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  1. Peter Hammond - Have A Go Hero

    How terribly sad and awful. An the coward gets out in two and a half years to roam the streets again
  2. Well as you say you've said your piece (a number of times). Given the alarmingly familiar tone it's taking I'll leave others to see through it.
  3. Yet you're concerned about 'bullying ' of fictional characters. Some masks are slipping.
  4. What's going on at nobles

    You should be able to see the pattern here Dilli.
  5. I think the TJ thing is a bit of a red herring here. Which I suspect you know. Also to suggest people are trolling themselves is a touch comical. There is a particular individual who WILL be twisted with rage that one by one his vile persona's are reducing under the current situation. But he shouldn't be confused with TJ (who assuming it is who I think it is appears relatively harmless).
  6. Yep, we'll agree to disagree before any masks slip.
  7. UK Budget - any impact on the IOM?

    That clause is a load of bollocks. The 'designers' at best are HMRC themselves. No one is really designing massively complex schemes. The rules are there.
  8. Well I think it depends who you are talking about really. No one is really taunting one of them because he is relatively inoffensive in the main. However the other person concerned posts vile abusive content across a number of threads using multiple log ins. I'm not sure why anyone should particularly care that he's currently climbing the walls. We would have to agree to disagree about stating someone is acting mental when they're acting mental. Trying to apportion some sort of blame to anyone here is a bit fanciful. More importantly you can place 'the pack' on ignore surely?
  9. There seems to be an 'obsession' around misunderstanding what an obsession is.
  10. New Rules

    What did you say? You have to wonder who Buster is on here too.
  11. UK Budget - any impact on the IOM?

    Offshore structures are already reported under CRS in relation to UK based people. Foreign nationals are also reported to their own country. I'm not sure what they bringing to the party that is new here. Plus they are facilitating it anyway.
  12. It's a pretty cool experiment this. The person involved cannot go more than about 12 hours without logging into one of multiple id''s they've registered and going mental. But there's a classic conundrum because whilst the new registration ban remains in place they are slowly losing the plot and losing log ins via bans. This is ace.
  13. Public Sector Pension Liability

    The trouble is though - how do you cut back pension entitlement ? The issue is those close to or already in pension payment. Also because no specific breakdown is available it's difficult I'm put a finger on the largest part of the problem. For example if it identified that there was a huge sector of people receiving pensions from pspa at twenty grand plus then perhaps a measure could be looked at. The alternative is that loads of people are on less than ten grand. If that's the case is it realistic to tamper with those?