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  1. Thousands? According to last months' Manx Tales magazine we used to get seventy thousand million visitors a year
  2. Why the secrecy
  3. The story begs to differ Dilli...
  4. Instead of using the words "no idea" try "they couldn't give a toss". See how that works
  5. So not as popular as the TT then...
  6. Have you seen the size of some of the feckers driving buses. Jakamo haven't got clothes to fit them...
  7. Alarm bells ringing at Sports DIrect as news filters through that Tibet won't shop there...
  8. If they did the work in a timely manner, they would still be employed but in a more useful way. Again, bad - sorry, terrible management
  9. Change your name to Mystic Bellend
  10. "Twice as long" ????? more like ten times as long. If they stopped overstretching themselves and started/completed one job at a time with all hands, they would get through a lot more projects
  11. Well you went in didn't you...
  12. no
  13. Hopefully all the cyclists will now go on the road and clog them up. That should get the clowns in the planning departments attention. If the works are not on the track (and they're not) then why close the bloody trail. It must be a prerequisite to have your chuffing brain removed once you become a head of department...
  14. Amazing, on one hand you have the clowns in power encouraging people to walk and get out on bikes. then you have this... sewage works will mean heritage trail is shut for 42 weeks&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017
  15. you could apply that to nearly all of the reality shite TV on at the moment. All it seems to produce are brain dead "celebrities"