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  1. I thought I'd be open minded and give Corbyn the benefit of the doubt by watching his interviews with intellectual lightweights Andrew Marr and Andrew Neill. What a completely uninspiring, dull, equivocating and nauseating buffoon. I then thought I'd watch Theresa May's interviews, expecting at least someone with a brain who might try and use Thatcherite rhetoric to inspire, but found her just as boring, dull, uninspiring, equivocating, and nauseating. I don't think I'm going to bother voting.
  2. I don't even bother anymore. A bunch of poorly written crap surrounded by browser-crashing clickbait that has no local or genuine company-to-consumer relevance. At least Manx Forums have an ad to a company that we might consider using. All I see on iomtoday are the same irrelevant ads you see on Huffington Post and similar outlets that I've given up on.
  3. Why should they not?
  4. The problem with the social economic explanation is that it is based on a single and unique country's history. You can't apply it more broadly to extrapolate any useful pattern.
  5. Nice goal post shift but we were discussing druids in Britain, not "celts" or mainland Europe. These are not even the same people.
  6. Yes, we're all sure Roman historians were objective and didn't make crap up about the peoples they conquered and killed. As for archaeology, it's all about interpretation. You said they did it as a matter of course, as if human sacrifice was normative. It wasn't. It may have happened but there's no evidence it was normative.
  7. Sounds like an accurate summary of the Catholic Church.
  8. The question is who will Brexiteers vote for, if a significant enough minority will vote UKIP to pressure May to stick to a proper Brexit.
  9. Nothing is stopping Muslims from climbing the economic ladder in the UK or IOM. They have access to the same education and training opportunities anyone else has. If economic ladder stagnation was a determinant factor in terrorism, why aren't poor working class natives not blowing people up? Because the root cause is extremist islamic ideology. That is not rocket science.
  10. Manchester attack: CCTV shows bomber before arena blast - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40072786 See, he perfectly fits the description of a likely terrorist suspect I provided a few days ago. Plus why would someone who looks and dresses like that be lurking around an Arianna Grande concert? If not a terrorist, I'd definitely suspect him of being a pedo.
  11. Not at all. I do respect you. I'm just irritated by your recent virtue signalling social justice warrior postings. I don't recall you being a political correctness thought police hallway monitor in the past.
  12. Clear internet history and cookies, reset router, and try again. What browser?
  13. They're not just risking their own lives. They are a damn menace to everyone else. Isn't there some playground or Promenade you can go and cycle on?
  14. Cyclists should stay off the bloody roads for the whole fortnight. Already just this morning I've seen to narrow misses that within 0.5 second hesitation could have easily caused fatalities with idiot motorcyclists driving too fast on roads with idiots driving too slow in their cars. I have also already this morning seen a bunch of cyclists driving two abreast taking up the whole side of the road and causing gridlock with irate car drivers unable to get past. If you ask me, all three factors are going to result in deaths and personally I don't feel safe on the roads with all of this going on. It's pure insanity. PS I'm not even anywhere near the mountain or race courses so goodness only knows how bad it is on them!
  15. Oh give it a bloody rest, you sanctimonious tw@.