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  1. D.O.I another dumb ass idea

    Lol fair point, I didn't read it properly as you can tell,
  2. Car advice

    Yup, I'd throw Kia and Hyundai in the mix, 7k would still get you a car with manufacturers warranty, yes they are a bit boring but for something that's cheap and reliable you can't go wrong, parts are also cheap.
  3. New Year Healthy Lifestyle

    Some interesting observation but what did these people do for a career? Not meaning that as sarcasm, I am genuinely interested... P.s Happy New year
  4. D.O.I another dumb ass idea

    Ive tried both routes at peak times and the quickest way onto bucks rd is this one. I'm not sure how Africa is relevant other than the state of the roads?besides my car is more economical and emissions friendly when it's actually moving and not sitting idling.
  5. D.O.I another dumb ass idea

    I imagine it's to stop people using it as a cut through to avoid the traffic lights a on circular road, I do it myself. If that is the case I'll just use the service lane behind Microgaming because I'm not sitting through 3 sets of lights because they can't set them in any sort of sequence.
  6. Blame the customer.........again........

    I'm more concerned about the asbestos that isn't being disposed off correctly, how is it ending up anywhere near an incinerator?
  7. Cheap cars

    Swift motors have had a few recently, they normal advertise their part ex's as having a 'health check' which may be of some benefit given some of the rubbish on the roads (and forecourts!)
  8. Round Pound

    No, I'm saying it was pointless designing a round pound to be introduced in 2017 when they already knew about the 12 sided UK pound coin and the implications. The size /shape is the same only the picture on the reverse has changed as it does every year but rather than halt the design like Guernsey/jersey, the IOM continued with their plan to release their 2017 round pound coin knowing the UK coin was about to be released and the implications of vending machines/parking meters being unable to accept both styles of pound coin once the UK round pound ceased to be UK tender.
  9. Round Pound

    You haven't had a 2017 Manx round pound then? I think it was in October 2016 they said the 2017 coin had already been designed and they have no plans to change to a 12 sided pound coin.
  10. Round Pound

    Guernsey did the same, the Isle of Man just had to be different and decided to introduce a new round pound at the same time a the new UK pound was realised with the reason given being they had already designed that coin and that didn't have time to design a new 12 sided coin!
  11. Round Pound

    But the IOM doesn't need that info, they just send a picture of a design and ask for it to be printed on that coin?
  12. Round Pound

    No they can't, the vending machine can't tell the difference between a Manx pound coin and an old style UK pound coin, having spoken to a vending machine operator they have no choice but to allow only the new UK pound coin to be accepted.
  13. Iom Courier/carrier For 'my Hermes'.

    I had a Christmas catalogue delivered through Hermes, the only part that was my address was the house number, I made all sort of attempts to try and get the Hermes courier to collect it but it never happened, I left it outside the front door hoping the next time he came he'd notice, nope it stayed there and he instead delivered something else that was actually for one of my neighbours (who I don't know and wouldn't willing accept responsibility for one of their parcels) but what can be done? In answer to your question there is a local Facebook group called : My Hermes IOM
  14. MUA Water Whitewash

    MUA orginally posted that the water was contaminated with sea water and diesel, steam packet has explained the sea water but how on earth does washing down a vessel introduce diesel into the system? does this mean every time the boat is washed down fuel oil is washed into the sea?
  15. I always respected Rob's views although I didn't always agree with them, the problem is people like you, who highlight every little bit of detail and nit pick your way through posts, rather than just respect sometimes opinions differ.