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  1. 2018 phone book

    Every address gets the telephone directory. Even flats that have been empty for 20 years. Didn''t the Yellow Pages used to be a separate book? I used to work for a civil engineering company in the good ol' days when the Yellow Pages listed: BORING: see civil engineers We could never re-tell that one enough
  2. Telegraph, weed and MT

    You could add politico-
  3. Telegraph, weed and MT

    When I first had to see an advocate I was told that when an advocate became a deemster it was forbidden for them to socialise or speak to advocates other than in court. Needless to say I was at that time naive to the ways of the great legal industry on the Isle of Man. Yep, I got well fleeced by that one*. *lying, robbing, greedy, conniving b****
  4. Telegraph, weed and MT

    [off topic] It might even have been Peel. One of the parties reckoned it was put out the way from Douglas where Esther or whoever would have easily sniffed it out. Anyway John, I thought your career went back to the days of North deemster/South deemster - courts in Peel Castle/Castle Rushen?
  5. New hotel

    Cheers for the correction. I was a bit quick off the blocks. Anyway, yes, it looks like the Travelodge* or whatever it is, is happening in Douglas, hope Castletown happens too. edited to add: *Premier Inn - see other thread. [I'm having a bad day...bad day..]
  6. New hotel

    I believe it is happening. Just been to Marksies, the crane being assembled on site tha noo. [Edit..wrong town...oops]
  7. Telegraph, weed and MT

    Thanks for the clarification John. Going off topic a bit, but was there a Ramsey court angle?
  8. Telegraph, weed and MT

    [off topic] Just as a matter of record. There was a former MHK who was tried to be stitched up for smoking cannabis. It was before they became an MHK and at the time was a councillor. Anyway, they were smoking a home rollie and one of the other councillors informed the police that they could smell cannabis. (ie They smoke rollies = they must therefore smoke cannabis too. I think anyone who smokes rollies will know the sort of thing I mean). The police stormed in but realised they had nothing. Accusations had been made and there was a court case to clear the matter up, but it was heard in Ramsey, apparently because it could be buried up there, press not usually present etc. In that case no reputations were ultimately damaged. Rollie smoking councillor became MHK. Snitching Councillor became mayor.
  9. Social media is ripping the fabric of society apart

    Social Media is just Darwinism accelerated.
  10. The Law is an Ass

  11. Single Resident Record - Is it me?

    Just caught up on Manx Radio Mandate this morning. Did I hear right that one of the security measures in place if the system is misused by government employees is that Chris Robertshaw will "woe betide" them. Well, I could feel the tremors of fear up in civil service central from here.
  12. 2018 phone book

    I have to agree. I toyed with the idea of sending a relatively long post that was tad off topic and introspective, but the office is on slow down while we all get ready for today's Christmas lunch, and I had the time and spare thought capacity, ps. I did qualify the rather pompous term 'my stockbroker' self-deprecatingly.
  13. Another MLC in court

    Humorous? I thought it was fucking magic. The unfolding events beautifully epitomised the hypocrisy of politicians. It was a gift*. And not just for Christmas. Edited to add: *The gift that kept on giving. Until TJ had it taken away.
  14. Another MLC in court

    In the absence of the 'Juan' thread, I feel it is my duty to remind that whereas the incident itself was of course a minor one (well, we've all spewed our comatise ring on the bus at some stage in our lives haven't we?) the little detail that likes to be forgotten by some is that our young and thrusting Secretary of State had that very afternoon given a pre-Christmas warning to the nation about drinking sensibly. It was, and remains of course, a beautiful piece of irony. Almost Shakespearian in it's delivery.
  15. 2018 phone book

    My landline use tailed off rapidly about 10 years ago. My stockbroker used to phone me every 6 months to discuss my 'portfolio'. (I had signed up with an online broker and moved my 100 British Gas or whatever it is, into their custody so I think the periodic phone call was automatic and a chance for a sales pitch). He was the only one that phoned and I used to pick up the phone and say straigh away "Hi Ed". It could only be him. After a couple of calls he thought I must have had a number recognition system on my phone., so he began using a different phone. I believe he once phoned me when abroad. Each time "Hi Ed", before he had a chance tro speak. It got him paranoid as fuck, but I eventually had the phone line disconnected (ah.....the joy of BlueWave) before I could let him into the secret of how I always knew it was him phoning.