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  1. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Police Brutality or Reatraint?

    MM - the current Isle of Man record holder for the most keys and leather phone holders on one belt - he is at the peak of the evolutionary process.....
  2. Mr Helmut Fromage

    More death and destruction

    You will be correct I didn't fact check - I just always remember one of the red tops had a guy who annually had his say. i do remember the Daily Mail one - might be worth a bit of research to see if it is still pertinent.
  3. Mr Helmut Fromage

    More death and destruction

    In no way is it insensitive - translate the sentiment to any sport or any activity with a profile and you will always see those with the highest profile / rank / perceived importance get the most column inches and largest out pouring of false grief. Casting my mind back to the early 80 (thus rebuking your childish assertion) I believe it was the journalist Ted Macauley (a likeable rogue) who wrote for the Daily Mirror, annually he trotted out a death race diatribe against the TT which drew the ire and anger of the IOM Public who collectively took it as an afront that the sacred cow could be criticised. It is nothing new - just more openly disliked due to many reasons which includes social media...
  4. Mr Helmut Fromage

    More death and destruction

    There has often been fatalities at the S100 - but lesser known names attract lesser public outpourings of grief. Social media obviously highlights the collective grief and brings forth the "heartfelt" platitudes which is possibly why it is more noticeable.
  5. Mr Helmut Fromage

    More death and destruction

    There'll be another just giving page Road Racing is currently tithing the Manx public worse that Stansfield and The Living Hopers....
  6. Mr Helmut Fromage

    £3.8 Billion

    A genuine thank you and luck at the SP - If you require any constructive and logically thought through "Agenda items" for your next Board briefing we're here for you.
  7. Mr Helmut Fromage

    £3.8 Billion

    If Phillip Dearden wasn't far too busy fixing the Steam Packet he would at this point in a thread likely weigh in with, facts, rational thought, experienced observations.........
  8. Howard's next wanking item...
  9. Mr Helmut Fromage

    William Dunlop...

    What does that mean ? "it is part of their being" that is just another shite Tim Gloveresque platitude - if people like and insist on riding very fast motorbikes, very fast, on narrow roads and end up dead that's absolutely fine, if it's their choice and if being dead does not adversely impact many others, but the selfishness should not be ignored (unborn child, other child, spouse etc) I cannot understand, agree, support or feel obliged to trot out needless hero worship on social media for anyone who makes the decision to participate.
  10. Mr Helmut Fromage

    William Dunlop...

    Not a cheap shot by any means just a differing opinion to yours on a sport that is contested by selfish people, operated by amateurs and fawned over by naive people who think that something that is associated and ingrained with their place of birth is beyond derision. A very nice man has died in a self inflicted incident - his choice not mine, I think road racing is a primitive waste of humans, my opinion not his..........
  11. Mr Helmut Fromage

    William Dunlop...

    Another memorial lap
  12. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Memorial Ride Out

    I agree it is a bit morose and usually full of terrible false platitudes e.g. "For those that paid the ultimate sacrifice" or other similar bollocks. I don't like getting punched in the face and therefore never took up boxing, so I see no reason to trot out these memorial laps for people who fell off a motorbike knowing full well what they were getting into.
  13. Mr Helmut Fromage

    End of year bonanza

    Please amend to numbers not bullet points..... It would help me say that point 5 is correct
  14. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    On The Lovable Rogue scale - where does Buster sit ?
  15. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    ARFFF your use of punctuation speaks volumes - they as most Religitards suffer from selective belief. Homosexuality bad, Incest (don't mention it) mixed fabric (ignore) beards, haircuts, shellfish, slavery, rape of slaves, the true meaning of Passover (if your house was marked above the door your children weren't killed) the bizarre list of denied meaning goes on & on. Maybe Stansfield is the Money lender in the temple.........