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  1. gettafa

    Cricket, cricket, cricket

    I don't give a damn about cricket or anything to do with it. I'm sick of hearing the latest scores over X days. Why don't they just give the fucking result when the game is over and be done with it? And cricketers getting pissed and going to court - I am sure most people couldn't care less. What is the conspiracy theory behind all this fucking cricket on the news? It's not just BBC either, Manx Radio is doing it too. (ps should be in General Chat)
  2. gettafa

    Fabrice Miguet...

    Weeden points towards the pressure riders are under to go faster and the speed of modern bikes as a possible factor. Pick a year, any year, over the past century, and the same thing was being said.
  3. I agrea I love it when Sultan gets going. It's BRILLO!!!!!!
  4. gettafa

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    It's almost as if we had all forgotten who the utter bimbling fool was that brought in Mark Charters. (eta: and the toilet tax, but that might be a different subject)
  5. Well done the young fella of course. It seems generally the only condition from the 'Universities' these days is 'will we get our money'. Give us the money and we'll give you a degree. Simplified and cynical I admit, but nonetheless valid.
  6. I get this into my head because I have followed their careers from age 5. Mind you, they've followed mine too. Oh dear...
  7. That was my angle. Although I had to laugh at the chap this morning on the radio who said he was expecting to fail them all but got two As and a B or whatever it was. It is a huge industry and makes big bucks way beyond their worth for those involved. It is effectively a huge monopoly. For example, when they started charging there was a maximum charge and the Universities ranged their fees from Mudchester To Oxbridge, then they all just said bollox, we'll all charge the max. Inevitably standards are going down (I see the standard of graduates over the last 20 years at my work). From a nation point of view, the system is shit (that is an educated technical assessment)
  8. A fair post with a realistic perspective. Yes, I know a few 6 figure senior civil servants who have been on the gravy train for over 40 years with less than a handful of O' levels or CSE equivalents. If they were any good at their jobs it would be fair enough but they are as useless and ineffective in their careers as they were at school.)
  9. Manx Radio: Record results for Douglas High School This is super news and it is especially wonderful that the Universities and all those vice-chancellors will be continuing to rake in lots of cash. A captive and growing market indeed.
  10. gettafa

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    To be fair he isn't actually that anonymous. Used to post under his full real name but some people got confused and thought he was actually the man himself posting on mf.
  11. gettafa

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    The current Government are doing exactly what their predecessors did and that is raiding the [VAT common purse funded] reserves for government employees in promotion pay, pensions and payoffs. But they mustn't forget their friends who are not government employees, such as the ever greedy landowners and so they get a huge swathe too. The lawyers and accountants involved in the laughingly named Film Industry too. The ordinary person gets lumbered with the likes of the so-called toilet tax "because they do it in the UK". And remember, moneybags Howard Quayle was one of the big-hitters in bringing in the toilet tax. (But hey, we all forgot about the toilet tax haven't we, we even made Howard Chief Minister) The government needs to be reminded of all discrepancies involving greed, greed, more greed and fat cats. Do you see anyone else in Tynwald who would even dare step off the gravy train to stop the likes of this plunder? And yet you are proponing getting rid of Kate Beecroft.
  12. gettafa

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    ? !
  13. gettafa

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    APPEAR corrupt!! FFS spit it out,they are fucking corrupt. It was Peter Karran himself who, I believe, introduced the term 'institutionally corrupt [system of government]" into Tynwald. All the smart arses were humphing and harring and breaking spleans and accusing Peter Karran of treason and heresy etc. and saying he was bringing the chamber into disrepute. In one case the President (who had fallen into the same trap before) informed them there was a difference between 'corruption' and 'institutional corruption'. But whatever, no one likes the 'c' work in Isle of Man government do they.
  14. gettafa

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Maybe one day Howard will achieve his Utopia - which Allan Bell only alluded too - whereby every member of Tynwald is a paid for buffet eating yes man/woman member of his little but very powerful club.
  15. gettafa

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Yes John. Let's brush it all under the carpet, it is after all the manx way.