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  1. Stick your pm up your arse cueball, it's all gone to your head a bit now.
  2. It's the actual main function of the NSA.
  3. The cars are too grippy nowadays is the main problem. And the ones that aren't are worth too much money to put on much of a show
  4. I did it once for half a day bored senseless went to the pub in the afternoon
  5. My tip search hills
  6. i know where there is a juniper tree.
  7. Charity is quite a fluid word nowadays, what with people being paid good money to manage them and that. I would start the bidding at 25 quid for the lot, play them against each other
  8. quite a big hurricane going on at the moment. it's not headed for the US though so on this occasion a mexican earthquake takes priority
  9. Oh well, i suppose it will give us something to be known by other than manx cats and the tt races.we are all going to be tarred with the same brush over this one.
  10. I like the fact that even in view of these threats kim keeps smiling. I think he'd be pretty good fun on a night out whereas the don would just talk you into a scrap and you'd end up getting a kicking while he nipped off to the loo.
  11. Yes. It's venerable. Even I spotted that one.
  12. Got the patio doors open and heating on full blast, shorts and t-shirt. Some people choose to show their affluence with flashy cars. Some choose other methods.
  13. There's no way i was going. I've just been moved to band b. Happy days
  14. Probably not the best idea to put a blustering bully in charge of the most powerful military in the world. He has quite a casual way of proposing genocide on innocents
  15. Did these charges come before the election? Can't have done her chances much good if so.