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  1. 2112

    Marketing Ploy?

    LC, it’s another IOM Newspapers half a story.
  2. 2112

    Audi TT 20 Year Celebrations

    Ahhhh HRH The Chief Minister’s favourite Biosphere bollocks, which he loves to spout. It’s so important that, the fumes emitted from Audi TT must have a negative impact on the environment.
  3. 2112

    Audi TT 20 Year Celebrations

    What you say is food for thought. Sadly I doubt Audi will give anything, unless they are shamed into it. After, they have been given use of part of the TT course exclusively for 4 hours a day for over a week. The likes of Skelly and the People’s Prince will be excited, as they will have their egos massaged.
  4. 2112

    Audi TT 20 Year Celebrations

    Audi must be laughing like anything at our pathetic Government. They have the run of a large stretch of road at the taxpayers expense for nothing. What are they contributing to the island? Buses? Police Cars? Government Flunkies Chauffer cars to ferry HRH Chief Minister around?
  5. 2112

    Audi TT 20 Year Celebrations

    Let’s face it, the roads are full of potholes and the police never solved the burglaries that took place a couple of years ago.
  6. 2112

    Audi TT 20 Year Celebrations

    It’s not for Skelly and his associated Goons to offer freebies. I’m sure Derek Flint wasn’t offered road closures for nothing for his super car event. Yes the DOI and Police are working accepted. The Police should be dealing with protecting the islands citizens, not acting like the 2 Rons guarding the barriers by Ramsey Hairpin and the Creg ny Baa.. There is plenty of work for DoI staff to do, if there isn’t, get rid, it would save on wages and pension costs. I’m totally sick of the DEAD approach to spending mine and other taxpayers hard earned money.
  7. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=41755&headline=In the Manx Independent: Publicity stunt's disruption&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018 The Mountain Road is being closed for nearly a week, for half a day for Audi. Yes it will generate publicity, certainly for Audi, but with the expense of shutting down part of the islands infrastructure, it’s a negative expense - cost of closing by DOI staff and Police Officers in attendance. Also the cost of advertising etc. Apparently Skelly offered to Audi the road and it’s closure for nothing. In the vain hope the island gets some publicity. Is he that desperate and is the island now that desperate? Also has he the authority to do this? I’m beginning to think now of something fishy going on between Audi and IOMG or it’s Servants. This is not transparent!
  8. 2112

    World Cup Final

    Well, Douglas Corporation are no strangers to wasting ratepayers money. In this instance, they could get either Busheys or Hooded Ram to put up a big screen and a Bar. They could charge them an eye watering amount of money for the privilege. At least they could make some money.
  9. 2112

    £3.8 Billion

    I wouldn’t worry, Tyncrackpotwalders will be telling us, everything in the Garden is rosy and the island is booming. I’m positive the upper eschelons of Government will do their best to dismiss the newspaper - after all IOMG can’t cope or handle the truth!
  10. 2112

    Manx Culture

    I always thought Culture was found at the bottom of an unwashed cup
  11. 2112

    Arron Banks Met Russian Ambassador...

    Yes there is an element of local interest, but in reality I can’t see how it affects this island. Unless people wish Tynpotwald to set up a select committee?
  12. It’s full of advertising for Shopshite and others. Some news but very little, lots of jobs though. Seriously this article of news was put in the Courier for a reason. Also that other well known social media site - there is zero mention! I don’t think anyone has seen it.
  13. This case is mentioned inside the Courier a few pages in. Let’s face it, who reads the Courier? Perhaps it was deliberately omitted from the Manx Independent? Other people who have less financial means and wealth have made front page, for less offensive misdemeanours and have been pilloried. Thought provoking.
  14. 2112

    End of year bonanza

    I totally agree with what your saying. However I really can’t see any point of select Committee or inquiry. Mainly because it’s unlikely to influence anything. The Committee or Inquiry will be toothless and there is a strong chance of Government or Civil Servants influencing the findings. What would be needed is a strong Chair and strong members who are impartial and not CM ‘yes’ men. Sadly there are very few of these on the island. Also the stock IOMG phrase ‘Lessons will be learned’ will be employed.
  15. Just read in the Courier the HNWI owner of a well known off licence chain and other alcoholic interests and Island resident, has been convicted of Drink Driving. Fined £1000 and 2 year ban, costs of £125, and has to retake driving test. Unduly lienient in my opinion, if you are a person of financial means then if you comit an anti social criminal offence, then you can afford to be hit financially in the pocket. I’m sure before long this will work it’s way on to a wide audience.