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  1. This. You've got to be thick as mince to pay any attention in the bigger picture to him. He's literally insulting the public. The Facebook crew will be reveling in his statements. Embarrassing.
  2. I'm sure had Rob Callister posted it then it would be a rant. It wad a rant. I'm no disagreeing with most of it either. But let's be honest about what it was. In addition, why rant now? Has he personally not got his own way on something?
  3. And if they'd have reported nothing you would accuse a state owned radio station of purposely not reporting an attack on government by one of government.
  4. I think there are some rational arguments against abortion and I have no religious interest at all. That said, it's possibly harder to make a rational argument for the stance in the IOM to vary so much from the UK.
  5. I know. Assign each token a one pound value. Create an obstacle course and place a bucket at the end of it. Shove as many up your arse as you can. Complete the obstacle course and any you haven't dropped on the way you drop in the bucket. Count them up and donate that many pounds to charity.
  6. Is it only people with religious beliefs that are not in favour of abortions then?
  7. How will they shift it? like every other high street chain does. On a weekend and in the 'sales'. Really snobby attitude too. You'll be JD Sports target market who'll be happy to pay 15 quid more for a pair of adidas gazelles/ sambas rather than walk 40 yards and lower yourself!
  8. Er yeh, right oh. Concerning
  9. Does it work? i don't recall seeing many people up for fines for not having a license.
  10. Lol. Delusional outburst 'surprisingly ' inaccurate too. Seems quite common recently too. Hmmmmmmm.........
  11. It wasn't me who 'disappeared ' although I notice some did and seemingly have all arrived back safe and well at the same time. You're happy to slag off everyone and everything. You were happy to chip away at Stu and when someone does the same to you you don't like it. Flounce imminent?
  12. There's some delusional thought process around drink driving sentences.
  13. That's because your benchmarks are obscured by utter bitterness probably.
  14. If you cared that much you would be there.