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  1. ecobob

    Radio Quirk ?

    Three threads so far with the same post? Looks ever so slightly smacking of spamming stylee desperation.
  2. ecobob

    Aretha Franklin...

    Some lungs at her. Never watched blues brothers. I might now.
  3. ecobob

    Outsiders welcome?

    Yes. We only like our own trolls on here.
  4. ecobob

    Manx Telecom Mobile to Landline Costs

    You do but only to other mobiles. If you need to ring anyone respectable it soon eats up your credit. A half hour chat would cost £12. I’m glad I don’t have any friends. And yes, ive spent months of of life standing in that shop. I’ve been attempting to make MMS work for years. Every so often when it’s raining I go in there to dry out in the queue. I’m always dry before I reach the MMS person and even if I did, like you say, fanny all.
  5. ecobob

    Manx Telecom Mobile to Landline Costs

    40p to connect? 8 shillings? That’s ridiculous. You don’t even get to be put through by an operator using holes And wires. Thanks for letting me know though.
  6. ecobob

    Manx Telecom Mobile to Landline Costs

    Aren’t they just the same? Don’t make me search for the info. I’m too weak.
  7. So, I know with pay as you go you get thousands of free texts and calls but I’m guessing this only applies from mobile to mobile? I’ve just topped up with £20, rung an office in Douglas, spent ten minutes on the phone and my credit has gone down to £18. £1 for five minutes? Is that right? I’m almost speechless. In fact, I’m going to have to be if they how much it costs to make a call from the mobile. Is there alternative using the inter web? I’d normally use what’s app but I don’t think the tax office has an account.
  8. ecobob

    Bum slapper has to be nice to all

    I am, actually, here all week. Thank you.
  9. ecobob

    Bum slapper has to be nice to all

    So, not a bend over order then.
  10. ecobob

    The Highways Looney at it again..

    I welcome cycle lanes anywhere but I travelled this road yesterday and if it’s only one way, then why did it need to be so wide? They would be my only comment that it’s an extremely generous ‘one way’ cycle lane. This’ll blow over. Two months and no one will even see it again. Just like the one on Peel road they everyone said would bring WAR. FAMINE DISASTER - but it never did. People sitting on their computers waiting to be offended by anything. They’re the dangerous ones. Mark my words.
  11. ecobob

    Thomas says we can find out through FoI

    He's only trying to help.
  12. ecobob

    Tesco car park.

    They might have done it at one time but they certainly don't do it now and haven't done for some time. I know someone who leaves their van there for hours every single day and he's never been challenged about it.
  13. ecobob

    Roofer recommendations

    I'm not burning anything.
  14. ecobob

    Roofer recommendations

    It hasn't arrived
  15. ecobob

    World Cup Final

    Who won?