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  1. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    I take it that no one is disputing the fact that our motto is describing a cube, and the Three Legs are symbolic of the cube? Does anyone know the origins and, or, meaning of having a cube as our motto and symbol? The Druid do you have any info on this?
  2. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    are both options known and available kev? did i order a moon off you or somethin? you got a shop on ebay sellin moons, an just sent the message to the wrong person or somethin mate? maybe you need to get some sleep bruv? can't rodney handle it while you have a lie down for a few hours?
  3. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    I'm not actually arguing that case, Declan. i have no idea how the name came about. But, given the various links to the name through further research, and being a little island with the Three Legs symbol, akin to Sicily (Isle of the Sun), it does seem there may be something to the "Isle of Moon" possibility. For example, the Native American name "Mona", is said to mean Jimson Weed, which is also known as "Moon Fower". Then the Gaelic name"Monah" is given as the Anglicized form of "Muadhnait", which is very similar to "Midnight", again giving us a link of sorts, in my view. There are more to be found by looking through the various Nation's names, if they have one, for "Mona". There are other connections to be found that would link the name to the moon, but i suppose some people here would call them tenuous, to say the least. And i dont want to have to respond to another complete wally like neil, if i can avoid it for now, unless it is on topic and in good will. So i will share them at a later date and see what else people come up with in regards to any affiliation our Island's may have. Be good to see what The Druid thinks at this point. thanks
  4. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    im not trying to convince you of anything guzzi, i was just sharing my views, and the info relating to the op. as i said there are more connections to be found. i really enjoy looking into the topic, especially relating to our Three Legs, and appreciate what people post
  5. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    well i think you should look into the wider connections, offered through the etymological variations of the name and connected names. that's how i came to the view i posted. but the most simple connection is the first search result for "moon definition" on google " Origin Old English mōna, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch maan and German Mond, also to month, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin mensis and Greek mēn ‘month’, and also Latin metiri ‘to measure’ (the moon being used to measure time). there are other connections if you look into it a bit more
  6. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    or, you are a lunatic, who hasn't done even the most basic research?
  7. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    dig deeper guzzi there are etymological references to the name mona in connection with the moon
  8. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    dont be such a mona neil! research it for yourself see what you come up with
  9. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    As far as i'm aware, Sicily is the Isle of the sun, so it seems natural that we are the isle of the Moon, or as we say Mona. That's where i think there's a link. it's an ancient symbol i suppose, as others have said. I've heard others talk of the symbol as a representation of a vortex , as with the Swastika. It can also be seen as triple 7's, as in jackpot. But i relation to the Three legs, our motto, as we all know is " Which ever way you throw me i will stand". The symbol and the motto, both indicate a cube. The motto being the most obvious, the symbol, maybe, not so easily spotted. If you draw 2D hexagon, then, by adding the "Three Legs", it becomes a 3D cube. Draw a line, from the bottom right hand corner to the middle, then do the same from the top right and left mid point. drawing each to the centre. Thus creating the 3D cube symbol. So, in my opinion, that is what our symbol,clearly represents. I'm not sure what the meaning is. But it is a very bold motto if taken literally, given we are such a small nation! I'm not sure that is what the Manx government would say to the queen, if she really put pressure on them about something! I've looked on the internet and in books trying to find the origin of our flag and symbol, it's quite intriguing. Hard to pin it down though. Very good post to read and hopefully, i will find some more info from others in here when i read through. cheers
  10. Flat Earth?

  11. Flat Earth?

  12. Flat Earth?

    i see we have come to an elegant, and scientific, fork in the road, of our shared common senses. that is, a place where the real scientists leave the walter brigade, trolling, whinge bags, behind. the burden of proof always lays with the claimant richard. so we have devised ways of testing the claims made here. and what better than the end to end curvature proposals? people like me will take part of course in the interest of scientific research. will people like you, is the real question? who really are the trolls and who are genuine? this will tell you the answer. so if you or any of the other trolls, continue to disrupt this thread what can your complaint be? are you going to maintain that scientific test for the curvature, that you believe must be part of the isle of man, is somehow worth your trolling time as well? wouldn't it be better for everyone to just get involved and learn something about their beliefs, see if anyone can back up their claims? i think so
  13. Flat Earth?

    let's see how you do at a multiple choice test........... 1. pasies are a football related colloquialism, indicating the sending of a chap, to the nearest mr b's for a pasty 2. the result of an obvious typo, indicated near the end of the sentence by the word "pasty". 3. big scoth fellas from paisley, like del.
  14. Flat Earth?

    about what?
  15. Flat Earth?

    gotta love him. sendin people the shop for pasies for a livin. it's every pasty lovers dream x