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  1. hampsterkahn

    Flat Earth?

    There was a wonderful comment made by a flat earther saying that there were ever increasing numbers of people who were believers ... “ from all four corners of the globe”
  2. By Govspeak I mean the sort of language used in almost any letter headed with a Gov logo. There must be thousands of examples. Last week, for example I saw one which included , “... have commenced planning and scoping of a new project to map and benchmark the provision of..” Battling against the tide of drivel is the Campaign for Plain English, founded in 1979.It has an excellent website designed to help make communication clear and more straighforward by cutting out meaningless, obscure, superfluous and confusing language. It should be required reading for anyone in Gov. If its use becomes more widespread many officials will be be unable to settle at night tormented by the dreaded thought that their letters may have to be understandable.
  3. hampsterkahn

    Homelessness 'complex issue' - Chief Minister

    Regarding poverty. Many of us find it very difficult to understand that there is a need for food banks. Sadly, from my observations , there is a very real need. There should not be a need - but there is.
  4. Apparently, the hospital downgraded the appointment thereby increasing the waiting time. Unfortunately, neither the patient or the referring doctor were informed of this.
  5. hampsterkahn

    Kate's wish list

    The car park seems to cause irritation to those who use it and bewilderement those who are supposed to administer it. The car park is the for users of the hospital. For them it should be free .They (we) have already paid for it to be there specifically for that purpose -ie a car park for the hospital. For those who use it, but are not users of the hospital, they should be prepared to pay.The tax payer has not provided funding for that purpose and such use may impede legitimate users. How this is administered is the duty of the administration.Just get on with it.Again, the tax payer has has already paid for this. If the administration needs inspiration visit a Booths' (or many other such ) and see how they manage to charge the non supermarket users and don't charge their customers. Unfortunately, they will realise those car park users have at least some degree of choice. Instead, they will be tempted to simply charge as much as they can get away with , like many NHS hospitals in the UK. A scramble up the moral high ground to proclaim themselves prudent saviours of precious NHS funds will follow.
  6. hampsterkahn

    Pensioners to lose free prescriptions

    I met an individual at the week-end who I recalled as being a cheerful , well-motivated person who enjoyed working in the NHS .They apparently got on well with other staff and seemed well liked by patients and enjoyed their job - for which they they had spent a good number of years in training. They looked upset .They had not worked for some time and told me of their plans not to return to the job "and just want to get out of it and do something else". Why?Apparently they are harried by "management".They went on to describe how the' triangle " of management in the NHS has become distorted. It has not just become an inverted triangle, but at middle management level there has been considerable "lateral" growth in "sideways promotions" and job creations to produce what this person described as a management structure that now resembled a sort of round-edged plump "diamond shape " .This management bulge bears down on the few at the "sharp end" who, now short in number, and with fewer being recruited or retained become under increasing pressure to do more with less. The impression this individual gave is that moral is low and that the issue of expenditure - important to us all , is not so much at the patient/NHS interface sharp end - be it with nurse,doctor ,technician etc., but at this management bulge, who have little or no patient contact and whose roles seem hard to define yet reputedly pay rather well.
  7. hampsterkahn

    No Cycling on the Mountain during ManxGP

    You too? I know,I know ,it scares my passengers.
  8. hampsterkahn

    No Cycling on the Mountain during ManxGP

    As you get older, you reflect that: 1)human beings are very easily damaged either physically or emotionally and it require frighteningly little energy to maim or extinguish human life. 2) A rather depressing number of people you have known over the years have died for varied but mostly really, really stupid reasons. 3) This makes windy old buggers like me worry on cyclist's behalf- bold , wobbly cyclists that we suddenly encounter on a misty mountain bend with a speed differential of over fifty to sixty miles an hour. They seem very vulnerable.The danger is increased with the increased speed differential and increased traffic density that inevitably happens when lots of motor bikes are here. I have heard the argument that "there hasn't been a problem so far".Given that TT and MGP are only 4 weeks out of 52, this contributes little in any assessment of risk. OK , Some cyclists may be very irritating - and some even downright foolish and arrogant at times, but I certainly do not want to be involved in - or even hear about any of them sustaining even the slightest injury whilst they try and justify their claim to the road.
  9. hampsterkahn

    Tesco to stop providing free plastic bags

    Well, that's me.No one understands. I really must try and curb my pedantry and violence.
  10. hampsterkahn

    Tesco to stop providing free plastic bags

    Never heard that one before. No, it isn't very PC .People who resort to using medical words as terms of abuse also seem unable to spell them correctly- Spina bifida .
  11. hampsterkahn

    Nobles Car Park Charge £5 per hour?

