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  1. Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    GE White on Twitter say supplies will be flown in - they say that they expect supplies to arrive at around 7:30am
  2. Happy New Year

    Thanks everyone and Happy New Year to the Forum. Resolution? To touch my toes. Without bending the knees.
  3. Christmas Thoughts and Greetings

    Merry Christmas: goodwll to all and Nollick Ghennal. Oh! I nearly forgot thanks to the site owner and the Mods.
  4. MUA Water Whitewash

    Unless you are the government as I seem to recall. Didn't Douglas power station pollute the river and harbour a few year's back?
  5. New Rules

    Hang in there peeps. Please.
  6. Bus-Man app

    Thanks folks.
  7. The Bus-Man app on my iPhone has stopped working but seems to be still available for Android, also as a web page. The App Store says no longer available. Any update out there please? Thanks.
  8. Aldi wine

    Just a heads-up. Aldi are currently offering free wine delivery to Isle of Man addresses. I've no connection to Aldi.
  9. DHSC - MHK Resignation!

    To me, this sounds like Zac Hall Mk2, didn't he throw his teddy in the harbour under similar circumstances? Perhaps it's an Onchan thingy.
  10. PSM Commissioners 'find' £200k in Finances

    We know it's not in their parish, but it would be nice to see a replacement lighthouse at the end of the breakwater again.
  11. New Post Office location, Strand Street

    Said before on MF that I was surprised to be able to buy a book of stamps from a cheery assistant in Clintons. In Strand Street PO I queued for 10 mins between an incontinent and a smoker then served by an surly thug who didn't want to be there. Won't be using that PO again.
  12. Winter Sun recommendations

    We usually go to Los Cristianos in Tenerife in January. According to Skyscanner Monarch are doing cheapest one-way flights for £24. The service bus from the airport is about 7 euros. Same time zone. Recommended.
  13. No guaranteed seat on BA flight from IOM

    When we check in online, we're given a seat number. Do airlines overbook seats as well? And can you still be bumped off after you've checked in and been given a seat number?
  14. Vodka made from whey

    Listening to Farming Today this morning there was a feature where a successful distiller of milk vodka, made from whey, was interviewed. As the Island seems to discharge its whey into Douglas Bay as a waste byproduct from cheese making, does anybody know if IOM Creamery have looked into making IOM vodka? Perhaps I will contact them. As an aside the programme also mentioned that Ghengis Khan used to make beer from mare's milk - coming from his part of the world at that time there was a dearth of vegetation; q.v. necessity is the mother of invention.
  15. Construction in Strand Street

    In Chepstow, there are other examples, there are plaques in the walkway that give a potted history of the previous tenants/businesses that occupied the site such as eg tripe dressers and hatters. Nowadays they are the usual coffee shops and chains, but what went before is interesting, and such a scheme could work on the Island.