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  1. Weight watchers spring break
  2. I haven't been in for a while but i didn't realise marks and spencers had a political philosophy department
  3. Two
  4. It 's fine by me if they end the war on drugs. I never had no beef with them in the first place
  5. I wish i had googled it now. I thought they were lettuces
  6. Nice looking brassicas all the same druid
  7. Nope
  8. I doubt there are any gorillas out there that even know that they don't know anything about quantum theory. That puts me ahead in my book
  9. But at least we know we don't understand it. I'm way cleverer than any monkey i have ever met
  10. I'm not sure the war on terror was perhaps the correct term.
  12. I can't be held responsible if people are working on a saturday afternoon
  13. I'm hoping to get a wh smith poster print of this artwork to hang next to the breakfast bar
  14. It's refreshing to see two kindred souls in full agreement on manxforums for once. Long may it continue
  15. The deer hunter is my favourite vietnam war film but i don't really remember any of the music