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  1. Yes, Talking Heads was excellent today. A big grin from start to finish. Great callers of varying degrees of ernestness. 'Orbs' I find is a word you can say anywhere and it brings on a smile. Back on topic, I enjoyed the video. I bet Phil Gawne feels vindicated now, at all the money spent on the Sloc
  2. Everyone has their price, laddie. The manx way. It's not who you know but what you know about who you know. Yep, huge amounts of flowing cash and inflated egos. It's a lethal mix. Oooh, a conundrum! No, it's a dichotomy?. A fallacy? No, it's Isle of Man Government. A twisted fuck-up where some people become very rich and the average person of the Isle of Man pays the price, for many, many years. ___________________________________________________ The bottom line is, they all got away with it..
  3. The Manx Mafia (Athol Street Advocates) said it was ok. It's ok.
  4. If the queues at the Airport are anything to go by, the reason for the state of our roads is because we are a victim of our own success.
  5. Nope. You were a cleaner at Police HQ. You are Barrie Stevens and I claim my £5
  6. Your assumption was reasonable enough notty:
  7. Corporation tax is already, for some, at 10% and others 20%. 0-10 went down the Swnanee ages ago. Come clean, just put the fucking lot at 20% and be done with it.
  8. I thought this thread was going to be about today's Tynwald meeting. I just tuned in. Ashford is comparing Tynwald with House of Commons, Malarkey is lording it over the lot of them. Hold on, I'll just re-run that: Malarkey-is-lording-it-over-the-lot-of-them. Crazy. Anyway, it's a Motion Sittings of Tynwald (to cut the long recess to just August). Aye, it's naval gazing at it's best. They all have an opinion on this - opinions like arseholes - they all have one. And they all want to put their two penn'orth in. A pure dog shit motion if ever there was one. Anyone else listening to this tripe? Graham Cregeen takes the biscuit. And I note this shower are starting to quote what's said on Facebook as public perception, thinking they're being clever and/or funny.
  9. Good. It's The Brewery who like to put these silly short-sighted covenants on their pub building when they sell them. So there's a chance that it can be used as a Hotel again. If (big if I realise) that is the case would a well refurbished hotel compete with or complement The Sefton...?
  10. for the uneducated....
  11. I think Jersey was into a bit shitty and samey architecture long before The Villiers thing: ( The Allied irish Bank building in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands )
  12. Something wrong surely? I thought it was more like these: Still a bit shit admittedly but better than a quasi post war city centre bomb site
  13. Manx Radio Aye Howard, there will be a decision not to cut the huge grants to already rich landowners There will be a decision to keep on promoting civil servants and other government employees especially when they are approaching the big final salary pension pay-off Meanwhile Howard quotes: " costs, poverty, the demands on the health service, air and sea links, Brexit and the economy. "
  14. Brand new poster picked off the shelf, speaks the usual aggressive (mildly entertaining) shite from post number one