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  1. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    Hah hah! It's a bit ironic that Phil Gawne (the rich landowners former CoMin bitch) is over in Twitter shouting the odds about MNH funding etc in this respect.
  2. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    It is interesting listening to the replies to the motion. eg Mr Shimmins in full blown bank manager cash/cash flow mode
  3. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    Being discussed in Tynwald just now under an Urgent Motion:
  4. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    The public representatives made the decision. The matters of rate increase and fire station purchase would have been discussed at public meetings and included on the agenda?
  5. Manx Radio

    When you can use software to lay down a few hours musical wallpaper programming in 20 minutes you tend to have a bit of time on your hands.
  6. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    Yep, I gave it a go. There was Quayle's introductory remarks, which I suppose fair enough, but the first few questions are indeed like a well rehearsed pantomime. Howard said there will be a few countries reading the Hansard. Oh, ok.
  7. Manx Radio

    A contributor, Sylvia, to Talking Heads when the subject was being discussed, used a quote: "I used to complain about my shoes, then I had no feet"
  8. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    Just listening in, yes, Chief Secretary has said there are more civil servants planned. It's a CS industry alright.
  9. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    For completeness, here is the source reference to Phil Gawne's bollocks speech and of course, millionaire Howard Quayle's reply ("the Manx countryside contributes to the quality of our life"......Jees, in your case pal, does it ever.) http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/hansard/20002020/th15042008.pdf#page=64
  10. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    According to our self-obsessed Health and Social Care Minister on the radio yesterday, UK are taking the lead in their health care model from the Isle of Man. Maybe Westminster will be trying to pick-up some Brexit what-to-do clues. I'm sure there must be mandarins over there who must think this portly chap who is always in talks regarding Brexit must be some sort of all-seeing all-knowing wise man. The Brexit guru.
  11. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    Spot on. Nothing is going to change while Howard the big landowner is at the helm. With Howard it is all about money. He is little capable of understanding much else, and I don't even think he undersatnds money. It's just that he has been fortunate to end up with skipfuls of the stuff. One of the MHKs, or even - god forbid - one of the new MLCs need to keep asking questions about the Countryside Care Scheme/Agricultural Development Scheme. Then at least it is on the record for all to see, and Howard can be kicked out next election so that he can spend all of his time counting his money bags. The scheme was a last gasp effort to claw some big cash out of the reserves and it paid off nicely. The scheme was brought in softly softly by Phil Gawne when he was Agriculture Minister through a bit of a back door with his typical bollocks language such as (from Hansard): "Elsewhere, at least two dozen deaths have been reported in riots, sparked by a sharp increase in food and fuel prices around the world, most recently in Egypt, Senegal and Cameroon."....... "Europe’s wine lakes have dried up, its butter mountain has melted away, and only a month’s supply of wheat remains in its stores. This is why my Department believes the Government should endeavour to meet the strategic objective of ensuring that the Isle of Man retains a reliable, sustainable and self-reliant food production industry, capable of feeding the Manx nation." There was loads of it and Tynwald took it, hook line and sinker. No food riots in the street of Douglas yet. 10 years the fat cats have been creaming it off. It is due for its projected review now. I'd like to know how much the scheme has cost the taxpayer and what have they got for that money. Ooops, think I went off topic there. But I'll be back....
  12. MLC Election 12th March 2018 - The Peoples Poll

    Aye, you are Mark Charters and I claim my £5
  13. Paul Simpson

    Paul William Simon?
  14. MLC Election 12th March 2018 - The Peoples Poll

    He is the leader of a nation. He mentioned all the long hours. I understood he was a 9-5 man mostly. Give Allan Bell his due, he could graft the hours, but he probably didn't have half the money that Howard goes home to count.
  15. Manx Radio

    Manx Radio is the home of affectation. From the weather man up.