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  1. Yet Another Tenuous Island News Link

    I was in Salisbury about 4 weeks ago. Had a guided tour up the Cathedral's steeple, very interesting. Should I ring Manx Radio so they can interview me? Unfortunately I did not meet any Russians.
  2. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    Hi Lurker This is just an idea, forget about the legal issues, just consider the practical cost to society. Say a smoker ends up in a wheelchair with serious heart/lung issues. Rather than treating him her with expensive drugs simply give him 40 capstan full strength every day on the NHS. He has chosen to live this way, so why not continue. Similarly with an alcoholic, give him a bottle of scotch/gin every day (about £20) much cheaper and a quick resolution.
  3. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    Whilst I generally approve of the proposal because it may help to save lives I do feel there is another argument. Being a liberal by nature I believe that the Government is there to serve us the population, not to dictate to us how we should live. I understand that from seatbelt legislation through to tobacco controls the elders in our Government believe it is their moral responsibility to tell us what is best for us, and if we don't listen then they must "do something". I seriously wander whether we should call a halt to this level of control which is already excessive and very expensive. Remember every time this type of proposal is implemented there will be a "department" of experts, regulators etc brought in to enforce the regulations. Before long they will be lobbying to extend the controls. Next in the list will be sugar. If people chose to live an unhealthy lifestyle maybe they should be encouraged. After all dying young (50-60) with heart attacks etc will be much cheaper for the health service who will not have to keep wrecked bodies going for years with new hips, diabetes treatment etc while they still drink/smoke/overeat/take drugs/whatever. We are all educated sufficiently to understand what we should or should not do, so ultimately it is down to individual choice if you want to die young.
  4. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    Its probably a sensible proposal though.
  5. Manx Radio

    What about Jonny Moss?
  6. Illegal Dumping...

    Kopek that's why there should be a public service to dispose of these goods safely.
  7. Illegal Dumping...

    True. I resent paying taxes and rates for waste disposal then paying again for waste disposal. Simple really.
  8. Illegal Dumping...

    I put my dead computer monitors in the wheely bin. Saves £10 or so. I intend to put a dead fridge in the bin over a period of weeks. Not difficult to break it up into small chunks. Shame really as I would prefer to take them somewhere that could safely recycle them at no cost to me.
  9. Boatyard - Protesting too loudly?

    We went. Were offered a pre dinner drink so opted for that. Before we had got half way through our aperitif the started was brought to us. We were "rushed" through our meal. Admittedly they were busy and we had not booked so maybe they wanted our table. Wont be going back in a rush. The food was quite good though.
  10. WTF. Who cares really ?

    According to internet we are a crown dependency. My understanding is the the crown bought the Island from the Derbys. Not to bothered to spend any time investigating further.
  11. WTF. Who cares really ?

    Remember, she owns the Island...
  12. Russian Spies

    Someone on another group just said If Putin wanted him dead he would be dead. Food for thought ...
  13. Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    Sounds like a plan ...
  14. Roger Bannister...

    We will hold just under 4 minutes silence in his memory
  15. Groundhog Day ?

    They used to say "if you build it they will come" It now seems to be "If they build it we will let them come" Sod that ....