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  1. Another 3 youngsters criminalised for no reason

    In what way? A series of candidates were interviewed for a post; the most suitable was offered the job.
  2. Another 3 youngsters criminalised for no reason

    I certainly wouldn’t want to go through the recruitment process for my firm; unfortunately the banking crisis and the rise of lazy journalism make us a target; admittedly a very small one. Our social media is the first place modern hacks look if they’re after a cheap story so we try and avoid potential embarrassment.
  3. Age Concern 'shocked' at Meals on Wheels funding blow

    It’s an soft target that only effects a small number of people so won’t impact too much on the Minister’s polling at the next election; politics is about attaining and retaining power; not about running a state as efficiently as possible. If IOMG were serious about cutting health costs then the first and easiest thing they could do is simply ban doctors from prescribing anything that can be bought from a chemist; would save a fortune. BTW; the Chief Exec is also a qualified doctor as well as being an accountant.
  4. Another 3 youngsters criminalised for no reason

    We’ve only really been looking at candidates social media and web footprint for the last four or five years; I sit on about four or five interview panels a year, usually in the UK and in that time I can only think of two occasions where we asked a candidate about things we’d found online. The first one was a young lady who had regularly posted images that indicated regular Cannabis use; she was open about her regular recreational use; her CV and references clearly showed that it caused no issues with her work and she was employed with the caveat that she moderates her social media output as some of our clients are quite conservative. The second was another young lady whose footprint indicated links to far right groups like the EDL and Britain First; the links were tenuous hence her getting an interview but she admitted to some views that were incompatible with our company ethos; she didn’t get the job. I’m often asked to carry out the web research for candidates whether I’m interviewing or not as it links in with my role; interestingly I’ve never found anything adverse on an international candidates social media. Candidates from the British Isles however are often prone to posting images and statements that may have a negative impact on client perception of the company; we’ve actually started issuing social media guidelines for employees as prospective clients will often vet us and our team in the same way as we vet potential employees. The modern world is a bit of a minefield really.
  5. Another 3 youngsters criminalised for no reason

    I regularly sit on interview panels and clearly we want to know about a candidate’s history; including any criminal records; personally I’m more interested in what they posted/liked on facebook last week than something they did when they were fifteen years old. A minor offence such as this can actually be an advantage to a candidate provided they are open and honest about it; I will always ask someone about previous convictions; if they are a good candidate they admit their mistake and explain what they have learned from the experience. I often think the difference between those of us who’ve kept a clean record and those who haven’t is simply getting caught. Reading into this particular offence; I suspect had it been a simple case of fishing without a licence they would probably have got away with it; they were using bread as bait which can harm fish that take the bait but get away with it and not using a landing net which is deemed to be cruel.
  6. Holiday parks needed to expand tourism

    Great news, hope this goes well and perhaps shows the way for future developments. I was disappointed to see that the planning appeal for the glamping pods at Rowany in P/E wasn’t successful.
  7. Holiday parks needed to expand tourism

    The trouble with large events is that they only last for a short period; TT and MGP are probably two of the longest ‘special events’ in the UK but even they cannot sustain the accommodation sector all year round unless we have one special event after another. The Island has all it needs to attract a reasonable amount of tourists for the long weekend/one week break market that would last for most of the year; I know this to be true as we liked visiting so much we moved here. We need to build on all that we have to offer in terms of outdoor activities, none of which are unique to the IOM but very few places have such a variety on one small place and what we have is good enough to attract plenty of people and possibly a whole lot more with better facilities and marketing. We already host world class events in fell running and mountain biking, we have some of the best diving in Europe. Whatever way the wind is blowing you can get out on a sea kayak form some part of the Island and I’m told by those who kite surf that we’re one of the best sites in the British Isles. And then there’s all the motorsport and heritage stuff. As Cheeky Boy says, we need to improve infrastructure, road surfaces being a great case in point and allow developers a little more freedom to build the kind of accommodation people want these days. Make it easier and possibly a bit cheaper for people to visit and they will come. Before we moved here we visited a lot; the price of the boat never put us off, that being said; we always stayed with friends so didn’t have to pay for accommodation.
  8. A Level results

