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  1. BallaDoc

    Manx words and phrases added to the OED

    Hang on, that's a Canadian delicacy, they call it "poutine" over there
  2. BallaDoc

    Game of Thrones - what next?

    I've never seen Game of Thrones except for bits which I couldn't help watching on an aeroplane. For gratuitous sex, violence, castration, Druid magic and general weirdness I would recommend "Britannia" which is tenuously based on the Roman invasion of Britain and I understand has quite a Game of Thrones sort of feel to it. Season 1 aired on TV earlier this year and I am eagerly awaiting Season 2.
  3. BallaDoc

    TT road safety ideas

    The best warning sign that you are on the wrong side of the road is a pillion passenger who can give a verbal indication such as "Eek!" accompanied by hand gesticulations.
  4. BallaDoc

    Underwater Data Centres

    I thinks it's a great idea and these data centres will totally not be interfered with by the Russians: http://bigthink.com/news/russian-submarines-are-lurking-near-the-underwater-cables-that-power-the-internet
  5. BallaDoc

    Red Arrows 2018

    OMG can we please give it a rest
  6. BallaDoc

    Red Arrows 2018

    FFS people... Anyway, back to the Red Arrows. I thought the display was as ever very good, very skillful, but slightly let down by the absence of a finale. I seem to remember that in previous displays, the finale was that they would fly low over the crowd then all fly off in different directions, signalling that the show was over. This year, they just sort of disappeared and people were left looking at each other thinking, is this it, do we just go home now?
  7. BallaDoc

    Calling all hedge witches (and wizards)...

    I did the traditional folk medicine thing and bought the the PlantSnap app for my iPhone which identifies wild plants from a photo... I'm rather sceptical about a lot of folk remedies. Most of them fall into two categories: they either claim multiple benefits from a plant (for Fumitory this includes arthritis, liver and spleen disorders, wound and rash healing, leprosy, blood pressure, diuretic, laxative, intestinal colic, gallbladder problems, migraines, etc) and it's stretching credibility that one plant could cure so many things. Or on the other hand, the claimed benefits couldn't possibly work in any physical way known to medical science, for example, the Manx custom of applying wild garlic to the soles of the feet to cure a sore throat. However, there are some remedies which I can see might plausibly work, such as using Wall Pennywort to treat burns (see picture). You strip the cuticle (outer membrane) from the leaf and apply the leaf to the burn. You would then have a moist bacteria free surface which would moisten and protect the burn.
  8. BallaDoc

    Calling all hedge witches (and wizards)...

    Problem solved - it's Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis). It's a hermaphrodite, which I guess is handy for establishing yourself on the IOM.
  9. ...can you help me identify this wild plant seen on the old railway track near Ballaugh? I can't find it in my wildflower book. It's the pink one I'm after, not the white Stitchwort to the right of the photo. Any contributions gratefully received - thanks!
  10. BallaDoc

    Nobles hospital

    I remember t' days when Noble's Hospital were at Westmoreland Road. There were room for 3 cars in t' staff car park so we had to take it in turns parking. You could walk into town for a few pints at t' British at lunchtime and be back in time do a full afternoon's theatre list. Cockroaches in t' kitchen were something else, go in there at night wi' t' light off and you'd think you were walking on eggshells. Aye, them were happy days.
  11. BallaDoc

    They gave me the all clear but I still developed cancer

    Has anyone seen the movie Sherlock Holmes (2009) starring Robert Downey Jr? In it, Dr Watson is almost impaled on an almost invisible glass knife held by Lord Blackwood. He says to Holmes "How could you see that?" and Holmes replies "Because I knew it was there". It's a bit like that with radiology. If you already know something is there it's much easier to see, which is why it's so much easier to diagnose cancers in retrospect. It reminds me of a time I was working in A&E and a guy came in who thought he had a large wood splinter in his foot. I sent him to x-ray and the radiologist reported "no foreign body". I subsequently removed a 2 inch long piece of wood from his foot, and with the benefit of hindsight, knowing exactly where it was and what shape it was, I could see it on the x-ray whereas the radiologist couldn't. For the avoidance of doubt, this didn't happen at Noble's but long, long ago in a hospital far, far away... I'm not trying to defend incompetence, but like Wrighty above, I'm just pointing out that in real life things are not always as black and white as they may seem.
  12. BallaDoc

    Internet Speeds/Reliability

    Yes, I noticed the internet was very slow at home (Ramsey) Friday morning, it was the same at work (Douglas) but then it went back to normal over the weekend. Probably Russian interference.
  13. BallaDoc

    Chicanes on mountain road

    Just curious to know how people deal with the obstacle course on the last section of the mountain road coming down from Creg-ny-Baa (see also recent thread on Manx driving...). They have set up a series of chicanes leading up to a set of roadworks and traffic lights. It's not clear whether the chicanes are part of the roadworks or are there just to slow the traffic down. There's just room for a chicane and two cars to pass side by side. Do you: (a) slide round the chicanes in the face of the oncoming traffic, thus prompting honking from the car in front; or (b) wait behind the chicanes, thus prompting honking from the car behind?
  14. BallaDoc

    ID required

    They should put your address on your drivers licence like they do in Canada. Everyone uses their driver's licence as ID over there. When I produce it as ID in Canada, and it doesn't have my address on, they often look at me suspiciously like I'm producing some sort of Mickey Mouse ID and trying to pull a fast one.
  15. BallaDoc

    Population Policy and yet more Thomas waffle

    Hang on, I think the laws of physics are inconveniently getting in the way here. You can make a man made lake, sure, but that doesn't change the flow rate, and it's the flow which drives the turbines. If you dam a river and create an artificial lake, you still have the same inflow and outflow of water because the watershed which collects the water is still the same, and the amount of rain is still the same.