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  1. I would find Rob's blog more interesting if he lost his sanity. I love reading stuff written by mental people.
  2. What is your job, and in which constituency do you live, if one may ask? I don't read Rob's blog as no offense but I have a limited attention span but at least he communicates with the public unlike most of the politicians who were all up our arses before the election yet are now nowhere to be seen. At least he's consistent in that respect.
  3. No, the government just gets bigger and bigger like a malignant tumour. It is bigger and higher paid now than 2008.
  4. Your latest proctology result?
  5. Except on the Isle of Man.
  6. Thanks, Angela, but I think an independent response was being sought.
  7. It is actually pretty earth moving for the people who work at FP. This isn't RL's first takeover and there may be potential redundancies.
  8. We should have a Department of Culture for arts and heritage.
  9. Will the money-worshipping yuppies who run the Chamber of Commerce be changing their name to the Ferengi Alliance?
  10. Oh dear God. Looking forward to this.
  11. Yes, the Tell Tale Games version. They did a pretty good Back To The Future game too. Aha! An endorsement of the TV series.
  12. Anyone played the Game of Thrones computer game? Is it any good? Do you have to have to jerk anyone off on it?
  13. Irrelevant. Resistance is futile.
  14. Good to see a thread you tried to kill off within two posts has now reached two pages. #winning
  15. Ed Sheeran cameo? Definitely won't be bothering with this show now.