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  1. This car is a 355 and the best of the old type , good ones are very sought after- this one might need a bit of work but it will be seen again
  2. Might be late 90s and cost £65 000 new, but now worth about £95 000, for a good one- more than some newer used models. They are a classic and pity to see it in that state
  3. That pic is the 355 ferrari and well though off. They are a great car
  4. I think the card machine is a big expence so hence the cash only option
  5. Do you seriously think any MHK would be daft enough to introduce £5 an hour parking charges, you would hear the screaming in peel
  6. Nobody gets annual leave down the packet for the TT period, these guys are having a laugh. Time the service was put out to tender
  7. Back to the original post, why the need for 2 staff in the cabinet office - is this extra staff or replacement communication executive and head of dept. Someone pointed out a staff of 7, is it to be still 7 or going up to 9 at a cost of £90 k plus. Why you need 7 is beyond me
  8. The AIS relies on local recievers transmitting the info via the net to the AIS computer, if no local system online then no IS signal as i understand it. They should install a reciever at manx radio ( which AIS will supply i understand plus an aerial ) The vessel transmits a regular signal but there has to be a reciever in the area to put it on the net to the AIS system
  9. Order 6 off or get the gatterling gun version and do a proper job.
  10. Would not bother me if they machine gunned the lot of them, flying longtails which some idiot says are protected, seen the crap on the houses up by douglas head.
  11. The strange thing was why did she stand when she knew she had little support, because of that we ended up with Quayle instead of Cannan me thinks. Agreements beforehand ?.
  12. Anybody notice that we never hear how much payrise they get up at the Power Station, are they limited to the 1% as rest of government depts. Anyone know ?
  13. Someone has to make tough decisions in the DHSS, but the public complain what ever is decided. The IOM gov is avoiding putting up income tax which would give it more room to fund more things. I dont get why these people earning say £80 k plus , do not pay more tax. To make use of the max tax cap of £150 000, you need to be earning about £750 000 a year , other wise you just pay the standard rate. So there are a lot of people earning between 80 and 750k who could be paying more tax and be able to afford it. You cannot keep cutting services, yet allow the big earners an easy ride. They would pay a lot more in the uk I also do not think there is a limit on pension contributions for high earners, so they can drastically reduce their tax liability by big pension contributions, then retire and transfer the pension to monaco and retire there etc, ie no manx tax If you put a limit on pension contributions you would have a bigger tax take.
  14. As i understand it, a CS can retire at 55 but it is reflected in the size of the pension. (number of qualifing years )You dont retire early on a full pension, but if you go on medical grounds the pension can be as much as the normal pension.
  15. All very well if you work in an office, but not practical if you are in a physical job. Add to that night and day shift work and you would never make it