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  1. Neil Down

    Win a house competition!

    The more I read about this the more I am convinced you are part of it... Just saying
  2. Neil Down

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    Nazi rednecks eh!!! Were you in attendance when all this happened?
  3. Neil Down

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    Not at all, does that ruin your day now...
  4. Neil Down

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    I didn't lose anything you fuckwit. Read my post again
  5. Neil Down

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    They weren't as good as dreadful
  6. Neil Down

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    You have to love MF. Two threads on something that quite possibly doesn't involve any of the contributors. Lessons on how to feel agrieved on behalf of people you don't know...
  7. Neil Down

    Living Hope Church - wolves, money and healing - again

    get rid of the prople in churches. that should sort things out...Don't forget those damn peoople either.
  8. Neil Down

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    I’d be more interested in why the FB story was pulled.
  9. Neil Down

    Clean up your act!

    No, it highlights the fact that sensible people aren’t going to waste good money on shite
  10. Neil Down

    Clean up your act!

    That Pitcairn looks as though it's ready to collapse Cue another set of apartments in the offing
  11. Neil Down

    Marine Engine (outboard)

    which is why I was looking for a boat engineer you clown. I have spoken to quite a few boat owners down at the harbour and none of the local ones fare well. MJS seem to be the worst followed by Bottom Line. The only complaint I have heard about Bottom Line is that he prioritises commercial work over private boat owners. Fair enough if that's where the bulk of his work is. The guy from YH was actually working down at the boat park and I asked him some questions. He was pretty honest in his answers so will see what happens. One or two on here have supplied alternatives which I will follow up. Thanks to those people
  12. Neil Down

    IOM Govt...An Ineptocracy

    Looks like we're up and running... merchandise to order
  13. Neil Down

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    I enjoy a good laugh and it was funny in the early day. Now it's repetetive and boring. He's like a poor Keith Lemon
  14. Neil Down

    Amenity Sites

    That's clear and concise. Thank you...
  15. Neil Down

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Do you still laugh at "farty jokes" as well... Simple things eh!!!