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  1. you can fly to the Island from London for that if you "book properly".
  2. So the 24th series is finished. I think it is evolving now things have settled down. The presenters are decent and Matt Le Blanc is very watchable as the lead man. The chemistry with Reid and Harris has improved as the series went on and it seems they have a core audience there to build on.
  3. What's to argue about? Gettafa got bent out of shape for no reason whatsover over someone being mentioned in the thread. He know's he is wrong, a poster told him why. Nice to see nothing is changing with you though. Conistently dull as ever.
  4. How do you know he's fat?
  5. Tough call but the right one.
  6. Or you could have just dispensed with your daft stance in the first place and then you wouldn't need to back pedal at the pace you are.
  7. Self reflection. I like that.
  8. He'll be a midget probably.
  9. "How many people are there with that name?" - clearly more than one. Which is why someone was asking the question. I don't see what harm was done. No one was "dragged" into anything really.
  10. Indeed. Trains are not particularly cheap though in a lot of cases. It costs money to go on holiday and "in season" that is rarely cheap. I've just firmed up that booking. It's a decent enough price for the boat with two peeps and a car IMO. The three nights in hotels in the UK are working out at £430 for the three nights per room. The summer before last I paid £850 for four nights in a caravan in Devon and had to get there. There were plenty of people there (it was packed - and poor value IMO) but the point being that those people could no doubt have gone somewhere closer and or cheaper. It didn't stop me going and I think that applies to plenty of places, including the IOM.
  11. Jurby day is excellent. And seems to be well enough advertised.
  12. Not everyone wants to drive all over the country though do they? £212 also doesn't get that that far in many cases. It's a nominal sum of money really. By your rationale there shouldn't be a single person visiting the Isle of Man because technically it's cheaper to drive down the road. But given that people do visit the island then a cost of £212 doesn't appear massively prohibitive.
  13. Gladys The "campaign" was started by that nonce Boredom with his almost legendary meltdown and once allowed back he's continued it with those other mind numbing puppets. I make plenty of valid points that are simply abused by the forum idiot in various guises. I could ignore it I suppose and the fact I'm probably posting less reflects the boredom (!) Of it. I'll make an extra effort to please you moving forward :-)
  14. It's the mentality here
  15. You sound like you are counselling that twonk Hboy and his puppets. Fair play to you. Although his missus cleared of long ago.