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  1. Cregeen on a school spending spree!

    By that count it would get you 70 Mother in Laws.................
  2. Eleven jobs lost at Douglas firm

    And I have removed accordingly slinky...
  3. Eleven jobs lost at Douglas firm

    i also guarantee the Manx Radio Account is paid up.

    If they did contribute to funding the build - they wouldn't pay for the roof - there's always a fucking appeal for the church roof.......

    http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=39217&headline=Cregeen wants £3.6m to extend and refurbish primary school&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018 Neil here is another one - they are looking to squander £3.6m on a specialist school for a minority group which can certainly afford it..........................
  6. Supertour 2018

    Police Pensionners piss poor pathetic Porsche polishing pompous prick parade.....
  7. For Hooper read Karran

    Second statement "as a Backbencher in previous years" 1: Wrong - unless I have missed your previous term as an MHK ? 2: Make sure you remind us how important you are 3: I'm certain there is a pot hole on Auburn Road that needs filling - which seems to be your priority over non issues like CS Pension drain or dwindling reserves.
  8. Budget 2018

    Looking forward to your next blog Sir
  9. Budget 2018

    Let's bring the thread back on track with a few relevant facts that connects some dots: Lord Alfred C ran his business from an address on Bucks Rd. Louis Group shared the same building The building is 100 metres from the FSC / FSA and Lord Alfred's Govt seat and nobody knew what was coming. Louis Group went bust owing millions of ££££££'s LG employees were encouraged to join the Living Hope Church Stuart Nelson Director of Barclays and elder at LHC was "heavily" involved (pun intended) in sanctioning the non recoverable lending to LG. Rob Callister LSE BSC BBC ITV MHK (Not TT not allowed) worked for LG Lord Alfred takes charge of the Govt purse...........
  10. MLC nominations open

    The £50k may afford him to update his hair by 40 years......
  11. MLC nominations open

    Professional Granny farmer and gravy train regular shamelessly begs for a new job. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/cretney-presses-for-champion-of-older-and-lonely-people/ Turn the Castle Mona into a Planned Pregnancy / Dignitas Centre - building used, Robertshaw gone, Cretney........
  12. Abort67

    We finally agree (Gizo ??????)
  13. Abort67

    It was going so well until "invited by Chris Robershaw"...............
  14. Sponsor a plank

    If you have a change of heart Jonathan Stansfield has launched a new Living Hope Charity to clear the back garden of his free home - it's called Conservatory Up No Trees - maybe needs an Anacronym
  15. Sponsor a plank

    Euthanising huge numbers of elderly people in Ramsey would eliminate all the people whom deludedly think a rusted Victorian eyesore is worth spending millions of pounds to restore.