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  1. You can make Dr Pepper using Coke, bourbon and amaretto at a 321 ratio
  2. I have no idea what goes on there.
  3. The coop have a warehouse at White Hoe.
  4. Just use the coop and drink beer on the beach.
  5. I've been thinking about it, and I don't give a toss which songs they play, I like them all, apart from Rocks and I'll still dance along to that, its going to be great.
  6. It'll be the seventh or eighth time I've seen them, but its been a few years now. In didn't really like their new album to start with, its a bit more 'pop' than other stuffs but it has grown on me quite a bit, don't really care what they play, they're not going to stand there and absolutely destroy everyone with XTRMNTR which would be a delight, so just going to go along and dance and have fun. Gonna have a good time, gonna have a party.
  7. I am. I might have mentioned this before but I FUCKING LOVE PRIMAL SCREAM.
  8. I am absolutely buzzing in anticipation of this. Just cracked open my first beer. I fucking love Primal Scream.
  9. Bushys has an excellent site at TT week already you know. Its called The Bay, and features live music on the beach, excellent sunsets, is relaxed and family friendly, has a little takeaway next door that serves remarkably good pizzas, and it isn't in bloody Douglas.
  10. Bands already play at some campsites, St Johns for sure and I think Glenlough.
  11. Two for forty? That's an absolute steal! You should go anyway, let Bobby rock that cold right out of ya!
  12. Its for deniability. 'What, the vision 9 fiasco? Wasn't us mate, that was DED, we're the Department of Enterprise'.
  13. You'd rather see cocaine legalised?? Why on earth would you say that? Going back to the medical thing is suppose its a bit different in the US where the doctor is your dealer. Their 'healthcare' situation is mental. You can just go to the doctor and say 'I've got a sore back' pay $100ish dollars and walk out with oxy. Mental.
  14. Medical legalisation is a load of bollocks*, just a way to get it available before full legalisation, look at the US where it was first available medically and now that's got it out and about it is being followed by full legalisation. Its a way of softening the blow to people like you who don't know anything about it. *that's not saying it doesn't have medical benefits, it clearly does.
  15. I'd still like to hear ONE good reason for cannabis to be illegal. What's the law on poppies? Loads of people grow them and its really easy to make a pot of tea out of them that'll send you off into a dream world for hours. Is that illegal?