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  1. Could well be more than just the gold cup getting scrapped.
  2. One can only assume that Mrs Newton hasn't been raped and fallen pregnant as a result? The only people who should have a say on abortion as a result of being made pregnant through rape is those it's actually happened too, it's their bodies and their choice.
  3. Every overtake is simply a calculated risk, the larger the vehicle overtaking the greater the risk, but if a large vehicle never overtook the island would soon be gridlocked, because there are cyclists and slow moving vehicles on all major roads throughout the day. In this instance the tractor driver definitely got it wrong, there is no question of that, wether the overtake was down to impatience or just simply misjudged from the start we probably won't find out. I don't condone dangerous overtakes but mistakes do happen and I don't believe it was the drivers intentions to force this cyclist off the road.
  4. I've nearly had this happen myself, I'd like to see more of the video, I bet when the driver first started the manoeuvre it was clear to do so, however given his limited top speed and the cyclist seemingly unaware of a large vehicle behind him until its too late there was nowhere for the tractor to go, drivers coming towards him appear to slow down quite late, cyclist seemingly makes no effort to slow down to ease the overtake until he's nearly hit. There are very few places on the island a tractor can safely overtake a cyclist traveling at any great speed, I've had a similar situation myself in a large vehicle that is limited to 2500rpm, cyclists traveling at 15-25mph are near on impossible to overtake without building up speed first, which involves a painful series of near attempted overtakes dropping back and then accelerating when you know there is a straight around the corner, you then have a split second of overtake or not, 99% of the time its the right choice, but there is always the unknown of someone possibly doing twice your top speed around the corner at the end of the straight your trying to overtake. In which case the 1/2 of a mile you had to overtake rapidly disappears at a frightening rate leaving you with a lot less space than you'd like.
  5. So would this biker have to declare this drink driving charge to his insurer? That's the real stinger for any drink driver, trying to get insurance that isn't a ridiculous price
  6. Ah to me that's more like Quiche slide.
  7. I didn't stay up for it but I got up at 6am to find a recording somewhere, took me awhile as it appears the fight was delayed. Much better fight than I anticipated, Mayweather was in control the whole time, he tired McGregor out and then unleashed some furious punches in the later rounds. Will this be the last of Mcgregor in the boxing ring?
  8. You secure wheel trims using 2 cable ties usually, without them if you so much as brush a curb or hit a pot hole the wheel trim could pop off. P.s I can't think of a garage which rhymes with cheese slice!? I don't listen to Manx radio.
  9. If I bid are you happy with collection?
  10. So has anyone actually been to Sports Direct today? I must admit with a 20% off voucher I was quite tempted, will probably go for a look tomorrow.
  11. I can only see the tweet from IOM Airport saying it turned back with engine problems.
  12. Unfortunately young professionals will buy from Flannels with credit rather than cash, few people have the level of disposable income required to shop somewhere like that.
  13. It's no wonder they're overweight they hardly have an active job, do they? Even the gears are automatic, the drivers are nothing more than grunting steering wheel attendants. Apologies to the 2 drivers I've meet who actually have good customer service skills and are always keen to help, but your colleagues seriously let the side down!
  14. I'm surprised licensing makes any money with the amount of cars I see untaxed, just have a look around the cars you park next to in the multistoreys, quite often end up parking next to a heap that's 8 months out of tax.
  15. One by Bar George is almost always full, shame there isn't any free undercover/sheltered parking, I've heard people used to sneak their bikes around the barrier in Shaws brow but it changed so you can't do that any more?