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  1. PottyLisa

    US Supreme Court

    Kavanaugh's appointment is doomed to be political. He will have the swing vote on quite a few divisive rulings that will be brought before him, many concerning women and some concerning the rights they have over their own bodies. He's being installed to push the Republican agenda. These historic allegations may not be enough to preclude him from this posotion on their own in the view of many people but they're part of a bigger picture when put together with some of his past rulings and comments. Archaic in his views, he should not be allowed the casting vote in the highest court in the US, and certainly not in 2018.
  2. PottyLisa

    Monstrous old scrounger

    I'm sure he would have the means to pay an accountant to handle his intricate and substantial financial affairs.
  3. PottyLisa

    Misuse of Tesco car park

    Dilligaf: YES! Yes you do! He did seem to have many, many fucks to give. He was very generous in that regard.
  4. PottyLisa

    Misuse of Tesco car park

    I miss Dilli too. He did seem to be getting unreasonably angry about stuff, I hope all's well with him. A decent enough bloke. I do not however, miss Tarne. He was just an attention seeking child. Did he get banned?
  5. PottyLisa

    Flat Earth?

    Very strange. I may scan my bicycle proficiency certificate and post that just, because, y'know...
  6. PottyLisa

    Flat Earth?

    What happened? Mushrooms?
  7. PottyLisa

    Mac Miller...

    Ariane Grand was getting a bit of flack over it. Internet people can be a nasty bunch.
  8. PottyLisa

    Let's Do The Theresa May...

    Get her on Strictly! I'd love to see the look on her partner's face when he gets paired up with her.
  9. PottyLisa

    What S*** Luck for MGP

    No, it's actually called Snowflake Syndrome
  10. PottyLisa


    Why not LC? In the face of this lighting fast acquittal? Hang on, you're just trolling aren't you, and I fell for it hook, line etc. You're a scamp aintcha! Oh, edited to add, happy birthday asshole!
  11. PottyLisa


    True Declan, I guess it's to be accepted that there will always be a wide grey area where the threshold for prosecution against vexatious accusations may or may not be met.
  12. PottyLisa


    True Neil, I thank you for you're assistance. Your a good pal!
  13. PottyLisa

    Netflix 4k fireplace

    *spoiler alert* it goes out in season 4, something to do with the writer's strike.
  14. PottyLisa


    Thank you Neil. Was the rest of it ok or was it just the realise/release bit that let me down? \middle finger
  15. PottyLisa


    There is an argument to be made that this Lady should be named if only to protect others from bogus accusation. Granted, she now has a track record but this must have been so unpleasant for the poor man. I have no idea how he's handling it since the verdict but if something happened, and it was a direct result of this accusation, would this girl be in any way culpable? I release this all seems a bit dramatic but I've heard excuses made for her, fuck that. There is NO excuse. Not for this.