    We are drifting a little bit chaps into how much doctors earn - which though interesting but not really the subject in discussion which is about hospital car park charges. In the UK, the NHS makes a lot of money from charging.It also causes huge resentment amongst those who, for what ever reason , have to park (or try and park )at a hospital. Unable to grasp local problems , there is a tendency to look at NHS UK and copy what happens there .Such unimaginative tinkering can be sometimes be a destructive leveling- down But it will at least have the semblance of "doing something", divert the focus of attention and , if all fails after it is implemented it can provide something that can be magmanimously removed.
  12. hampsterkahn

    Kate's wish list

    Everyone who goes to work ,or is retired and has taxable income has paid for the hospital - and the very large car park. Apparently, though once is not enough , you must pay again and continue to pay again and again. Most people do not regard a hospital - any hospital, as somewhere they rush too unless they taken ill or a family member or friend is taken ill, so it is exploititave to extract money from these reluctant car park users and to try and cover the shortfall in NHS rather tackle issues such as the bloated and inefficient NHS management
  13. hampsterkahn

    No Cycling on the Mountain during ManxGP

    Freedom / Safety incompatibility which applies to many things in society. Increase in either associated with a reciprocal fall in the other. People's perception of where an acceptable balance point should be placed differs - very obviously ,we see. There are freedoms and rights which are worth a morbid or a mortal risk.For me, the freedom to ride a bicycle a few miles a few days a year is not one which I will include when I make up my list but clearly it will rank high on some other people's.
  14. hampsterkahn

    Dementia Village

    Our Gov must be aware of the crisis regarding elderly care and that the closure of Kings Reach is just one of many homes closed by the owners (Four Seasons ) in the last few years? In every case, Four Seasons cite staffing shortages and rising costs causing non viability.Reasons about Kings Reach building being inadequate have been given by the minister(but their own Inspections Unit have been happy to pass it as OK) It is no secret that Four Seasons have been massively in debt for some years and are off-loading anything they can without any regard to residents,families or staff. They have been paying tens of millions a yearjust in interest to service their debts. Since the last elderly care homes disaster (the Southern Cross collapse) Four Seasons have the biggest single provider.They had 370 homes in mid z2015.By Dec2016 they had closed/sold 51 -with plans for more in 2017. There have been several more closures - in March alone several in one area- Doncaster, Sheffield Rotheram and surrounding areas with outrage in the local papers. In England generally care homes beds fell from 18,000 in 2015 to 16,600 by Dec2016. However, the problem is not confined to Four Seasons and their financial woes.Others providers are selling up , pulling out. Care homes , esp. where ther is nursing care and or demntia care , is very staff-intensive.This,despite the fact that the pay is very poor , is a major, if not the major, expense. Add the problem of "cuts" - Social Sevices have in many areas capped payments to homes for providing care for the elderly who can't pay.This has caused the ones who do pay to feel they are paying too much as rates rise claiming that they subsidising the shortfall.. Any organisation that was to provide facilities here for DSS for any form of residential care for the elderly would, I suspect, seek some very firm financial inducements - and guarantees about future funding.
  15. hampsterkahn

    The Bishop cometh

    In an ideal world, a bishop has a role ,albeit historical. In our Island microcosm, there could ,and should, be a role. He (or she ).. frankly , who cares) is in a unique position. There is an opportunity to speak out.They should be answerable to no one.They should able to voice their thoughts about anything - without fear or favour. A unique and obviously very privileged position. However, the very presence of any one unelected goes against the grain in any system that claims to even remotely democratic. From recent experience, such presence has only suceeded in reminding us that we do not yet live in an ideal world. They have proved at best to be rather disappointing.At worst, (to quote an anonymous vicar) to be , "Pricks in purple" but let us at least give any one new a fair chance.