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  1. Abort67

    My understanding; and I’m prepared to stand corrected is that an unborn child cannot be classed as ‘life’ until the point that were it to be born it could survive independently of its mother. A quick google shows that the ‘youngest’ premature baby to survive was born at 21 weeks and 5 days gestation; so 2 weeks and 2 days below the 24 week limit for termination in the UK but the child only survived with a massive amount of medical intervention. I’m 100% pro-choice but have to admit to finding it strange that medics could be battling to save the life of a 23 week premature baby in one room whilst their colleagues are terminating a 23 week foetus next door. Edit: rubbish maths.
  2. Abort67

    I've just been past the 'protest.' A bit pathetic to be honest but I am surprised that they're allowed to display images of aborted feotus' regardless of the warning signs.
  3. Drink Driving and other offences

    I agree that the limit should be lowered but there has to be some wiggle room for mouthwash, medication or a brandy creme brulee for pudding. I don't know the figures but I believe the limits are much lower in Europe, perhaps a change should be considered?. My personal approach is not to drink anything if I know I'll be driving within the next twelve hours as if I was involved in an accident I'd hate to live with the 'what if I hadn't had that pint...' EDIT: i before e except after c.
  4. Drink Driving and other offences

    I think the drink driving laws are there to protect ‘potential’ victims, hence it being an offence in itself and not just an aggravating factor in a car crash. I think the logic being that the more pissed you are the more likely you are to be the cause of a crash therefore the more pissed you are the greater the severity of the penalty. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.
  5. Requests for information or evidence from foreign jurisdictions are the bane of my working life; fortunately I’ve only ever had to do a couple; neither of which resulted in any prosecutions. I know from my dealings that these are dealt with by the Attorney General’s with assistance from the Police; probably now the FIU. The requests have to be detailed with what information they are wanting; relating to whom and why they are wanting it, demonstrating a link to suspected criminal activity; I know that one of the ones I dealt with had to be sent back as the request was too broad. Having been on the receiving end of these requests I’ve always found the AG’s and the Police to be efficient and helpful; I find it difficult to believe that they would just bin a request without sending a response to the requesting jurisdiction explaining why. Further details (better journalism?) would be helpful.
  6. Banned from the tip

    It’s interesting really that this topic should crop up as my wife and I were only talking about it the other evening; we both work in environments where we have to deal with current or potential clients in my case or service users in hers and occasionally have to explain to people that their choices and actions were not the best and that they may wish to reconsider them in the future; a polite bollocking if you will. We both wondered how staff at the tip seemed to get away with being outrageously rude to people who are basically their customers; I’d be handed my P45 very quickly if I behaved like that towards even the most difficult client.
  7. Banned from the tip

    There is (or was) one member of staff at the Southern Tip who is friendly and helpful; the rest in my experience are surly, abrasive and rude. I’ve had to bite my lip on more than one occasion at the way I’ve been spoken to there.
  8. Plod in Trouble?

    I have some contact with the Financial Crime Unit through work; they employ a lot of retired officers as it’s the only way to get bums on seats in there due to the low staff levels within the police with the added bonus that the retirees know what they’re doing and can get on with the job without an expensive training and mentorship programme; I know that it galls a little that IOM tax payers are paying a pension and a salary to some individuals but it does make economic sense although from a wider societal perspective I’d rather that they had the budget and staffing levels to take on younger people and train them. With the added bonus that I’d then be able to recruit ex-fraud cops as they’re ideal for my office! In regards to the police getting funds from what they seize my understanding is that they don’t automatically get a slice but have to apply every time they want something like training or equipment; they can’t get it for general staffing. I am prepared to stand corrected on that though.
  9. I first started lurking on this forum several years ago when I first moved here; having no real prior knowledge of the Island it was a great way to get to know a little about the politics and get an idea of the way (an admittedly very small section of) the Manx public thought about everyday issues. Over time the threads have become very diluted by various ad hominem virtual shouting matches; I think if I came to this forum afresh now I wouldn’t bother; fortunately I’ve learned whose posts to read and whose to scroll past. Maybe we could all try to act our age and not our shoe sizes as my old PE would say.
  10. Another 3 youngsters criminalised for no reason

    In what way? A series of candidates were interviewed for a post; the most suitable was offered the job.
  11. Another 3 youngsters criminalised for no reason

    I certainly wouldn’t want to go through the recruitment process for my firm; unfortunately the banking crisis and the rise of lazy journalism make us a target; admittedly a very small one. Our social media is the first place modern hacks look if they’re after a cheap story so we try and avoid potential embarrassment.
  12. Age Concern 'shocked' at Meals on Wheels funding blow

    It’s an soft target that only effects a small number of people so won’t impact too much on the Minister’s polling at the next election; politics is about attaining and retaining power; not about running a state as efficiently as possible. If IOMG were serious about cutting health costs then the first and easiest thing they could do is simply ban doctors from prescribing anything that can be bought from a chemist; would save a fortune. BTW; the Chief Exec is also a qualified doctor as well as being an accountant.
  13. Another 3 youngsters criminalised for no reason

    We’ve only really been looking at candidates social media and web footprint for the last four or five years; I sit on about four or five interview panels a year, usually in the UK and in that time I can only think of two occasions where we asked a candidate about things we’d found online. The first one was a young lady who had regularly posted images that indicated regular Cannabis use; she was open about her regular recreational use; her CV and references clearly showed that it caused no issues with her work and she was employed with the caveat that she moderates her social media output as some of our clients are quite conservative. The second was another young lady whose footprint indicated links to far right groups like the EDL and Britain First; the links were tenuous hence her getting an interview but she admitted to some views that were incompatible with our company ethos; she didn’t get the job. I’m often asked to carry out the web research for candidates whether I’m interviewing or not as it links in with my role; interestingly I’ve never found anything adverse on an international candidates social media. Candidates from the British Isles however are often prone to posting images and statements that may have a negative impact on client perception of the company; we’ve actually started issuing social media guidelines for employees as prospective clients will often vet us and our team in the same way as we vet potential employees. The modern world is a bit of a minefield really.
  14. Another 3 youngsters criminalised for no reason

    I regularly sit on interview panels and clearly we want to know about a candidate’s history; including any criminal records; personally I’m more interested in what they posted/liked on facebook last week than something they did when they were fifteen years old. A minor offence such as this can actually be an advantage to a candidate provided they are open and honest about it; I will always ask someone about previous convictions; if they are a good candidate they admit their mistake and explain what they have learned from the experience. I often think the difference between those of us who’ve kept a clean record and those who haven’t is simply getting caught. Reading into this particular offence; I suspect had it been a simple case of fishing without a licence they would probably have got away with it; they were using bread as bait which can harm fish that take the bait but get away with it and not using a landing net which is deemed to be cruel.