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  1. Troll detection.

    Is it viable to detect multiple troll accounts from common email addresses? It might be a way to filter them out and then block further ones being registered. Domains associated with disposable email addresses could be rejected by default. Sadly there are always sour trolls on all forums. But on a plus note they're greatly outnumbered by worthwhile contributors.
  2. Can I mention that me and my brother were cleaning Cornaa beach and the road leading down to it before Beach Buddies even existed, and then they came along, stuck some plastic bins there that were never actually emptied and took the credit for it.
  3. The Growler and the Penis.

    Mummy, mummy! Look at the funny cloud! No Billy that's actually a HUGE THROBBING MAN-PENIS. And that cloud over there? I've no doubt that it's a DIRTY BIG PUSSY! Now go inside immediately before they start PENETRATING and showering us with a rain of FILTHY SECRETIONS!
  4. The Growler and the Penis.

    I think that might have been one of those government mind-control cumtrails.
  5. Ann Summers

    It seems that most power tools have been adapted for sexy fun (with the notable exception of circular saws). A search for f*cksall will find a suitable adaptor for the sawsall reciprocating saws to allow the addition of a suitable love-truncheon.
  6. Ann Summers

    To be fair, the very first medical devices for relieving lady-hysteria were externally applied units that probably were close to an orbital sander. (But hopefully not fitted with coarse sandpaper.) It used to be a recognised medical treatment before the lady went home and had a large dose of Lydiam Pinkhams medicinal compound for ladies. (Quite high in ethanol.)
  7. Biscuits

    Yes. If you go to Shoprite's baking aisle and then walk round the other side of it you'll find the biscuit aisle. Pick up a packet of Elkes ginger nut biscuits,. Purchase them and take them home, open the packet, place them on a baking tray and warm in the oven before presenting your delicious "fresh out the oven" ginger nuts for a fraction of the price of actually buying the ingredients.
  8. Neck/shoulder/back strain

    Try putting your computer on a shelf where you can comfortably use it while standing. I switched to standing at the computer and my work bench several years ago and it saves a lot of back strain.
  9. Chocolate pound coins.

    Yes, but they're very expensive and tend to break unexpectedly.
  10. Chocolate pound coins.

    I was wondering. Are Shoprite's chocolate pound coins still valid tender or will I have to change them at the bank?
  11. Huge tax avoidance by 5 biggest PFI benefactors in the UK

    I did theatre equipment installation in these privately owned schools and it was a chore. You couldn't put anything on the walls because the speculators charged for damage. And that included posters and kids drawings. So the rooms were just featureless.
  12. Raymotors goes in to liquidation

    In my experience of a customer going bankrupt the priority for the money was paying any taxes due to the government and people who were actually out of pocket for materials and time got nothing.
  13. Laxey bridge

    My main problem with the bridge is that when you go over it while someone is already on it in the opposite direction it makes a really loud bang noise and there's broken glass everywhere and people shouting and waving their hands about.
  14. Bicycle problem solved.

    The future is electric bicycles. 100kW electric power bicycles. Soon the TT will have an electric bicycle race too. And it's gonna be awesome!
  15. Bicycle problem solved.

    I think this guy may have solved the issue of very slow bicycles on our windy countryside roads. YouTube video of "fast" bicycle.