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  1. I've never followed nor understood investment in bullion, so say I buy a 10g bar, I plan on keeping it for 10 years but need to sell it on within 3 due to reasons beyond my control. To purchase the 10g gold bar today is £351.46, the scrap price is £301.50 so it would need to rise in value by £50 over a few years just for me to break even or is there an alternative to selling bars rather than as scrap gold? Shares wise the loss after 3 years could be similar but there is a damn chance you'd break even.
  2. Looked at this myself, what I need is a stocks/shares ISA but you can't have one on the IOM apparently. Share dealing account is good if you have £1000+ to invest at a time but its not worthwhile putting £200 a month in with a £12.50 charge on every deal.
  3. Credit Cards for the IOM

    I needed mine for a deposit on car hire, it's a lot easier to get your money back with credit protection. It didn't stop people telling me I was an idiot and to start saving my own money rather than borrow someone elses. I'm with IOM bank and I had to jump through hoops trying to getting a credit card, eventually NatWest gave me one, despite the Victoria Street branch telling me it would be impossible as the regulation changed. I was refused by about 6 other companies, apparently my lack of credit history and IOM address were an issue. Ironically I had to take my ID into NatWest to be verified, again I as told I was wasting my time, I've had the card for 2-3 years without issue.
  4. Ann Summers

    What will happen to the 'Ann Summers Parties', used to see a few cars going around advertising these 'fun evenings' were i'm assuming lonely females and their friends can share a few bottles of wine and giggle awkwardly while handling some of the latest (and weirdest?) toys on the market? Why on earth would anyone want to go into a sex ware/toy shop on the high street and possibly see their next door neighbour who's 60 with 3 cats, handling some kinky underwear and a big black mamba?
  5. Bikers - this ever happened to you?

    Sounds like you had a ill fitting helmet, its not just different sizes, helmets are also different shapes to cater for different heads. You'll see people mention they are either an Arai or a Shoei head, not many people could get away with wearing both!
  6. Bikers - this ever happened to you?

    Oh it did, it was the front left tire on a tri axle trailer, perhaps it just woke the driver up? It shifted a good 2-3 feet over the carriageway before pulling in, the loud pop/bang was impressive.
  7. Bikers - this ever happened to you?

    Only needs to be a size too big or had a hair cut since last last wearing the helmet for it to be loose and I've seen plenty of people who like their helmets with a bit of room, I like mine snug, stops it rattling on my head at sped, People saying about the bike being used for crime, if that was the case it probably wouldn't have a plate on it full stop, because a fake plate would be pinging anpr cameras up and down the motorway. As for flashing, I very much doubt it unless he was behind you for any great length of time, it could be he was just making you aware he was behind you because you aren't going to hear a motorcycle horn at motorway sped, I generally let the nutcases flyby, its safer for everyone. Bet the guys got home and has a similar story to tell and he's probably counting his lucky stars, if he came off his bike or if the helmet hit your screen it could've been a different story. Ever seen a lorry tyre blow out at motorway speeds? that's by far the scariest thing i've seen on a motorway, the bang/pop, the sudden violent swerve followed by loud flapping of tyre is a horrid combination.
  8. Bikers - this ever happened to you?

    I'd like to see the video footage from curiosity more than anything, as for the helmet? have you seen how much they cost? i'm sure he's learnt a hard lesson, next time he'll remember to do it up. As for the speeding perspective, bikes don't mingle with traffic very well they get lost in the sea of traffic, so in some respects its easier to stick to the outside lane leaving the central reservation 2-3 feet of tarmac as as a safety net.
  9. Neck/shoulder/back strain

    Isn't it just a sign of getting older? Everyday I seem to find something that creates a new ache, if I drive in the same postion for too long my arms/elbows/shoulder aches. It's not a cure but I find some ibuprofen, hot bath and deep heat (or deep freeze) works for me, plenty of herbal medicines too if you're into all that.
  10. Raymotors goes in to liquidation

    All makes a bit more sense, if you have to talk through solicitors in the first place its pretty clear to me that communication has broken down to an irreparable level. Its a shame, I've spent a small fortune in Raymotors shop over the years, always on a Sunday when I've started a job on the Saturday and broken something or its not the right size etc So what happens to the assets now? will they be sold at auction? I still need to expand on my tool collection and there are a few cars out the back I wouldn't mind sticking a cheeky bid on.
  11. Time to get Rid?

    I know nothing of this case other than the sentence seems extremely lenient, leading me to purely guess it was an alcohol fueled fight that got out of hand.
  12. Time to get Rid?

    Where does it say Unprovoked? Yes 4 on 1 isn't 'fair' as such but If you see your mate in a fight do you just stand and watch or do you get involved? If it was unprovoked they are scum of the earth but it doesn't read as clear as that. I've no idea how the fight started, I only know how it ended.
  13. Time to get Rid?

    Equally there is no mention of it being an unprovoked attack, if it was I would expect far harsher sentences?
  14. Energy cleansing of stones

    I would've thought salt would work? isn't salt supposed to rid evil? Although it might remove all energy from the stones not just the negative energy.
  15. Man Knocks Plaster Off Wall...

    I can only assume most of these posters have never had the misfortune of renting a flat from a certain individual. Your opinion would be very different if you did.