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  1. Thanks.......I'll have to pull it apart I think.
  2. Should have known better, but I have an engine that won't run. Purely down to stale petrol, gumming up the carb. I am reluctant to take the carb off, as getting new gaskets, is proving difficult. Ebay from Germany £28. Any ideas?
  3. Yes.....Drunk in charge.
  4. Wrong......Buster couldn't spell IQ
  5. I did wonder. Liverpool or Holyhead would have been the obvious route. Maybe ferries were full.
  6. I recall Ralph working as a presenter on Manx Radio, in the late 70's
  7. Memory not so good now. Was there a cafe in Castletown called Candy Land? I recall great juke box and a pinball machine
  8. Did he go to school?