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  1. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Memory is failing me. Was it Exile that played the Central, who then became Debris at Port Soderick, after Mike Reynolds left, or the other way around? Also, do I recall Tina Turner at the Lido?
  2. Jack Frost out in the cold

    Wiltshire Farm Foods = Apetito
  3. Huge tax avoidance by 5 biggest PFI benefactors in the UK

    I was reading about a planning application, to build a new autistic hospital in Mostyn ,North Wales. Developer is based on the Island
  4. Kawasaki FA76 Carburettor

    Thanks.......I'll have to pull it apart I think.
  5. Should have known better, but I have an engine that won't run. Purely down to stale petrol, gumming up the carb. I am reluctant to take the carb off, as getting new gaskets, is proving difficult. Ebay from Germany £28. Any ideas?
  6. Liverpool Arms Closes

    Yes.....Drunk in charge.
  7. Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Wrong......Buster couldn't spell IQ
  8. Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    I did wonder. Liverpool or Holyhead would have been the obvious route. Maybe ferries were full.
  9. Ralph Shimmin

    I recall Ralph working as a presenter on Manx Radio, in the late 70's
  10. Old Cafes And Restaurants

    Memory not so good now. Was there a cafe in Castletown called Candy Land? I recall great juke box and a pinball machine
  11. How is he doing?

    Did he go to school?