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  1. Flat Earth?

    Do you all remember this post from 2015, http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/58796-flat-earth/&do=findComment&comment=1031467 Basically I saved the image from NASAs BBCs website and changed a few settings in photoshop, this seemed to reveal that the moon was a rectangle image pasted onto the image of the earth...If I recall correctly a short time later the image was replaced by NASA so this could no longer be seen when changing the properties, would this count as a falsehood which may cause a little mistrust?
  2. Douglas rates rise

    Just think how easy this would be to nullify, if you all understood that rates only applied to commercial properties and that private home's are exempt, however they seem to have forgotten to tell us this little fact. The trick is that they are classing all private dwellings on the IOM as commercial properties, a private dwelling is exempt ...So could your solution be as simple as to ask them why they are classing your private home as a "commercial" property, and then watch the tumbleweed pass through, or just continue to complain about it?
  3. Astronomy Stuff

    I imagine you have already worked this out by now, however....If you don't follow the consensus reality that this lot have constructed for themselves, then you will be called a troll...I don't know the answer, but my initial feeling when I saw the car floating with Earth in the background was that this is a deception. BTW, I don't think Earth is flat regardless of popular opinion here....
  4. Notwell

    I am sure he/she will construct another marionette for your entertainment, so no need to lament the loss of a like soul, you do know this is not real, he/she will be just fine Dilly....
  5. Evolutionary Science And Its Implications

    The universe exists because it is based on laws. Law however, is established by logic and not the illogical. Therefore the mindless cannot create the intelligent...To think all this appeared by chance is ridiculous. Science has used its 1 miracle to start off this nonsense, they called it the big bang......Behe in his book "The Black Box of Darwin", states that the probability for just 100 amino-acids to "accidentally" join together, would be equal to a blind man finding a specific grain of sand in the Sahara desert, and furthermore, finding it not once, but three times in a row, just add to this alone the multitude of other highly unlikely events needed to make all of this possible.
  6. Bloody Scroungers!

    Sorry, just my way of trying to tell you that your anger is directed in the wrong direction. You have to ask yourself how I can vote for someone and give them a power I do not possess, i.e. I do not have the right to force my neighbour to pay for my children's education, however it seems I can somehow give this right to another and call them government....If the power of government comes from the people then where did the power to tax come from in the first place, as none of the people have this power?
  7. Bloody Scroungers!

    No the government are stealing from you, me, etc and then giving it to someone else.
  8. Bitcoin

    Bitcoin and the many other cryptos main attraction is anonymity (at the moment), you can do a transaction with someone and the taxman will never know, that has to be a good thing, however I have a feeling that many of these new cryptos are creations by the system as a step towards their much wanted cashless society, I personally feel that these short term gains are just a hook intended to appeal towards the greedy side of humanity, get them all on board and then crash it taking all of their wealth along with it....Imagine how vulnerable we will all be when everything is electronic, how more manageable the herd will be, with the mere flick of a switch and your entire wealth is gone....for these times I would recommend you store some precious metals as these have been real money with intrinsic value for 6000 years........................So once enough have taken the bait and the cash is gone and it finally goes all digital everything will be traced and taxed immediately, also undesirables (people that don't agree with the system) will be easily quelled.
  9. I wouldn't say that this forum was any more unpleasant now than it was when I first discovered it, to me the same kind of insults are flung around unnecessarily....I have a new topic in mind that the establishment will not want you to be aware of, let alone have us discussing it amongst ourselves, It would have no personal attacks, and no sane person could consider the content "ban-able", however it would be a good barometer to see if the forum is run by the establishment because the sites admin will give the game away fairly quickly......My personal feeling is that the site is influenced by the establishment to a large degree, in a controlled opposition kind of way, and if this is the case then I can understand how they do not want to fund their very own exposure.
  10. Flat Earth?

