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  1. Overpaid and Underworked !!

    An Island inherently resistant to change in any aspect refuses to change governing structure...nothing to see here, move along please.
  2. Jack Frost out in the cold

    Lazarus- esque rise from the dead by Jack Frost...perhaps the lack of a Facebook campaign or MHK's taking up their cause has led them to end their "we're being forced to close down" farce
  3. Jack Frost out in the cold

    I think we're at cross purposes here John. My enquiry doesn't relate to the supply of MoW but supply to the DHSC per se.
  4. Jack Frost out in the cold

    Have they appointed an off-island supplier?
  5. Jack Frost out in the cold

    That's the way procurement works. The purpose is to find the best VFM based on a quality/cost basis and try and save money that was previously just spunked away or just given to the same old supplier regardless of cost because (a) no one could be arsed to do anything about it (b) the supplier was "one of the lads" Occassionally a situation like this arises and it shows a business very comfortable on living off predominantly a govt contract. Obviously a nice one. Someone else has come in cheaper saving you and me money. It is a small island with a fragile economy and this can unfortunately happen. However anyone suggesting a procurement rethink or Govt bail out needs to have a word with themselves
  6. Vision Nine Contract...

    Time for Howard to deliver him a bunch of flowers
  7. Job for govt equality advisor

    A complete waste of money
  8. A popular decision

    One volunteer is worth ten pressed men so get in there and give it a go Rob. I wish you the very best of luck.
  9. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Aćording to social media we could have had blue passports all along. Croatia apparently has black!
  10. Would they ever threaten the same here?

    Lots of our legislation follows England and Wales (Albeit few years later) and I think in terms of towing the legislation line the island is fairly compliant. I don' t think we can expect them to bail us out unless we go cap in hand and agrèe to become a part of the U K
  11. Do the OAPs get a free ride

    Here's a quandry. I know a pensioner who was raised in a very middle class family , privately educated and who inherited 40 years a go a sum of money and assets worth well over seven figures in today's money. that person systematically squandered the lot ala Viv Nicholson over a period of 20 to 30 years and has had low paid jobs ever since but putting enough back in to qualify for an OA Pension. If you didn't know that person you would just say they were an unfortunate who didn't amount to much in life and should be carried by the state but should they? This person had the lot and blew it big time. Should a hard working pensioner who grafted hard to put something by have tpo subsidize someone like this? My point is what does means testing actually mean? Is it fair to test on what you have at the end or how you've actually conducted yourself through life?...just asking
  12. Gene Hunt would be proud

    You are confusing thrè things here, adverse possession, registration of a deed and land registration. I'm not talking about someone claiming physical possession of your property (adverse possession) but someone perhaps mischeviously registering a deed that lays claim to some of your property. If as you say your property is not recorded at the deeds registry thenshould you try and register or sell you would have a bit of a headache. Questions would be asked as to why it isn't registered as that is a requirement of the 1961registration of deeds act. Most farm land ownership can be traced back through the deeds reg or the museum so it isn't an issue. Land registrarion is a modern thing dating back tonthe early 2000's. Basically it is a computerisation of records (like what they did with csr log books) so when a prperty is sold the registration process occurss and the old deeds are junked. It is a worthwhile process as the amount of errors lurking in those old deeds is unbelievable. For the record i think you probably have copy deeds not originals...if theyare originals and unregistered though youwould be liable vor the recordal fee on registration
  13. Gene Hunt would be proud

    Someone else could register a deed over all or part of your property and it would have priority by virtue of being registered. It may be that such a registered deed is actually wrong, however you would have the devil's own job to put it right and at some expense. Even more inconvenient if you are trying to sell at some point
  14. Gene Hunt would be proud

    John's right here. However, if you do have an unregistered deed for your property you might want to get that sorted sooner rather than later.
  15. What's going on at nobles

    I may be wrong now but when I was in the police service 30 years service was fully pensionable and it was 26.5 if you were retired medically unfit. Those regs may have changed for new starters over the years though