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  1. Speeding Fine

    Yeah, that does kind of sink the advanced driver argument. Fair point.
  2. Speeding Fine

    I wrote that in the context of him rushing to attend to someone having been stabbed in the head. I don't think it would be viewed as favouritism under those circumstances so if he was just attending a meeting, fair point Thommo.
  3. Speeding Fine

    What exactly does the conviction accomplish apart from possible inter emergency service bitterness? You'd think that the emergency services would want to pull together, not jeopardise relations. I'm not advocating carte blanch arse covering but FFS, they guy's going to be an advanced driver, he'll be more equipped to speed than most people and as far as I can tell, he's doing it for a noble reason, not just for kicks.
  4. Rivers of blood revisited.

    BINGO!! Thanks Neil
  5. Mmm, nice vagina

    Half the beginnings on life maybe Anyhow, back to the vaginas!
  6. Rivers of blood revisited.

    I don't think he was too keen on the black bits inside.
  7. Rivers of blood revisited.

    Well, I hope you're pleased with yourself @the stinking enigma It's almost as if you've started a massive game of Right Wing Bingo. I'm just waiting for someone to mention Watermelons and I've got a full house!
  8. Mmm, nice vagina

    Very! "I practically wear a cow bell"
  9. Mmm, nice vagina

    I know, I do sound a bit condescending but I do feel a bit sorry for LC getting kicked around so much for what seems like little reason. You got to give her credit, she does seem to handle it pretty well. Oh, and I found ANOTHER crusty sock in your room Neil. Please at least try and sneak them into the wash, it's starting to get a bit awkward now.
  10. La Colombe's Random Stuff

    I remember the film with it's wierd split screen stuff. I don't remember the bit about plastic but I was quite young. Was that just the book version or did they include that in the film?
  11. Mmm, nice vagina

    Let it slide Neil, it's not doing you any harm. Not trying to start (another) fight with you and I'm pretty sure LC can stick up for his/her/it's self but if it winds you up just pop her/it/whatever on ignore.
  12. Silent Keys

    Roger Mexico? What happened to him? Sensible bloke, good posts. And on the flip side, Tarne?
  13. Some Bikers...

    Why would you disagree with someone just because of who they are? Makes very little sense. I'd venture that someone who did that would have very shakey principles.
  14. Winnie Mandela...

    Do you know what a back handed compliment is Lxxx? Actually, come to think of it, do you realise what decency actually is? I'm in no mood to get into a slanging match with the likes of your ilk so the last word belongs to you.
  15. Len Tingle.....

    ....Has died aged 63