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  1. I think I am off to live off the grid until this blows over
  2. No surprise there Albert
  3. Just try being more accurate with your comments.
  4. It's going to be very difficult in the early days but we have to start somewhere. Making it slightly more difficult would be a good start. If they are coming in from places like Libya then put them in a holding pen until they are looked at a lot more closely. If that upsets their "human rights" then fuck them back off to where they came from
  5. Try using fewer words Barrie, people may finish reading what you post
  6. Terrorist know full well that our security is terrible. They will see how many of their kind get through the "checkpoints".
  7. wasn't aware that the IOMSPC did security checks at Manchester Airport
  8. The problem is that the people tasked with checking are pretty much shite at their jobs. As a small example, IOMSPC security check. Biggest waste of time in the history of security. Open your boot, quick look in, did you pack this yourself, have a lovely day. FFS based on their checks, I could sneak an entire arsenal onto the island
  9. I'm under no illusion at all. The big issue is how to prevent and if that means wielding a fucking big stick then so be it.
  10. Fully agree with you on your point there Richard. Kind of explains why the UK government fail time and time again to prevent those on the watched list committing their attrocities
  11. Don't kid yourself Richard. These pilots are very aware of the consequences of their actions. Unlike you, where the consequences of your (lack) of action, allows these scum to carry on.
  12. The police and security know or have a very good idea where the known trouble makers are. To that end, put the army in and around those areas. Door to door checks every hour on the hour, house searches and stop and search. Just make life difficult for the barstewards
  13. Do they do this randomly then?
  14. Helmets in wet t shirts - horrific sight I agree
  15. Don't count on it