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  1. paul's got wright


    Some big names have been reported to believe in weather modification
  2. paul's got wright

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Hi John, is there a compensation to be paid to those you described as under arrest without suuficient grounds initially ? Just wondering thanks. Would the police instigate such a payment or would it be up to the injured party to claim?
  3. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    Paul has attended Ballerkermeen High school since September 1992 and I have been his form tutor for the last Two years. He has established during this period a good attendance record. He has always been smartly dressed in his school uniform and he takes pride in his personal appearance. Throughout his school career Paul has always enjoyed excellent relations with his fellow students and is a very popular member of the school community. His relations with those in authority have generally been amiable and as his form tutor he always conducted his affairs with me with the utmost respect, politeness and courtesy. Paul is an old head on young shoulders. Life has taught him to adapt to a realistic down to earth, no nonsense approach to life. The serious side to his nature however is well balanced by a ready and sharp sense of humour. In terms of Paul's all round ability he is arguably one of the most naturally talented students in his year. He has an agile mind. He is quick witted and possesses very good reasoning and verbal skills. Academically, Paul has the potential to achieve much more than he has so far delivered, but even in this area, he has this year been producing a standard of work that is much more in keeping with his ability. In other areas of life however, Paul has been in a class of his own. As a gifted soccer player he has been recruited by Stockport County F.C and lately has won recognition for his acting ability, playing the leading role in a school production of Whistle Down The Wind. Paul has always been a helpful and co-operative member of the form group. Other than those mentioned above, he has been involved in a number of extra-curricular activities including membership of the school choir, participating in and winning a school talent contest and performing solo at the school prize day. He has played a major part in form assemblies and is captain of the senior soccer team. In addition, Paul will be visiting the USA this summer in order to take part in a major soccer tournament. Paul enjoyed a most successful work experience placement at Tisbury Builders Ltd and was credited with a very good report. Paul is undoubtedly a gifted student who has a great deal to offer and even though his immediate future is accounted for, the long term is less certain. However, whatever the outcome of Paul's career plans, i have no hesitation in recommending him as a valuable asset to any future employer. signed D Mackay note: This report has been compiled after discussion with all the student's subject teachers.
  4. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    China are we to proceed together, or shall i just continue, even though i have asked you for a vital piece of information, which you havent given me? Like i said , if you havent got a question in relation to the observation then how can you form a hypothesis? This is ridiculous
  5. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    Remember nelly, science is about making observations in the natural world, and investigating phenomena by asking questions, such as " why does it rain" or "how do bees make honey" etc. The next major step after initial research, is to form a hypothesis, specifically in relation to the observation/phenomena. This can then be tested in experiment. Without this you havent even got science, never mind scientific proof. So just look at the steps china accepted, as basically happy! Learn them and get ready to see how the evidence offered by china stands up. Respect chinas polite request not to troll the moment of truth. Thanks nelly
  6. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    I am holding chinas evidence to the scientific method kneale. Step by step. There is nothing more scientific than that! You absolute religious troll!
  7. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    No i pointed out that you were conflating a visibility test by introducing a new independent variable. Remember? Also you failed to inform us what question you had formed in relation to your observation. Please continue china
  8. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    What, right at the crucial point. The scrutiny! Not on your nelly,nelly! Whats the matter? Is it because when we use the scientific method to assess the "evidence" it shines an awkward light? It seems you would have us brush this under the carpet? What happened to all that gloating and tellin gerry he was a fool to even ask? I said i will inspect chinas evidence. At the moment he hasnt even asked a question, which is the whole point of science. To search and enquire into the nature of our world. No wonder you need the ball so much, even in spite of the severe lack of proof for your beliefs. You are here as a troll. That is very sad
  9. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    China the first few evidences offered in the quote, are all observations. It doesn't matter which one we are to scrutinise, you need to form a question in relation to the observation. Then we can proceed to your hypothesis. This is vital in order to then create an experiment. Please could we just get through this? I appreciate you may be busy and i am in no rush, but without you giving us the question posed by the observation, how can i proceed? Thanks
  10. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    China you have an observation, the horizion. What is the question you have formed in relation to the horizon and what is your hypothesis to be tested in experiment. I appreciate you may be busy but i thought we would have at least got through 1 of the evidences you offered? So far you dont even have a question!
  11. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

  12. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    Yes me and you as it was. What is the question in relation to the observation. Then can you give your hypothesis please
  13. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    China are we going to proceed together?
  14. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    China are you ready to proceed? What is your question in relation to the observed horizon? Then give us your hypothesis. Thanks
  15. paul's got wright

    Flat Earth?

    What does it tell you about the level of proof that has been offered?