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  1. BallaDoc

    The next MMR?

    Blimey, it's like an anti-vaxxers convention in here... OK, so I tried to visit that "Get the facts" website at http://bit.ly/ShotOfPrevention/HPV, but there were no facts to be had there because the link doesn't work. Not a very confidence inspiring start. At least the WHO website works. If, hypothetically, the link had worked and led me to some actual information, what I would have been looking for is not just claims on a "believe it or not" basis but links to research papers. Here is a link to the Cancer Research UK website (which works): https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/causes-of-cancer/infections-hpv-and-cancer/hpv-and-cancer and if you scroll down to the bottom there is a link called "Find a clinical trial" which is an example of the kind of research which leads people to conclude that these vaccines are safe and effective.
  2. BallaDoc

    The next MMR?

    According to the World Health Organisation, it is, in effect, a public health risk and a communicable disease: "Cervical cancer is caused by sexually acquired infection with certain types of HPV. Two HPV types (16 and 18) cause 70% of cervical cancers and precancerous cervical lesions." The rationale behind vaccinating schoolkids is that the vaccine is most effective if it's administered before the onset of sexual activity.
  3. BallaDoc

    The next MMR?

    Hang on, that seems to be 100% dodgy arithmetic. If you have a 50% chance of catching something fatal without the vaccine, but a 25% chance of catching it with the vaccine, you have just saved the lives of 25% of the population by vaccinating, even though the disease isn't 100% fatal and the vaccine doesn't confer 100% protection...
  4. BallaDoc

    The next MMR?

    Lots of people including the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA) and the WHO (World Health Organisation) have been looking at the safety of these vaccines since 2006 and concluded that they are safe. So, they are probably safe. Of course you can't always believe what the powers that be tell you (a lot of rot has been talked about giving people medication to lower their cholesterol for example - I wouldn't take it), but on this occasion they are probably right. The main question people should be asking is not "are they completely safe?" but "is it safer to have the vaccine than not have the vaccine" to which I think the answer is also "yes".
  5. BallaDoc

    avoiding amazon postal restrictions

    Yes, I learned by trial and error that this always works for me too, just select "United Kingdom" as the country even though it's incorrect, and the goods get delivered
  6. BallaDoc

    Manx Music Chart

    Well, Celtic then, there's a fair bit of overlap
  7. BallaDoc

    Manx Music Chart

    It's not quite like that. Before rolling up and playing, you need to be familiar with the Ten Commandments of Jamming, as expounded here: http://www.irishmusicottawa.ca/theten.htm It's quite amusing to read even if you don't take part in Irish session music.
  8. BallaDoc

    Manx Music Chart

    It's me attempting to play the melodeon in The Mitre in Ramsey on a Friday night. Audience participation type music.
  9. BallaDoc

    Manx Music Chart

    Sorry, I don't quite get it. Is this chart meant to be for music produced in the Isle of Man, or sold in the Isle of Man? I'm assuming the latter because the top artist on the chart is some guy called Varrick Frost, who I have never heard of, who lives in Hamburg, Germany. Similarly, the No. 2 guy, Ivan Ivanovich, who I have also never heard of, hails from Trier, Germany. I see there are some home grown Manx groups on the chart like Mec Lir. How about promoting Manx music by having a chart just for Manx music, and you could maybe call it, er, the Manx Music Chart (just a suggestion)? Or you could have a chart devoted to German music and call it the Manx Music Chart just to keep people guessing?
  10. BallaDoc

    Manx words and phrases added to the OED

    Hang on, that's a Canadian delicacy, they call it "poutine" over there
  11. BallaDoc

    Game of Thrones - what next?

    I've never seen Game of Thrones except for bits which I couldn't help watching on an aeroplane. For gratuitous sex, violence, castration, Druid magic and general weirdness I would recommend "Britannia" which is tenuously based on the Roman invasion of Britain and I understand has quite a Game of Thrones sort of feel to it. Season 1 aired on TV earlier this year and I am eagerly awaiting Season 2.
  12. BallaDoc

    TT road safety ideas

    The best warning sign that you are on the wrong side of the road is a pillion passenger who can give a verbal indication such as "Eek!" accompanied by hand gesticulations.
  13. BallaDoc

    Underwater Data Centres

    I thinks it's a great idea and these data centres will totally not be interfered with by the Russians: http://bigthink.com/news/russian-submarines-are-lurking-near-the-underwater-cables-that-power-the-internet
  14. BallaDoc

    Red Arrows 2018

    OMG can we please give it a rest
  15. BallaDoc

    Red Arrows 2018

    FFS people... Anyway, back to the Red Arrows. I thought the display was as ever very good, very skillful, but slightly let down by the absence of a finale. I seem to remember that in previous displays, the finale was that they would fly low over the crowd then all fly off in different directions, signalling that the show was over. This year, they just sort of disappeared and people were left looking at each other thinking, is this it, do we just go home now?