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  1. One thing that gets me about the police awards is the presence of the number one court judge. Many criminal case will involve the police on one side and a member of the public on the other. Straight away the establishment have the boy onside. But it's the Isle of Man, where the judges rub shoulders with the police on social occasions and the police inter mingle with the advocates, with plenty of favours and bon homie all round. As I say, it's the Isle of Man.
  2. The figure of £32,000 is not far off the figure allowed for 'hospitality'. As with David Cretnety in the Pully area, David Christian knows not to upset the wrong people.
  3. I wonder will David Christian and his Council be so relentless over unpaid Council rent?
  4. Fair play to David Christian, Douglas Corporation, when he says it is a very final resort to seize property. The Athol Street mafi/bully boys around the corner like the first resort approach when it comes to seizing property.
  5. A family friend found himself owing a large amount of money he owed to pay a lawyers fee. The lawyers sent the Coroner in after formally arresting the family home. There began dialogue with the Coroner. My friend had become the owner of his first mobile phone and considering the importance of the matter gave the Coroner his mobile phone number. In fact, unknown to the Coroner, the first person he gave the number to. Soon after he began receiving pestering calls from a loan shark company (which he didn't need as he had his own means of raising cash). This was at a time, before such as the infamous PPI thing, but the calls were insistent. He could only assume that someone in the Coroner's office gave the loan sharks the number. I suppose a bit of commission is a fringe benefit in some jobs, but if, and whoever, gave that number had no incentive for the debt to be paid by any other means. Another matter, we had to do some work on a Coroner's house. I bet it was bigger than any of your poncey Athol Street advocate's mansions in the country. These guys get to know of all the upcoming house bargains and people who are desperate for cash. OK, some of them are fine upstanding honest people, of course they are, but there are one or two who I would have seriously questioned the integrity of.
  6. For balance, I agree that if someone has not paid their rates and there have been all reasonable steps taken to contact them and recover the debt - then aye. arrest the property and sell.
  7. I'm not talking about rates, but as I have said, the prionciple is the same. In this particular court case there was no letter before action In UK No Letter Before Action means no costs - on the Isle of Man it means the compliant to one party deemster can do whatever he likes. Coroner enforced by first approach (I say again FIRST approach) pin a notice to the homewoners door. Didn't even look for goods or other means of paying - go for the house. All the above steps are with notice to the debtor. By the book maybe - but as I have said, this is The Isle of Man where they can. And they do. Deemster will bend over backwards to look after the party he feels a bit of affinity to. I have to state again - This is The Isle of Man. And yep, Where You Can, if your face fits snugly.
  8. Nope, not lying laddie, and you know it. You've tried that approach before (on a different subject/s) and I had to send you newspaper cuttings going back 40 years to get you to step off your Cleverbot pedestal. The Coroner's first port of call in the case I refer to was to plaster a front door with a notice. In not dissimilar cases the coroner may take many months or even a couple of years of attempting to contact the owner. In this case it was the people's home. The Coroner decided he could just go for the jugular (sorry to repeat the phrase, but it os apprpopriate) and go direct for the house. The home owners (note 'home' not 'house') were not made aware that their house had been arrested.They were not even aware there had been a court case. Not rates related, but the principle is the same here. Bottom line is - don't mess with the Manx Mafia (Athol Street). They know where you live and so do their henchmen. The boys (and girl) at the foot of the parade on Tywnald Hill.
  9. I'm not going to repeat myself to you (he says repeating himself...) but this happens in cases where there has been no notice or correspondence. First contact with the Coroner is him flat footing up to the front door with a notice and black sticky tape. This is the Isle of Man. You seem to keep on forgetting that. "We can do what we like because we can"
  10. notwell, someone owes you money, it's been to court, don't mess about arranging £10 a week or anything else. Once you have execution from the courts, no matter what, instruct the Coroner to arrest their property (even if it is their only home) and have it auctioned. That is how it works on the Isle of Man.
  11. Yes, yes, a Memorial of Arrest will be placed on the deeds in the registry, and without the owners' knowledge and without discussion. But then the Coroner can go and pin/tape his notice on the door. Without even knocking or contacting the owners that their home is to be auctioned/disposed of.
  12. I'm with you, in general. With no chances or discussion whatsoever, the Coroner can go for the jugular as a first strike. There are many reasons why people cannot pay, not just because they are too busy on a cruise or on a Caribbean beach or whatever it is you think. Not necessarily regarding rates, but sometimes people are unable to pay an unexpected and unarranged bill. I agree where every reasonable chance has been given for a debt to be paid then yes. Give 'em what they deserve. Very first strike by the Coroner is march up to the front door of people home's and arrest it. There are cases on this Island where it has been beyond dispicable, and I say again, no other civilised western country would act in such a way. The Isle of Man and its bully boys, including the judiciary, have a lot to be ashamed over, but I suppose all the money they have insulates them from such feelings of morals and conscience.
  13. And what if the other side, and the Coroner don't bother to enage into constructive dialogue? That's what I am on about. Just saying on the Isle of Man, once the Coroner has an execution judgment in his hand he can, and does, arrest property without so much as a by your leave. Or he can choose to go through a process of introducing himself to the owner and explaining the situation and what is likely to happen etc. This is what happens in other civilised western countries, probably even likes of Zimbabwe. But on the Isle of Man, they can, and do, just go for the jugular. That's what I am on about notwell.
  14. On the Isle of Man once the Deemster boy gives a party execution then the Coroner can straight away arrest the house, even if people are living in it. No warning. No questions. No chances. No nothing. Just a notice pinned on the door that the house has been seized and will be sold at auction. Why? Because this is the Isle of Man. Where they can
  15. 41minutes 50 secs or there abouts: 20170814 secret service fella.mp3