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  1. Look. I don't mind people having cushions, so long as they keep them indoors. I just think if this gets out of hand it'll end in tears. That's all I'm saying.
  2. Is it just me? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=42514&headline=How taxpayers' money has helped a cushion company&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018 I have nothing against cushions.
  3. If you had to choose between... Spending money on public art you don't like... Or Spending the same money on jollies for politicians... Which would you pick?
  4. I do like that IOM Panic page. How the other half live. Looks exciting, if a little stressful. I assume it gets a bit tiring after a while.
  5. maynragh

    The next MMR?

    Large scale vaccination programs and their consequences are fascinating. On the one hand you have the truly vast amounts of money / profit involved, and all of the problems that brings. On the other you have the personal perspective of someone who's life (or the lives of close family) has been saved or greatly improved by a modern vaccine. Very rarely do you ever see the wider perspective considered - are modern vaccinations really in our long term interest as a species? Would we be better off without them (collectively speaking)?
  6. maynragh

    Local Posties(and other delivery drivers) breaking the law

    I believe the offence is actually called "quitting" I do it all the time. I also habitually don't wear my seatbelt (been done twice for that). Humans are funny old things.
  7. maynragh

    Dogshit Map...

    I'm afraid I don't believe you that a significant number of people are doing this on busy beaches with adjacent promenades. I also don't think the majority (dog owners or no) would think it reasonable, but that is just a matter of opinion of course. What is not a matter of opinion is that it's illegal ("where the keeper of a dog fails to remove any faeces deposited by the dog") and I'm fairly sure you'd probably both think twice about doing it again if you were caught, fined and named in the media. Or maybe not. I'm not a hater of dogs, or dog owners. Up until last year I was a dog owner (a two bags to one turd type dog at that), and I probably will be again once I get over the last one. However, to me it feels like there has been a discernible shift in public opinion over dog mess in recent years. The perception that some people 'just hate dogs' is probably part of that, but the reality is that virtually nobody 'just hates dogs'. It's mostly people just 'hating irresponsible dog owners' and feeling increasingly empowered to shout about it. I'd guess this type of pressure will eventually follow a similar pattern as it did with smoking, where the noose is just just gradually tightened simply because people do not value the liberties they have enough to respect them. People who abuse their liberties shouldn't be surprised if they're ultimately taken away by the zealous anti everything brigades. Just my opinion of course.
  8. maynragh

    Dogshit Map...

    Nobody answering my question? Would those who admit to 'temporarily' depositing poo bags do so if there were other people (that they didn't know) in the area at the time so that it would be impossible to go unseen, I wonder?
  9. maynragh

    Dogshit Map...

    I don't think the majority of dog owners would agree but I guess we'll never know that for sure, and I certainly don't think 'everyone' does it otherwise it would be far worse than it already is - which would indicate that the majority don't feel it's reasonable. I have had dogs and I've never left bagged poo anywhere, I'd be too ashamed to ever do so no matter how far I was from a bin. People have different standards though I guess. If I saw someone doing the same, or lobbing any form of litter for that matter I think I'd be likely to request they pick it up again. Which raises another interesting point, have you ever left poo when you knew someone was watching you?
  10. maynragh

    Dogshit Map...

    Agreed. It's just not reasonable if you apply any form of logic, which is probably why it wouldn't be considered reasonable by the majority of people (even those who have dogs) I'd guess. But everyone knows logic is just bollocks :-)
  11. maynragh

    Primary School Development Standards.

    OK, so there is virtually no proof that looking at information like this is going to help you with that. Quite the opposite in fact, if you go looking for it.
  12. maynragh

    Dogshit Map...

    There is no logic to that but I find it fascinating how people reconcile these things in their own mind nonetheless. If the bag is filthy you're doing it all wrong. It's a plastic bag. It's a piece of plastic waste, no different to any other piece of plastic waste. The organic waste should be entirely sealed on the inside - unless you're thinking of some form of psychological assault upon those who have to view a fellow human carrying poo? Do nappies offend you also? You can of course carry the bag in the same way you used it in the first place - with your hands, or indeed tie it to the dog as some people do! Either lobbing plastic in a hedge is reasonable behaviour or it's not, you really cannot split hairs over what might be inside the plastic, it's irrelevant to what will happen to the plastic if it stays in the environment. You'd stand more chance of arguing that the whole idea of persecuting littering is a social construct that's gone too far - which is I'd guess what's actually going on in the minds of those who do it. They're just hypocrites if they take offence a litter anywhere else, or if they took offence to someone doing it on their garden hedge, which of course is probably true :-)
  13. maynragh

    Primary School Development Standards.

    That's exactly the point I was making. The word 'useful' came from @thebees original post, which I quoted. The point is defining what the purpose of the education system is - is it there to churn out 'useful' / productive / compliant workers and consumers, or might there be some other purpose? Some other definition of 'useful' - in which case, whether a 6 year old can do long multiplication might not be so important maybe? Until you define the purpose of the system you cannot really set the targets.
  14. maynragh

    Dogshit Map...

    OK, right, I gotcha. As long as you cannot fit it in your pocket it's fine to leave it for later. So... a family size pop bottle is OK to lob in the hedge, but a small one not OK, is that right? Does the size of your pockets come in to play with this version of logic you're using?
  15. maynragh

    Primary School Development Standards.

    OK, there are a number of questions that follow on from this, but let's start with the obvious... Can you post any evidence that shows the information that has been collected can give any indication as to how 'useful' an individual may eventually become? From the very limited information I've seen it would appear to be looking for skills that will (more than likely) be entirely irrelevant by the time these kids need to be 'useful' - if you accept that need (which is itself a matter of opinion).