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  1. You're a bit screwed when it goes tits up with that Gatwick flight. They are often full so getting rebooked can be a nightmare.
  2. To be fair I'd rather have the league. Then or now. Which United did in 2001. Third season running too.
  3. Yeh. In moderation. It's good fun and legal.
  4. What are you wittering on about? Where have I ever banged on about six banks? As for investment into the island for eGaming it is happening. From the East. Go on have a look for yourself. It's not up to me to feed you. As for difficulties with banks, there are banks banking egaming business. At least three and the difficulties are actually around the banks making sure what they have remunerates them. Which is fair enough given everyone else gets their fee. The only ones not getting banking are the ones that won't pay the bank a fee. Which to be fair if they can't afford they won't make it anyway.
  5. Of course he wouldn't. It's a casual drug etc
  6. The primary school stuff is down to Boredom and his socks. Everyone can see that. The actual problem now is that the "debate" hasn't really changed in that you have a set of posters who simply can't see or post a positive thing about the island (same as 24 months ago) and those posters are suddenly a bit put out when they are challenged about those views. You are one of the prime examples. You dislike that I point out your continued negative approach to everything (and it is continued and negative) and then get all precious about it. Comical stuff ETA - I forgot about the ignore comment. Who cares who has me on ignore?! Certainly not me. People who add nothing other than the usual negative tripe or in the case of Boredom the usual bitter bile of failed old man
  7. You need to look at the eGaming industry.
  8. The bigger issue though would come when they prosecute someone and that someone then sets up cameras everywhere and submits dozens upon dozens of offences and the police can't deal with them. You cant prosecute one and let another off. It'll just end badly for the Police. And I think the answer specifically on speeding appears to be zero. And long may that be the case.
  9. Your 2112 log in. Painfully obvious. It's pointless explaining about who is setting up here or has set up here and significantly expanded. You won't want to here it because it'll go against your warped perception that nothing good ever happens on the island.
  10. I'm too busy being productive and bringing business in to go. But thanks for thinking of me. You should perhaps get yourself down and see what goes on. If you look really hard you might find something positive to say.
  11. To be fair United have played decent football quite a lot this season and not finished the job and got the results their dominance deserved. Last night was about winning I'm sure you'll agree? They did that and dominated the game. A lot of pressure last night. Not just because a trophy rested on it but also entry into the Champions League. Which to be fair is exactly where United should be.
  12. They had a wet t shirt at bushys tent a couple of years ago. Same night the Helmets were on. Some horrific sights.
  13. Yawn. I'm ambivalent to EXPO. As I said it'll be something to some people in various ways. Personally I'm busy doing enough without the need to be there. No surprise that you and your other log in ate negative about it though. Sigh. I don't defend MG. They're pricing isn't acceptable. And as I said I'm in a position to switch to oil if I can be arsed. Not something to lose sleep over.
  14. I've no doubt plenty of people get something out of it. Some parts will suit some people and some parts will interest others. Non Believer should be on shortly. Always follows 2112. Er... surprisingly.