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  1. Only speaking from my experience. There were a few who did what they could but the vast majority I came into contact with seemed to think that THEY were doing ME a favour. They didn't like it pointed out that if it wasn't for people giving up their time for free they couldn't enjoy, what was for most of them, their expensive hobby. Happy to spend thousands on prepping a car but how dare you suggest they should put their hands in their pockets for a few quid to say thank you to unpaid volunteers who were prepared to stand in the cold and wet... ETA: I was one of those people giving up my time unpaid. Am I doing down myself?
  2. They kept themselves well hidden...
  3. I gave up marshaling as it's a thankless task. They don't help themselves. Drivers begging for people to marshal so they could run a stage but whenever you asked if they would be marshaling when their cars were out of action - "Ooh no, I've found a great spot to watch from". Somebody pitched to the local drivers the idea of running a thank you day for the marshals - BBQ, passenger rides on a stage and so on. I think the response was much along the lines of "How much will they be paying us to cover petrol?" it it was about that point I said stuff 'em
  4. Overflowing litter bins are a big issue when it comes to gulls as well and the island has plenty of those. Shetland has an interesting solution to this - in Lerwick, every public litter bin is covered with some fishing net to stop rubbish being dragged out. That and emptying the bins regularly. Most householders also have a piece to cover there own bins as well.
  5. Looks like TB has weighed in on FB: Quote Tony Brown I have read the statement very carefully and I was a member and chairman of the Castletown Festival Committee for 36 years. I can assure the public that the Festival has always taken its responsibilities seriously, including and especially public safety. Whoever wrote this Police statement I would suggest has not read the Police file thoroughly, or they would know that much in their statement is incorrect. The area under the control of the Festival as covered by the road closure order for which The Festival has responsibility is fully and appropriately managed by the Festival, and this has continued to be the case. The Festival has always worked closely with the Police, and in doing so has introduced many changes in recent years to how the event is controlled and managed, which is done by the committee with its volunteers. The Festival has always supported the Police in taking appropriate actions to Police the areas outside the closed Festival area, which are public areas e.g. Highways, over which the Festival has no authority to manage or control. The Festival stewards have however reported incidents to the police and the officers in attendance have always been responsive, in fact the relationship with the police officers in attendance has always been very good. The Festival have always supported measures taken by the police to deal with underage drinkers, and the Festival has always worked closely with the police on this area. The Festival agreed last year after one of its regular discussions with the Police to erect additional barriers and create entrance points manned by Festival stewards to help deal with any issues that could arise from attendees at the Festival. As far as I recall a police officer was unfortunately assaulted in 2013, and the Festival fully supported the action taken by the police and the court against the individual. I can state that the police have for a number of years wanted the Festival to stop at 6.00pm, and this has been where the main difference of opinion occurs. The police know that this can be achieved by the police if they can require the Festival to obtain a license. The issue is quite straight forward in that the Festival is a Philanthropic organization and as such is exempt by law from the need to obtain a music and dance license ( as are other organizations) that in no way means that the Festival does not fully accept its responsibilities, and I think it is disingenuous to indicate, as the police statement does, that the Festival committee does not, especially when the police know that they do. I am sure the Festival will respond as appropriatej in due course, and the above comments are mine as the former chairman. Finally I stepped down from the Committee last year to encourage new blood to take over. I think they did a great job for the town under very difficult circumstances, well done. Unquote
  6. Full day is £5 something. Just over £6 if you manage to park or leave in the "off peak" hours
  7. Waiting for the inevitable petition
  8. I think it's similar to Tuvalu's domain of .tv being used for TV programmes and so on
  9. Is that a euphemism? As in "Look at the terms and conditions on that"?
  10. Wonder what their 5 minute rate is? For a friend, wondering for a friend...
  11. A site purporting to offer ladies of negotiable affection
  12. Oh dear - babes.im I believe it's linked to burglar chaser extraordinaire and all round nutter Scott Caldwell...
  13. Saw that but it doesn't reference the Bowl unless I'm missing the blindingly obvious (looked at the maps on the order too). Just about every other car park is on there though.
  14. Car park has been pretty full lately so not sure about only 15-20 cars in there during the day. Had a proper look tonight. Sign is Dept of Education and Children not Corpy. Web search doesn't turn anything up and can't see anything on Govt website (though finding anything on there is no small feat). Tis strange
  15. I have been using it though and a fair few others. It was pay and display - I paid and displayed. Then it was free - I used it. Then suddenly it's permit only with, seemingly, no info published beforehand to let people know.