
  14. Reminds me of the old doctor/plumber joke: Doctor rings the plumber at 4am in a panic, water leaking everywhere. Plumber says, 4am call out, that's 150 extra, at that time I charge 175 per hour, ecpectva bill of about 800 Doctor says, that's outrageous , I would only get paid about 400 if I was called out on job at that time. Plumber says yes I know the pay is terrible, it was when I was a doctor.
  15. Looking forward to next week's blog. I will need to wash and dry my pants now.