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  1. It depends what yardstick you measure it by and from which startpoint really. It's about self aware and un self aware insanity. The media set the mid point of sanity, personally i find the honourable barrie of stevens a far more reliable mid point
  2. Your flintlock will be fine twinkle but i'd recommend sticking an ameriglo pro-glo triple dot laser sight on it for everyday use
  4. Roughly how much do we get in fees out of this?
  5. Handy to work out who the speeders are though
  6. Great news. Enjoy your evening without those harmless non stinging black ants you have just murdered
  7. I think i'd rather take my chances in a phone box with 6 jihadis than an otherwise empty auditorium with llap armed with a glock trying not to shoot me
  8. Blu-tack is my guess
  9. Would you encourage your children to try alcohol?
  10. It's to reassure the public that there is a threat they should be petrified of
  11. but do bear in mind, anything after about 30 years is starting to take the piss a little, pension wise and that
  12. had the nazis won the war manx cheese would be a multi billion deutschmark industry
  13. there is only so much one can do with a symbol resembling a swaztika
  14. fine by me. i think timothy spall would reignite my passion for bond films were he to get the role.
  15. I couldn't care less how it was in the books. No adult takes bond seriously. As a kid bond was roger moore and roger moore will always be bond. End of. Until the next time