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  1. Is Zero-10 under threat?

    The thing is, he isn’t the only one who is a do-Gooder Guardianista, there are quite a few of them. Usually involved in local politics and embedded with charities, which in turn manage to hoover up nice donations from IOMG. Criticise then get rewarded. Many of the left winger Guardianista hoping IOMG zero 10 and other policies get canned. They have this warped belief that there will be money for foreign aid, and the very countries receiving aid, will be able to recover funds from companies in 0/10 jurisdictions. If these do-gooders have the urge to criticise, then stand for office - Tynpotwald! By my recollection, I don’t think they got voted in.
  2. That 50m from the DED

    The Welsh Development Agency operates a similar system to the DED enterprise scheme. However, the WDA reports back to the Welsh Assembly with information regarding loans, grants etc, and information isn't omitted due to 'commercial confidentiality'. In some respects if the IOMG/DED/DfE decide to invest in a firm which has applied via the fund holder for funding, and IOMG (IOM Taxpayers!) has a stake holding in the business, it can't be hushed up under commercial confidentiality reasoning, as UK HMRC will be involved, via the beneficial register of companies (Which the IOMG was so keen to sign up to). I thought that Tynpotwald was getting a report published yearly regarding the allocation of funds, and a progress report as to the companies, and possible jobs created etc.
  3. If it’s true, what could happen is, he retires and is promptly hired in another capacity. The IOM Government has form in this matter. I’m sure the TT hierarchy needs more managers!
  4. 4 New MLCs

    They couldn’t get elected last time around so I doubt they will get elected in February. MHKs will only vote for certain types and certainly with the attitude of ‘what’s in it for me’. Motel may have a legal background and a brain but that does not count for much with today’s type of MHK. Some MHKs don’t like others telling them what to do, say or vote. My Sure they will vote for the quiet type, or the ‘business/Masonic lodge’ type.
  5. Saving £40k is all well and good and every little bit helps....... BUT ........... the savings wasted when the department takes on new civil servants, bean counters and policy wonks (no offence Derek).
  6. Incidentally, I believe that Clare Bettison is suffering Ill health, Kate Beecroft is the same and Hooperman is in a UK hospital undergoing serious medical treatment. Perhaps it could be said that LibLabVan without any representation is on its way out?
  7. I don’t know what Howard’s going to do? Nothing of what he’s done up to now is anything to go by. It’s come to the point where I’d rather David Anderson was back at Health, as Minister, at least he couldn’t sink any lower.
  8. The whole of DHSC is ripe for money saving etc, from the hospital operations to the health centres. The trouble is the elderly area is the easiest to cut, I mean look at the level of protest. In all honesty, if areas of the NSC are cut or wholesale and increased charges are levelled, I bet there will be uproar. The idiots in charge of the island will not cut anything related to their beloved motorsports, or really increase charges to increase revenues. I have no qualms paying increases or paying for something previously received free. However, these charges and increases are being levelled at one group in our society. Why not look at facilities that young, old, rich and poor use and charge accordingly. Where it’s under utilised then get rid or privatise.
  9. Front page of today’s rag, Examiner - DHSC going to charge the elderly more for incontinence pads. Now they are really taking the piss!
  10. Every decision has a reasoning. Sadly it’s all going downhill, when the catering is reliant on frozen ready meals, to save money and for the caterer to gain a profit, the patient, the elderly and the pupils will lose out. However, some UK hospital catering are changing from convenience and dried to fresh ingredients and proper food cooked on the premises. Unfortunately the IOM is incapable of turning around it’s loss making catering service, the damage done by neglect, and political interference.
  11. Just seen the DSC leaflet online promoting Wiltshire Foods and Jack Frost. A couple of things do concern me, Wiltshire Foods requires a minimum order between £30-50. Do many of the current meals on wheels recipients possess a freezer big enough for a weeks or more supply of dinners/ready meals? Jack Frost will provide free delivery with orders over £20 spent. However, in all fairness, the food it could be argued isn’t of great culinary and nutritious quality - possibly adequate as a convenient ready meal from the freezer, eaten at the end of a working shift. The current meals on wheels isn’t the best quality, but the provider and delivery is an opportunity to check the welfare of the recipient. Some of the elderly are lucky, they can attend day centres, run by Age Concern, where they get a hot meal. Those living in their own homes (owner occupier/private rented or public sector/social housing) are saving the taxpayers the expense, by not having nursing/residential care. Unless the intention is to force the elderly into Nursing Care, thereby releasing their home to be sold to pay for their care? A greater influx of elderly and the Manx Government can go to town building Nursing Homes after Nursing Homes.
  12. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    Wise or unwise, I reckon that won’t stop them going ahead. Anything to maximise the VAT take, worry about the consequences later.
  13. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    Unfortunately you have Tynpotwald and it’s idiots and the upper eschelons of the Civil Service, plus the Chief Executives, who think they have a divine right to want to get involved. There will be no show without them, each bigging things up and creating little empires. I reckon that the ultimate costs will rocket and if we (taxpayers) got involved then costs will spiral out of control. Plus think of the consultants reports already paid for. Another concern I have is that if the project is realised, our COMIN will start dick waving telling all and sundry, how successful IOM as a destination is, which will upset UK Treasury etc. Also knowing the IOMs track record on VAT, I’m sure our lot will be looking to maximise the VAT take, based upon the number of ‘supposed visitors’.
  14. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    There may be something in all this. However, the taxpayers spent a kings speech/ransom on the airport and the radar, which still isn’t used. We haven’t a good track record on infrastructure projects. I dread to think how much over budget it could go. And we as taxpayers will be exposed to needless risk. To be fair, we may as well give Ramsey Pier the money to refurbish if there is a remote possibility of it being feasible to berth cruiseliners - less of a risk. Food for thought!
  15. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    Too many vested interests competing for Government infrastructure spending, then no doubt the monopoly in running it and holding the island to ransom. The politicos and Skelly can’t even come up with a definitive spend from cruise tourists - not taking Government museums, transport and facilities into account. What’s the likely spend on gifts, ice creams, cafes, bacon rolls, pasties and chips, cheese and gravy?