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  1. Look, we both know you're a now former civil servant. There's no point trying to pull a fast one over me.
  2. I find their music improved immensely once Waters went off like a child in a tantrum and David Gilmour became the main driving force.
  3. Why are you, and Richard Britton, calling me Susan? What a strange and seemingly random thing, and entirely unlikely that two people should independently arrive at such an odd name to refer to a person who is a bloke and not called Susan. As for Lisa, well, no.
  4. I have nothing to do with PottyLisa or any knowledge of who they are.
  5. I am not aware of any abusive friend? You're the one who befriends rapists.
  6. To be fair, you've not got a very good track record in judging a person's character as I'm sure Potty Lisa would interject.
  7. I'm going for you then.
  8. No, I think, at most, some have had lifetime bans, as ridiculous as that might seem given the age demographic of the people enforcing said bans (i.e. the people they've permanently banned will be alive a good fifty years after they've all snuffed it).
  9. To be fair, Chinahand is an absolute toss pot / government shill (anxiously awaiting some government contracts for his new business ) so he is well deserving of any insult. But no, it wasn't aimed at him or anyone else specifically.
  10. Well, it goes without saying that some of the moderators are complete cocks.
  11. i like that song. and the "my god is greater than your god" song. oh and the "oh,they'll have what i'm having" joke. Brilliant comedy.
  12. Eh? The sentence wouldn't make grammatical sense if you replaced "you" with "one"; although certainly when I said "you" I meant the universal person, not specifically Stinking Enigma personally. It is a figure of speech, similar to saying "one".
  13. Siddhata Ghutama was a fat twat who never did a day's work in his life. Who cares what he'd do? Nothing but sit on his lazy arse, by all accounts.
  14. As well as being bullshit intolerant, I'm also gluten intolerant so no weetabix for me.
  15. Well, I was just trying to initiate a debate. I don't think "God" has much to do with it. I'm far more interested in the human sociology involved. Why are assholes rewarded and decent folk punished? Do we really just have a society ruled over by assholes? Is that all that moral and political philosophy amounts to: assholes rule the world and assholery is their philosophy?