    When I was at school (left at 16 in the early nineties) they were still spouting the line that a degree was a guarantee of a good job and income, many of my school friends went, some with barely an A-Level to their name. This coincided with the massive increase in the courses available (I still don’t know what media studies actually qualifies you for) and a significant lowering of the bar to entry. As a consequence what was considered a good degree ten years before had been watered down; many of the people I knew got a decent 2:1 in a traditional subject but ended up working jobs they could’ve got with their A-Levels or even GCSE’s. Banks, Civil Service etc wouldn’t entertain anything less than a 1st. I suspect that things are even worse now. I’d like my kids to go as the experience is on the whole positive and helps young people mature but unless they’re going for a degree or course that leads to a professional qualification and subsequent employment then I’m not sure I want to pay thousands of pounds a year for a three year piss-up that won’t get them an advantage. I expect my kids to make a strong business case for me funding their degrees. I’m very much in the University of Life camp myself and generally have no regrets, I’m confident that I could have got into university and done fairly well but I wasn’t interested in anything enough and didn’t want the debt which was a fraction of what kids end up with now. Good luck to all those who got their results.
  9. Ronaldsway rated one star out of 5.

    I'd be interested to know how many late flights were caused by the weather rather than poor management.
  10. We are not a Tax Haven - Official

    I'd better start looking for a new job then.
  11. Death in Police custody

    Censorship; I don't think that you can say that the police control local media until it is confirmed by either the police or MR that the post was dropped at their request. It looks likely but pointing out that a post may be a bit insensitive and suggesting that it is removed is a far cry from 'media control.' Without proof you're just making assumptions to suit your agenda. WTF; you're right it could put minds at rest for people who may be worrying for no good reason and would sooner or later discover their loved one is safe and well but I would submit that the needs of those actually effected by this take primacy over those who are not; a little bit of needless worry for many is better than a whole lot of distress for a few in my opinion.
  12. Death in Police custody

    Or a family member complained, or the fire brigade, or Manx Radio management, or Manx Radio lawyers, or possibly the police. This is not some kind of cover up; just an effort to try and protect family members from working out that their loved one is dead before they can be informed in person.
  13. Death in Police custody

    Why is it almost certainly due to a request from the police?
  14. Death in Police custody

    @ Censorship. I won’t quote your post in its entirety to avoid bloating; just a couple of points. I disagree that the information could not easily lead to the victims being identified; maybe by the wider public but if it was your relative and you knew they were travelling on that road at that time and you now couldn’t get hold of them you’d be worried and putting two and two together. I think that minimal reporting should be adhered to until the Police can confirm that close family have been informed. You believe that Manx Radio deleted their post at the request of the Police; any actual evidence to back this belief up? You also believe that it is of public interest; I believe that there is a big difference between information that is of public interest and information that the public are interested in. This matter falls into the latter; there was no public interest in knowing that three (now sadly four) people had died at such an early stage; all the public needed to know was that the road was closed due to a crash. In regards to the original thread topic; the lack of information on inquiry progress or lack thereof is of concern. In regards to your concerns over yesterday’s fatal crash I think you’re clutching at straws.
  15. Bushy's to lose TT site?

    Perhaps I lack imagination but I can’t really see how the Hooded Ram tent will be that much different to the Bushy’s tent. If they intend on improving the service that will cost; if they want to make the place cleaner that will cost. All those costs will be passed to the customer and the biggest gripe I hear from visitors each year is how much things cost here. Plastic glasses will stay as our licensing Court seems to have got the strange idea into its head that the combination of beer and being outside turns us all into lunatics who will start glassing people left, right and centre. The bouncers will be the same people; the floor will be just as sticky and I’d be surprised if there’s a radical departure in the entertainment. Douglas needs a beer tent due to the volume of visitors; I agree that classic rock cover bands probably don’t appeal to all but I can’t see all the visitors squeezing into the Bath & Bottle or wanting to sample the delights of the Outback.