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  1. Annoymouse

    Win a house competition!

    We bought 3 tickets, we are confused over the way its been handled, Facebook page was pulled, winner listed on website only, only first name not full name of winner despite the t&c's saying the winner will have no anonymity. If Sarah from IOM has won then perhaps they could have this all confirmed by speaking to one of the local news outlets, they can confirm identity but obviously not publish it, at the moment there is no proof that 'Sarah' won, If Sarah has won then living on the IOM she'll know that everyone will find out in the end anyway. I'm a little pissed off, it all seems a little underhand when it could of been handled completely differently.
  2. Annoymouse

    TT Spectator In Court...

    What happened over the chair incident on the run down from Kates cottage to the Creg? Its clear on video a spectator leaps over, throws the chair back over and then scrambles himself back over the bank, he waited for a gap as 3 bikes go through with the chair on the course and he was a few seconds at the most and more than likely saved a possible incident although put himself at risk.
  3. Annoymouse

    Vehicle Damage Remedy?

    How bad is the damage? a picture of the damage would help? You can get a light lense from a scrappers quite cheap, doddle to fit.
  4. Annoymouse

    Manx Driving

    I do this, not with a 50 metre gap more like a 4-5 metre gap but I try to roll along for as long as possible to reduce clutch wear otherwise it would be start/stop for the entire section. The real cause of this congestion is the roundabout.
  5. Annoymouse

    Manx Driving

    Because of the TT that's why. It would only need traffic lights at peak times but just one big 3 lane roundabout would make life easier.
  6. Annoymouse

    Manx Driving

    If I'm going towards Onchan from NSC I Indicate right over the roundabout because that is my direction of travel, I was taught to indicate for anything past 12 o clock and to signal left when exiting a roundabout. If people are taught not to bother indicating for Braddan or Onchan it's no wonder so many near misses occur., It really could do with 3 lanes, one for Braddan, one for Onchan and one for town centre but there just isn't the space.
  7. Annoymouse

    Manx Driving

    That happens to me all the time at Quarterbridge, as I'm coming from Braddan direction going straight over to Douglas town centre, the traffic coming from NSC side, the middle lane often has a break in traffic, leaving me looking at the left hand lane going to Onchan or Braddan, every sodding time the middle lane is clear I tend to have the one prick who decides they don't want to indicate their intended direction of travel, so instead of me being able to go over the roundabout I sit there like a plum and they then turn left towards Braddan, Occasionally they'll indicate last minute and I end up upsetting the car behind them that isn't turning left as I gun it over. On the subject of roundabouts it reminds me of this : http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=32330&headline=Driver%2C 85%2C fined £500 for roundabout offence&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017 The ATS roundabout is ridiculous, it needs a raised roundabout and a speedbump/similar traffic calming measure halfway between the roundabout and the zebra crossing because I've seen so many near misses as people go flat out both towards the Zebra and over the roundabout.
  8. Annoymouse

    Shopshite Chester Street

    I think he means Stu Peters and 'scoop' is him getting the 'news' or 'skeet on the street'.
  9. Annoymouse

    no more second hand cars?

    You can understand it, a car sold as seen if allowed to be test driven on the road is deemed to be sold as roadworthy, because if its not roadworthy then it shouldn't have been test driven on a public road. Its easier to ship these off to someone else or scrap them saving yourself the potential liability issues. Consumer rights have a lot to answer for, people buying a car and the gearbox goes 10 months later, sold as 'not fit for purpose' replacement or money back.
  10. Annoymouse

    no more second hand cars?

    Motormall stick all their trade in cars through Chrystals, obviously no warranty and buyer beware etc but they seem to be holding auctions about once a month or so, I've never seen anything under 5k in Ocean ford let alone under 3k, I would assume they'd just ship all the part ex's off to other garages, they only sell Ford, Citroen and Kia. I've rarely seen any other marques sold there and I'm sure there forecourt would get cluttered quite quickly if they tried to sell cheaper part ex's. On that note try Brain Kelly autos on Tynwald St, Tromode motors in Spring Valley, Vehicles.im in Snugborough as they tend to have cheaper part ex cars. It might be worth a trip to Athol garage in Balthane as they have plenty of trade in cars but many are without tax and sold as seen without warranty.
  11. Annoymouse

    Road Safety Consultation

    When is mechanical failure actually checked for though? If its after every single collision then I accept an MOT is a waste of time but the test centre isn't backed up with crashed cars, so I don't think this actually happens.
  12. Annoymouse

    Road Safety Consultation

    It might not primarily contribute in your stats but its about reducing the number of potential collisions, why is there an MOT for commercial and PSV vehicles if an MOT doesn't make a difference? Are all vehicles involved in collisions actually taken to the test centre and checked over? I thought it was only serious/fatal collisions?
  13. Annoymouse

    Road Safety Consultation

    I think that's down to luck rather than anything else, I've seen subframes that are ready to rip out of cars, wheel bearings collapsed, burst brake lines (because of rust), I could go on and on, but its only because these drivers tend to plod around at 30-40mph that it largely goes unoticed
  14. Annoymouse

    Road Safety Consultation

    Road safety? I'll suggest something deeply unpopular, how about MOT tests? gets rid of the stinking diesels off the roads that have EGR, decat and DPF removed, less oil/diesel leaks on the roads. It would get rid of a few old folk who simply wouldn't be able to afford the upkeep of their car (think once a week church goers) and will ensure that any serious mechanical defects are highlighted. What's the average mileage here? about 6-8K? would be a great opportunity to our cars in top nick. ANPR cameras then check MOT status/Tax status on all passing vehicles in/out each town, giving police the power to stop people which then might lead to further finds such as no licence, drug/drink offences etc thereby removing dangerous cars and individuals from the roads. But of course that won't happen, its about as popular as talking about banning the TT, garages don't want an MOT for fear of the work being done through MOT approved garages only, which on an island this small would require constant assessment in fear of a friendly MOT tester bending the rules. I wouldn't buy a UK car without a valid MOT (preferably recent MOT) but on the IOM you can only rely on patchy service history.
  15. Annoymouse

    Road Safety Consultation

    They were about two car lengths behind and it was a long downhill section with a few corners, I would've thought it was evident what I was doing when I started at the top of the hill as I was using my brakes lightly on the straight until about 20ft or so before the corner, but there you go. My brake pedal is so light that it's hard to feel the brake switch, you can't even hear the relay clicking.