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  1. I think Assange is a pussy. Just man the fuck up and step outside.
  2. TheTeapot

    TT 2018

    A 200km route that starts in one place and ends in another. So, absolutely not in any possible way, a circuit.
  3. TheTeapot

    Royal Wedding

    Hes part of the landed gentry you fucking moron, the worst benefit scroungers going.
  4. TheTeapot

    What's missing?

    I got some saganaki from there, it was great.
  5. TheTeapot

    TT 2018

    In what possible way is the tour de France a 'circuit'?
  6. TheTeapot

    When The Fun Stops...

    Illiterate moron.
  7. TheTeapot

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I'd love it if someone paid me for the next 8 years worth of work, and then did it for me.
  8. TheTeapot


    Saw some blurb about this, 6 beers on? Good luck to them I'd be more likely to go if drinking in Peel didn't require nearly 4 hours on busses.
  9. TheTeapot

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Just to check, the way this valuation has been worked out includes what, the next 8 years worth of expected profit? At the full expected profit level? So the former owners are getting paid in full for 8/years work that they aren't going to do? Have I got this totally wrong?
  10. TheTeapot

    50mph Limit For Coast Road

  11. TheTeapot

    Trump gives Jerusalem away

    10 years old this now, still relevant
  12. TheTeapot

    50mph Limit For Coast Road

    You can be pretty naive in some of your posts, reactions and character assessment dilligaf.
  13. TheTeapot

    Seventy Police Officers...

    Is that pretty much all of them then?
  14. TheTeapot

    Steam Packet to be sold

    The fact that this has sped through tynwald should be enough to set alarm bells ringing. Our government has NEVER acted this quickly and decisively about anything, ever.
  15. TheTeapot


    Well... you know... that argument could be made... Do they produce a daily review, like an hour long podcast or something? Done right I bet that could be super popular all over the world. Also, this request and sports rights and all that makes Rob chucking his weight around last year 'protecting the brand' and all that shit look even sadder.