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  1. yorik

    Save the Sea from plastics ?

  2. yorik

    Ferrari Crashes At Brown Bobby

    Wasn’t it a body kitted MR2?
  3. yorik

    Boatyard - Protesting too loudly?

    Are they the ones with a sign outside saying something like “Please don’t park outside here and spoil our view”? Despite the fact that there’s a clearly marked parking bay on the road
  4. yorik

    Ronaldsway Airport

    I’ve long said the charging is the wrong way round. Free hold luggage and charge for hand baggage as it’s the buggers fussing around with their carry on that holds things up. Do away with wheely bags as carry on as well. If you can’t carry it, it’s not hand luggage.
  5. yorik

    Flooding on new roads

    On Richmond Hill you have the ridiculous situation of water coming out of the drain cover to go across the road. Only in the Isle of Man could you have new drainage systems that work in reverse
  6. yorik

    Premier Inn

    Parts for the tower crane have been there for a week or so. Imagine that means they’ll be starting sometime soon
  7. yorik

    The Growler and the Penis.

    Cowboy hat. Boom! Sorted No imagination these Yanks
  8. yorik

    Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    I thought it was a country singer
  9. yorik


    Own up, who's the ISIHAC fan? Ealing Broadway
  10. yorik

    Concrete Lions

    Doesn't sound like Tom's style, he always said overhanging bushes and so on let him know where he was - even though a tree branch once stole his Colby FC wooly hat! There was another blind guy in Ballasalla who was always pushing for sterile pavements.
  11. I'll just leave this here then...
  12. yorik

    Rally Isle of Man slated

    Only speaking from my experience. There were a few who did what they could but the vast majority I came into contact with seemed to think that THEY were doing ME a favour. They didn't like it pointed out that if it wasn't for people giving up their time for free they couldn't enjoy, what was for most of them, their expensive hobby. Happy to spend thousands on prepping a car but how dare you suggest they should put their hands in their pockets for a few quid to say thank you to unpaid volunteers who were prepared to stand in the cold and wet... ETA: I was one of those people giving up my time unpaid. Am I doing down myself?
  13. yorik

    Rally Isle of Man slated

    They kept themselves well hidden...
  14. yorik

    Rally Isle of Man slated

    I gave up marshaling as it's a thankless task. They don't help themselves. Drivers begging for people to marshal so they could run a stage but whenever you asked if they would be marshaling when their cars were out of action - "Ooh no, I've found a great spot to watch from". Somebody pitched to the local drivers the idea of running a thank you day for the marshals - BBQ, passenger rides on a stage and so on. I think the response was much along the lines of "How much will they be paying us to cover petrol?" it it was about that point I said stuff 'em
  15. yorik

    Bold Gull strikes

    Overflowing litter bins are a big issue when it comes to gulls as well and the island has plenty of those. Shetland has an interesting solution to this - in Lerwick, every public litter bin is covered with some fishing net to stop rubbish being dragged out. That and emptying the bins regularly. Most householders also have a piece to cover there own bins as well.