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  1. Why is that then? Are terrorists more likely to take the Ben? A load of absolute toss.
  2. Liverpool to here.
  3. No ID required for the boat last night.
  4. Okells MPA is a fabulous beer. I get the dislike their appalling business approach and ludicrous pricing but their brewing has improved hugely over the last 10 years.
  5. I'm in a weatherspoons right now
  6. Is it going to be foggy again tonight?
  7. Why was Roger Dean there?
  8. It is worth mentioning that in our willingness to overthrow Gadaffi the people we were helping sodomised him with a knife. Nice to know we were backing such lovely people.
  9. Hope today's sunshine burns it all away, I'm on an early flight tomorrow!
  10. You should play larks tongues in aspic on your radio show. Just slip it in there after a banal call about some Barrie Stevens type bollocks
  11. Your team plays a style of football that is absolutely fucking horrible. Relentlessly negative, frequently borderline violent, more boring than your pathetic sniping with hboy et al, I understand the idea of win at all costs, but fuck that.
  12. Maybe they should get a cutting edge comedian on too, to go with miss wet tshirt. Like Roy chubby brown
  13. If I was a young British Muslim I would be FUCKING TERRIFIED right now.
  14. I guess none of you bothered to read what the Steam Packet had to say about this then.