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  1. Preen launches collection starting at just 65p

    I like the style of the stamps. It gives them a very 3D look.
  2. Ballasalla Bypass

    Even if the fittings are double insulated the CPC/Earth must be continuous and present at them for when someone puts up a light that requires an earth connection. If the earth wire is present but not showing continuity then it may just be broken or tucked out the way in another lighting point. Did you know that when England, Wales and The IOM jumped on the Part P cash bandwagon, Scotland and Northern Ireland declined to get involved in the racket. The only requirement in Scotland and Northern Ireland is that if you do wiring in your own home you must do it in compliance with the electrical regulations, which is sensible. So someone on the Island must have pushed for it here. I wonder who it was? NICEIC approval means that you pay them on an ongoing basis to use their heavily marketed brand's logo. They're a privately owned company. To quote their own words - "NICEIC is the UK’s leading VOLUNTARY regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry."
  3. Ballasalla Bypass

    New houses are like iPads. Expensive and stylish, but glued together with built in obsolescence. Cheap electrical fitments with active electronics inside that will fail loudly within a few years. Push together plastic pipe for speed that seems somewhat more prone to failure than traditional copper pipe was. Floors made of water soluble wooden compositions. Low air flow to conserve heat and asphyxiate the occupants. And a new era of crash certified labour doing technical work with no grasp of any of the actual theory behind it.
  4. Ballasalla Bypass

    I'd like to see down to earth affordable housing for the people on the island who's work is somewhat less predictable than office working. Tradesmen, labourers and farm hands make up quite a large percentage of the population and they need affordable housing that they can actually afford to pay a small mortgage on without having a property speculator holding a gun to their head for rent with the threat of them being turfed out if they dare even fall a month behind. It doesn't have to be what is often badly described as "luxury apartments". Just bare bones, secure, easily heated, comfortable, easily maintained, single level chalet type housing that people can actually call a home. The reason a lot of the existing housing on the island is not selling is because it's fundamentally mould and rot infested old dumps being presented at loony prices set by profit motivated estate agents. I mean sure, the listings look great with those big white rooms and lovely trims. But when the air freshener runs out and the special paint can't hold the mould back any longer the reality will set in.
  5. Australian 'flu - FWIW ---

    The Isle of Man has had a much higher mortality rate of the elderly so far this year.
  6. Equality of access

    I could totally understand Steps deaf followers in the sense that it's a very visual show and the deaf audience will still get a rhythmic sensation from the loud audio.
  7. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    That's so harsh that I can't resist the urge to "do a Dilli". (The act of quoting someone's entire post so that they can no longer delete it.) Old people can do and say things out of context. As my mum was progressively affected by Alzheimer's I initially alternated months living with her and back home working before we moved over to provide full time care. On one of those visits my mum told me that a lady had visited and made her hand over money, which was alarming. It turned out that the care workers had arranged for a group to go to the Gaeity Theatre and it was just the ticket cost for that.
  8. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    Oh, I'm sure the people here will think of something nonsensical. Like "Old people will be scared to go to the doctor in case they get arrested."
  9. What is happening with kfc place

  10. How about we reduce the government pensions to the exact same level they set for us?
  11. That must be a completely different MT you're dealing with from the one I used in the past. The reason I switched to Sure was because of poor service from BT's sibling.
  12. I noticed that MT seemed to be charging a lot more for my bare landline service (for Sure broadband) on the last bill. I was keeping the landline service as a secondary backup to the new 4G broadband service from Sure, but it's working well so far, so maybe it's time to drop the MT line. That also means dropping the Sure wired broadband, so I may actually use the money saved to add a data plan onto my Sure mobile.
  13. Bitcoin

    And now it's going to bottom out and the gambling will begin again. Watch the bitcoin value start ramping up again as people fluster to buy some numbers while they're "cheap".
  14. Round Pound

    Ah, that's a tricky situation. The best they could do there is apply a high discrimination mode to the Manx pound coin to try and filter out the non Manx ones, but if their metal characteristic is close then that's not possible. The high discrimination mode also results in a higher rejection rate for valid coins. I can see why the vending operators would just accept the new shape guaranteed valid currency coins in that case.
  15. Round Pound

    Most modern coin mechanisms analyse the coin for its inductive characteristics as it passes between shaped coils, and can be reprogrammed simply by inserting a sample of new coins through the mechanism while in learn mode. The only slight annoyance being that the pound will effectively occupy two or more of the available channels.