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  1. woo woo

    That's why 36.67% of people without soul tend to become mathematicians and scientists. The rest, accountants, traffic wardens and guards at the civic amenity sites.
  2. woo woo

    Scientists have no soul. It don't work without a bit of soul. In fact, nothing does. Apart from mathematics. That works better without soul
  3. Donald Trump

  4. woo woo

    It does work. Something to do with minute natural magnetic field disruption.
  5. drug test fiddling!

    Only a fool would buy their drugs at police prices. It's almost criminal.
  6. Who are you actually trying to convince here?
  7. Incapacity benefits - Tynwald debate tomorrow

    And government pensions
  8. Incapacity benefits - Tynwald debate tomorrow

    Is there an isolated figure for how much gets paid out to recipients of incapacity benefit each year? Is it more or less than the countryside care allowance?
  9. US scientists say we lead the way on tackling beach waste...

    Beach buddies is a handy bite sized example of how NGO's work in the big world.
  10. Incapacity benefits - Tynwald debate tomorrow

    Anyway, fuck the vulnerable. If they can't afford a private jet they'll get fuck all from us.
  11. Incapacity benefits - Tynwald debate tomorrow

    Nailed it
  12. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    Couple of hundred grand costs and 2.75 million to say nothing is my guess
  13. Premiership 2017/18

    David moyes has the look of a man that has spent his entire life in a relegation dogfight.
  14. We Have To Eat In Order To Exist

    It puzzles me why those people at manx radio or the newspapers have never put howard on the spot and asked him about his views on the countryside allowance thing. Even to get a no comment answer would be a step forward from what they have done so far. Why does no-one ever ask he himself?
  15. Applebys: Something or other about planes and VAT. CM says Panic!

    If i was apple i'd hide my money in trinidad and tobago. These fuckwits running apples finances haven't a clue what they are doing. I'd sack the lot of them on the spot if i was steve jobs and still alive.