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  1. TheTeapot

    Police Brutality or Reatraint?

    I would if I knew how. Martin Moore is an undiscovered genius and I urge anyone who has the chance in future to vote for him. Assumng the russian botnets let him stand of course. On the actual video, is one of the cops that Schumacher prick? He is an absolute stereotype of the bullied at school, now a copper to reap his revenge on the world cop. I reckon he'd be absolutely wetting himself with delight at the chance to beat up a 14 year old girl.
  2. TheTeapot

    Rally Under Threat...

    Too many wheels.
  3. TheTeapot

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    It wasnt very good, shame really.
  4. TheTeapot

    More death and destruction

    What is it?
  5. TheTeapot

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    Bunch of pirates you lot!
  6. TheTeapot

    Thai Boys Trapped In Flooded Cave...

    There is a common belief, probably mostly true, that men go to countries like Thailand and Cambodia for sex, either with blokes with tits or someone young. Not sure publicly accusing someone being seen as a hero as one of those is a good idea though. Still, he's rich enough to afford a lawsuit.
  7. TheTeapot

    Douglas Carnival

    Really?? Were you there? It was rubbish, even the young fella thought so and we like that kind of stuff.
  8. TheTeapot

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Because I have a cannabis habit
  9. TheTeapot

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Cannabis is definitely habit forming.
  10. TheTeapot

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Not yet he's not, there is still time for Varane to break his leg early in the final, France to implode and Mandukic to go absolutely mental and score 5
  11. TheTeapot

    Douglas Carnival

    Me and the boy have headed down to this. I've not been to Douglas Carnival since it used to be on in the eighties. The stalls and fairground rides on the prom are hopelessly half arsed, as is the Villa Gaietys party in the park. Will check put the parade bit suspect its going to be a bit rubbish too.
  12. TheTeapot

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    He seemed incredibly slow.
  13. TheTeapot

    More death and destruction

    You went on and on about this in an older thread, driving at excessive speed for the conditions is driver error and included, indeed making up the majority, of what you call driver error.
  14. TheTeapot

    Farage Against The Machine

    Brilliant woody.
  15. TheTeapot

    Donald Trump

    No. Fuck off.