    I've not really thought about FE for a long time now but my feeling is that the earth is not flat, I’ve studied the horizon and distant objects, yes it seems far less curved than the theory suggests, but there is a noticeable and gradual loss over the horizon. Probably my most compelling proof that has convinced me that the earth is not a flat surface is the elevation of the sun at various points on the Earth, only a roundish object can explain this in my humble opinion. However things are far from what we have been told because: Do you all remember the recent eclipse, and the shadow of the moon travelled from the west coast of the USA to the east coast, well how does that work when the earth is supposed to rotate to the east, would you not expect the shadow to travel east to west?...The moon apparently moves to the east in its orbit, but so fast as to cancel out the logical east to west direction of the shadow (that the spin of the earth should cause) and reverse it to west/east......This makes me consider that the earth is a stationary object with no spin whatsoever and the moon is simply travelling over a static body. Also the sun is classed as an infinite light source being 93 million miles away, the moon is ¼ million miles away, why then when the moon approaches the sun from our perspective can we not see the moon until it crosses the path of the sun, would you not expect to see an object in the sky being backlit by an infinite light source, it is invisible whilst it approaches the sun until it starts to block out the sun. Also with an infinite light source my understanding is that the shadow cast by an object that gets in the way of the light source is the same size as the object, however the shadow of the eclipse on earth was only 72 miles in diameter? NASA tells us that the sun back lights the moon and the shadow cones down to 72 miles when it hits the earth, this is not how this kind of light source works, the shadow should be the size of the moon, therefor the moon is not the size we are told it is. Hopefully the above is understandable and I did not mix up my Easts and Wests, there are many many problems with the consensus model, and these are just a couple more to add.
  11. Credit Cards for the IOM

    Firstly money is not unlimited, you need to understand what defines money as you are confusing fiat currency and legal tender with money, money has to be a store of value and the first 2 clearly are not, so the notes in your pocket that you call money are not actually money, how can they be when they clearly say on them "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of "...you have not paid anything just discharged a debt. When you say "The genius of modern money", are you referring to the genius of the very fraud and how people have been deceived, or do you actually think its a good mechanism? What part in my posts are fiction please?.....would love to hear from a banker or a lawyer. Also could a Lawyer say that any contract formed in the above manner is not fraudulent and thus null and void ab initio?
  12. Credit Cards for the IOM

    When you apply for a credit card you will sign an agreement, this agreement is still turned into a financial instrument/promissory note which creates the funds, these funds are forwarded to you at the point of each transaction from the pool of credit that you created, the bank gives none of its own funds up in the creation of your credit. As an added bonus ask the bank / credit card company to send you a certified copy of the original agreement, they cannot as they sell it / securitize it, does this give you an idea on how they unlawfully profit from you by not disclosing that you create the funds in the first place and also the immense value of your signature.. Anyone doubting that they lend you nothing...from the bank of England’s own publication on page 3 “Commercial banks create money, in the form of bank deposits, by making new loans. When a bank makes a loan, for example to someone taking out a mortgage to buy a house, it does not typically do so by giving them thousands of pounds worth of banknotes. Instead, it credits their bank account with a bank deposit of the size of the mortgage. At that moment, new money is created. For this reason, some economists have referred to bank deposits as ‘fountain pen money’, created at the stroke of bankers’ pens when they approve loans.” Well there you have it, from the horses mouth, all money comes into existence as debt...Your credit agreement is the bank deposit that is then given back to you in the guise of a loan... Here is the link to the document if interested... http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/Documents/quarterlybulletin/2014/qb14q1prereleasemoneycreation.pdf
  13. Credit Cards for the IOM

    If people understood how credit cards / loans / mortgages actually came about then they probably would get quite upset. Banks don’t loan you anything, briefly it works something like this: 1: you sign an agreement. 2: The bank takes this agreement and it becomes a promissory note (your promise to pay), this note is treated as cash for accounting purposes and the bank then create (from thin air) legal tender with a few presses of a computer keyboard. 3: It passes this legal tender to you in the guise of a loan and says you have to pay it back with interest. Remember the money never existed prior to your signing of the agreement / note, they don't get the money from their pockets in any way, so who is the real lender, yes it’s you, as the money would never have existed without your signature, you brought it into existence not the bank...So it looks like the bank play a classic bait and switch fraud on you and call you the debtor and them the lender. So not only do they offer no consideration or any disclosure on this deceitful contract, they have the nerve to charge interest on money that you created. Another one to think about is why do they call your payments to them RE-payments? what normally comes to mind when you put RE in front of a word, could you possibly have already paid the loan off with your signature and be foolishly repaying again? They simply facilitate your own line of credit and tell you that they lent you something, but obviously to lend something you have to have possession of it in the first place! Still think after shopping around that those modest interest rates are good!
  14. If he is worried about the impact on the wildlife then perhaps his family and he should stop shooting at it!!!