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  1. gerrydandridge

    John McCain...

    One less monster roaming the earth..Perhaps he is really basking in the Maui sunshine as a way to escape his heinous crimes.. A true traitor to humanity if ever there was one...
  2. Not sure why people blame Hitler, Mao, Stalin etc....it was the government of the time that committed the crimes, somewhere in the region of 262,000,000 people killed during the 20th century by their governments is closer to the truth...I would think the latest "democratically elected" bunch will likely do a better job for the 21st century.
  3. gerrydandridge

    Fictional Legal Entities

    As silly as this seems to you lot, there is much truth to this mans claims about the court summoning a legal fiction. I will wager the summons arrived in the format "MR EDWARD GLEN" and not Edward Glen....
  4. Its not about me being thick or paranoid, its a point of fact.. they would be in total control if they were not coerced into registering the child's birth. the resident legal expert can tell you that registering anything gives legal title to the "loving government".. Your current debate is futile, until you understand what has caused this issue in the first place, mum and dad have little say, the state will always make the call when it comes to their property...
  5. Has anyone wondered why the courts / government have the ultimate say on life or death, and not the parents? Many have had to snatch their child from the hospital to stop a death sentence and get treatment else where.....this is what happens when you register anything, you gift it to the state...
  6. gerrydandridge

    Flat Earth?

    Without doubt, if I had witnessed that through a telescope, then yes you would have to be suffering severe cognitive dissonance to continue believing the Earth is flat. as per the laser, you sure it was completely level, as demonstrated above a little over 1 minute out will produce the result they did, I still say moving the laser downwards until it disappears (gets cut off by the Earths curve) would have proved the curve without much doubt. Think about it, if the laser strikes the bottom of the boat at 3 miles out then there is no curve, if it appears 6 feet higher, to dispel the "are you sure its level argument" then move it downward and it should completely disappear, if its curved. The margin of error for the level of the laser will increase with distance.
  7. gerrydandridge

    Flat Earth?

    For me, I would have had the boat 3 miles out, then moved the laser downwards, if the curve of the Earth is true as theory suggests then the beam would be extinguished. Such a shame they did not do this!
  8. gerrydandridge

    Flat Earth?

    Playing devil’s advocate here, it is an interesting video; however I have some doubts as to the true intention of this experiment. 1. What effect would you expect to happen if the beam is slightly inclined....My rough calculations show 3 miles = 190080 inches and 6 feet is 72 inches, the beam would only have to be inclined by 0.0217 degrees for this to happen, we are talking just over 1 arc minute. I seem to have missed the part where they show such care in the setup. 2. They seem to have replicated 3 miles = 6 feet perfectly....3 ^2 * 8 = 72 inches (6 feet)...we know from earlier in the thread that light is refracted to some degree and the theory does not work out to be exact. 3. As with the laser experiment, the helicopter mimics theory to perfection 6^2 * 8 = 288 inches (24 feet), this is suspicious.
  9. gerrydandridge

    London murder rate overtakes New York's

    Good..There seems to be a pattern, the more police you have seems to equal more crime.
  10. gerrydandridge

    Russian Spies

    It matters not, the TV says it was the Russians, sadly that is good enough for 99% of the people.
  11. gerrydandridge

    Russian Spies

    Has anyone seen the evidence that Russia did this? Has anyone heard the term "False Flag"?
  12. gerrydandridge

    Russian Spies

    I have not read a great deal of this thread, so this may have been covered. My thoughts on the anti Russian sentiment that the propagandists are feeding the people is more to do with Russia no longer trading oil with the US dollar, China has a new gold back Yuan (petro Yuan) ... This is really upsetting western “powers”.... seems anyone that does not want to trade oil in dollars will be demonised and then taken out, I think they may find it a little harder with Russia though. Muammar Gaddafi and his gold backed dinar, Saddam Husain, Iran.... pattern? Personally, MI5/6 are the likely source of the poison, just like the chemical attacks in Syria...etc..etc...
  13. gerrydandridge

    New Blue British Passports...

    Here’s a little food for thought, it may be a little confusing for some but here goes anyway: In roman times a slave was identified by the use of all capitals.....In Latin it was called Capitis Diminutio Maxima (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. JOHN DOE or DOE JOHN) – The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. Now consider the above and look on your driver’s licence, passport, even the letters that government send you, like their "self assessment" Tax forms. It’s not a coincidence that it is written in Capitis Diminutio Maxima. Where do you think the current legal system comes from... The truth shall set you free, but first of all it will really piss you off.
  14. gerrydandridge

    New Blue British Passports...

    I am for no borders, you are born on this planet and should be able to wonder wherever your heart desires in my opinion, I’ve never really understood why we need permission and a licence (Passport) to cross an imaginary line, this is hardly freedom. Why worry about the colour of your slave status papers, blue, red or pink, you still have to get permission to venture onto the next plantation, yet you debate the colour of the mechanism of your captivity. Does anyone know why the passport was introduced and the reason given? was the reason perhaps given as a way to secure the imaginary borders from non natives, but would you not say that since the passport the UK has gotten somewhat more mixed..I must say imaginary borders is a good way to divide and rule a world population.
  15. gerrydandridge

    Flat Earth?

    Do you all remember this post from 2015, http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/58796-flat-earth/&do=findComment&comment=1031467 Basically I saved the image from NASAs BBCs website and changed a few settings in photoshop, this seemed to reveal that the moon was a rectangle image pasted onto the image of the earth...If I recall correctly a short time later the image was replaced by NASA so this could no longer be seen when changing the properties, would this count as a falsehood which may cause a little mistrust?