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  1. Full day is £5 something. Just over £6 if you manage to park or leave in the "off peak" hours
  2. Waiting for the inevitable petition
  3. I think it's similar to Tuvalu's domain of .tv being used for TV programmes and so on
  4. Is that a euphemism? As in "Look at the terms and conditions on that"?
  5. Wonder what their 5 minute rate is? For a friend, wondering for a friend...
  6. A site purporting to offer ladies of negotiable affection
  7. Oh dear - babes.im I believe it's linked to burglar chaser extraordinaire and all round nutter Scott Caldwell...
  8. Saw that but it doesn't reference the Bowl unless I'm missing the blindingly obvious (looked at the maps on the order too). Just about every other car park is on there though.
  9. Car park has been pretty full lately so not sure about only 15-20 cars in there during the day. Had a proper look tonight. Sign is Dept of Education and Children not Corpy. Web search doesn't turn anything up and can't see anything on Govt website (though finding anything on there is no small feat). Tis strange
  10. I have been using it though and a fair few others. It was pay and display - I paid and displayed. Then it was free - I used it. Then suddenly it's permit only with, seemingly, no info published beforehand to let people know.
  11. I notice signs have appeared in the Bowl car park in Pulrose saying that parking is for permit holders only. I know the barriers and pay machine disappeared before Christmas but can't find anything on the council's website about this car park. Anyone know what's going on and what the criteria for a permit is?
  12. Up, up, down, down, brake, accelerate and you're riding a sheep in the Foxdale TT
  13. including all the back lanes in Anagh Coar, Waverley Court, Ballanard Court etc. ? Ah. Hadn't paid that much attention. As you were. Barriers have disappeared from the Bowl car park though. Never seen it so full during the day
  14. It could be linked to their idea of moving to ANPR ticketing in the car parks that was suggested a couple of months ago
  15. That's really where I was going with it. Not saying they're anything other than acquantainces but would be interesting to see who did the requesting and who did the accepting See Phil Gawne and Ray Harmer are in there too