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  1. I saw this and it made me think of someone on MF...
  2. IIap is TJ. Turns out Mystic Derek was also TJ - he claimed. There are some parallels between your style and that of Mystic Derek. Could be nothing, just an observation.
  3. After the Mystic Derek revelation that’s exactly what I thought.
  4. Malta is one of the most surprisingly unnerving places I've ever been. I wasn't there on holiday. I wonder if anyone visiting the IOM feels the same.
  5. Dario Leonetti. Bloom Creative. Very talented lad, working all over the world. Don’t think he’s involved with this. Could be wrong. I like it though. I like people following their dreams. :-)
  6. Dario? I don't see his name on there, and I'd be surprised. I do see the name of someone who was asking if any of their friends had an MF account at around the time this thread started.
  7. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. If it is then what’s happening is even more tragic than if they wanted to leave. Simply denying people the right to express an opinion in a non violent way is truly cowerdly, and clearly isn’t going to make anything better.
  8. Pragmatism involves drawing a line - saying ‘this’ we will fund, and ‘that’ we won’t. In the context of this thread that means things are unlikely to change - especially if changes would cost more money - which may or may not be what the public would like to happen. The point I have made is that merely exposing what one person may feel is a failing in no way ensures anything will change.
  9. Yup. So, who draws the line, and where? It’s a political problem, and that is precisely why it is swept under the rug.
  10. See, that’s precisely why I asked you the questions I did. If you think that merely exposing some slightly embarrassing data carries enough power to change things for the better I have to assume you’ve not lived here very long. People are dying within the remit of our health services, for the sake of poor management and lack of funding. This has been officially acknowledged. It’s still going on. The people who flag up these situations eventually run out of energy and give up. Why do you think this data is going to be any different?
  11. I am surprised that you have not considered the basis for your philosophical position. 1. An unchecked right to self determination would result in ‘chaos’. Is there any evidence for this? Taking the idea to it's extreme philosophical conclusion, hypothetically speaking you could end up in a world with no nation states at all. Why is that a bad thing for the human species? 2). Another statement that Catalans had other viable options to achieve self determination. What were they?
  12. You can't explain a very simple statement that you (not I) made? Or you don't understand a simple question? Or you don't like the implications of how you (not I) will answer it?
  13. You understand it, and yet you cannot explain it? You like a historical quote don't you... "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Einstein. I asked you why the rule of law was above the principle of democracy in your view, and you have not responded. John has also now made the same point - that absolute faith in the law is essentially analogous to absolute faith in those who create it - be they dictators or elected representatives, which in either case places their opinion over the notion of self determination. You are by implication saying that they are better placed to determine and maintain law than the majority in any group it effects. You believe in a distinct political class, and so therefore also in a lower class (everyone else) to be ruled over. The autonomy comment shows the same thought process.
  14. Civic nationalism? That’s not the definition you’ve used before, and surely if that is the definition you wish to use parental place of birth is also irrelevant?
  15. 100%? I wasn’t aware of a distinct subspecies originating on the IOM.