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  1. Rob - Tibet has you figured
  2. £340 for a suit on Tynwald day - Rob should have worn his blue dickie bow from Shoprite (circa 91/92) strangely omitted from him manisfesto and CV - maybe a ministerial position for retail beckons....
  3. Nobody ever cared about this until Rob decided to tell us how honest he is - last Sunday on the £1m Nations Station he told us the Manx Utilty companies needed a full review - call me a fucking pedant but he is one of twenty four who has a voice to do something and challenge the establishment, but chooses to write a list of receipts to justify money he was getting anyway - baffling.
  4. So as Rob / Cueball / Gizo states he receives £7000 tax free regardless of what is claimed as expense. The money is guaranteed whether claimed, spent, or justified - to produce and publish a list to try and justify the payment is another indication of the ineptitude and delusion he has.
  5. He worked for the Louis Group so he's done a fair bit himself - remind me how that worked out again ?
  6. Sounding like a true Living Hoper - are you Jonathan Stanfield ?
  7. Is there an ETA on the blog Cueball ?
  8. If anyone can play guitar I will happily duet this at an LHC Open Mic night - would be a treat to see the look on the mortgage free Mr Stansfield's face
  9. Assuming that the journeys were conducted under identical conditions and you were held up equally by JCK (Transporting Govt. brown envelopes) a Tractor delivering the Chief Ministers Master plan and a cyclist, a 15 minute delay would indicate that bicycles would hold up the journey time by 5 minutes.
  10. So the argument from our elected representative is "don't blame me it's not fair phone the other bloke" I don't believe you and would ask you as an elected representative to provide a considered response that justifies and gives solid reasoning for why you feel your constituents should suffer this inept governance at a local and national level. Again the burden of proof is on you to either prove / disprove these lies...... As you say
  11. I also believe you are behind the sacking Rob - therefore the burden of proof Lies with you as Onchan MHK to prove to your constituents that you are not.
  12. The ex CEO looks like Rob Callsters older brother - and they obviously got 2 for 1 on cheap suits.
  13. Anthony Allen looks like a badly hungover Michael McIntyre - which is enough to intensely dislike him.
  14. I wonder if in Rob's unpicking and reporting of the investment structures did he find all the Barclays commercial lending to these funds strangely sanctioned by Stuart Nelson elder in the Living Hope Cult and now Director of Barclays ?
  15. I resemble that remark - however I'll probably avoid having my children taught by LHC due to their affiliation with conversion therapy organisations ( available to view on You Tube linked to the LHC site )