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  1. Even if they did stump up the money at this time of the year for a short weekend break, there are so many closed cafes/ice cream parlours what would be the point?
  2. You really are a grade A twat aren't you. For the sake of clarity, I still post on IOMonline occassionally. Unlike you however, I have only one log in
  3. Fruitcakes are out in force on this one.
  4. Have you ever considered going out and meeting real people
  5. Pot, kettle black anyone??
  6. He's too busy arm wrestling in gay bars
  7. Hopefully, yes would be the ideal answer to that one
  8. No it's not
  9. If Bourbons are on offer, I'm in
  10. Do you arm wrestle in gay bars a lot then Jack?
  11. Remember your place Censorship. One rule for us and a different set for them
  12. Says it all really
  13. Parenting skills well below par on this one. Under what circumstances would you find something in a wall then put it in your mouth. My guess is these kids have seen this stuff before and now wanted to try it.