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  1. I was really hoping this one would not receive any responses... cheers Dilli
  2. Don't be silly Dilli, far easier for them to whine on here safe in the knowledge they remain faceless. At least Rob isn't hiding
  3. Committee
  4. Only half wits like hboy and his gang. Gives the buffoon something else to vent his spleen on
  5. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Taking the time to inform his constituents is no bad thing
  6. The RSPB are wrong. They are not in decline, they've just feckin moved to my house...
  7. This is Manx Forums so I doubt it...
  8. try harder then
  9. Captain Sensible intervened
  10. That's his block response though SoS, His fingerprints are everywhere yet when cornered the old "didn't happen on my watch" is rolled out. Waste of time as an MHK and an even bigger oxygen thief in the old boys club...
  11. For anybody wishing to follow LC's advice, here's a useful link that may come in handy
  12. You should have trademarked it first Bees. Now some pimply youth will get rich off your idea
  13. You're pretty rubbish at comparisons aren't you? You should have compared to any of the below. They are far more dangerous than your three Cape Buffalo. ... Cone Snail. ... Golden Poison Dart Frog. ... Box Jellyfish. ... Pufferfish. ... Black Mamba. ... Saltwater Crocodile. ... Tsetse Fly Ice cream and chips may not be great for seagulls but it doesn't stop them attacking for them does it? In a recent study, seagulls were found to be responsible for E-coli contamination as well as carriers of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It is best not to handle the birds or come in direct contact with them, for health reasons. just as well they are no threat to us then
  14. Strangely enough, the only one sounding like a loon is you...
  15. irritated the sh*t out of them...