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  1. The Lurker

    Conrod's Carl Cox Coup

    Thanks; it’s never really been my kind of music I’m afraid but if it’s right that RTC denied it’s ratepayers a chance to see a genuine international star for free then I hope they all get hoofed out at the next election.
  2. The Lurker

    Conrod's Carl Cox Coup

    Who’s Carl Cox?
  3. The Lurker

    cycle lane , Lezayre Road?

    Can’t do it; just fall over.
  4. The Lurker

    cycle lane , Lezayre Road?

    I use the cycle lanes on Peel Road fairly regularly; the only real advantage of them is that it gives vehicle drivers a clear idea of how much room they should leave to pass a cyclist; which in fairness is only really necessary for about one in a thousand cars that pass me; I very rarely have any problems with drivers. I’d far rather they spent money on widening roads where possible and improving the road surfaces; particularly in the three to four feet on the left side of the carriageway used by bikes. If they really want to do something like a cycle lane then a broken red line would be more than adequate. If they really want to make a difference then change legislation so we can turn left on a red light when it’s safe and build posts by traffic lights and junctions so I don’t have to unclip when I stop
  5. The Lurker


    Sat Nav slaves at a guess.
  6. The Lurker

    Seventy Police Officers...

    It depends upon whether or not there is an identified victim who can be compensated; if there isn’t the money can be forfeited to IOMG.
  7. The Lurker

    Dangers on the road

    I’ll go one further; if you can’t see you should stop whether you’re driving a car or riding a bike. You wouldn’t close your eyes and drive/ride so why would you continue if you are blinded by the sun? Inconvenient? Yes, but not as inconvenient as being dead or killing someone.
  8. The Lurker

    Lets Walk and Cycle to Work...Patronising Twaddle

    Most bike manufacturers offer 0% finance these days making a decent bike affordable and it’s far less hassle than the cycle to work scheme with no cap either. I’m paying £40 a month over two years for a £1,000 road bike which is as good a bike as anyone will ever need for commuting. Cycling to work and back twice a week pays for the bike in saved fuel and burns 3000 calories. I generally ride in four times a week and explain to my wife that that means I’ve made £500 a year that I can spend on beer.
  9. The Lurker

    Chester Street Car Park

    Given the recent(ish) investment in the Doctor’s surgery I doubt they’ll be in a hurry to rip it down.
  10. The Lurker

    Shopshite Chester Street

    I’d like to see the building out to tender with a caveat that large supermarkets that already have a presence on the Island are barred and that the area at the front of the store is developed. I’ve tried to avoid Shoprite ever since they opened a second (rarely used) store in Port Erin purely to prevent the Co-Op from gaining larger premises in the village. Aldi would be awesome and a real boon for the whole Island; I’d happily pay to park in Chester Street to use one as the savings would make up for it.
  11. The Lurker

    Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    Whilst broadly I agree with your sentiment I’m afraid that these days with the improvement in healthcare over the last fifty years or so people are far less likely to just die young as my Grandfather did in his mid-fifties but live on as ‘cardiac cripples’ or surviving a stroke with chronic health problems that cost society a fortune. I agree that minimum pricing will be unlikely to have the desired effect but I await the results from Scotland with an open mind. We like booze too much; all that government restrictions will do will be to create illegal supply similar to that seen in the US during prohibition if legal alcohol is priced beyond the reach of the majority.
  12. The Lurker

    Supertour 2018

    Is it not a role of Government to provide systems and infrastructure that supports private enterprise that generates income for individuals, companies and ultimately Government itself in the form of tax revenue? Your posts simply smack of envy that this event is clearly aimed at wealthy individuals who can afford expensive cars and to pay for the privilege of a drive and a closed road. Personally I’m indifferent; road closures aren’t really that much of an inconvenience; easily navigated with a bit of planning.
  13. The Lurker

    Ballasalla Bypass

    Agreed; as things stand if traffic flow is eased in the South the ‘problem’ will only be moved to the bottlenecks further up the road; Fort North being the next in line; then the QB and Douglas Bridge. Congestion in Ballasalla is only really an issue for people who live in the two roundabouts and I’m afraid that’s too few people to justify spending millions. I would agree with measures to ensure that people stick to the 30 limit on the way up Glashen Hill though.
  14. The Lurker

    Ballasalla Bypass

    It strikes me as a lot of money to alleviate a problem that only exists for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening on weekdays, and actually isn’t that much of a problem. Perhaps government money would be better spent on encouraging the big employers (themselves?) to move out of Douglas to end the mass influx and exodus that causes what passes for a rush hour here.
  15. The Lurker

    Public 'prepared' to pay for healthcare

    You can fire off as many unquoted statistics as you like; none of it corresponds with my direct experience of GP’s that I’m either married to; related to or acquainted with.