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  1. You might not need fail safe brakes, but an hydraulic accumulator system powered by batteries would be sufficient.
  2. Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    You have a lot of experience as a seafarer then i take it ?
  3. Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Another punter who does not know the dangers of a severe force 9 gale warning, good job the steam packet knows more than you, for everyones safety
  4. A popular decision

    The £150 000 is not income but the contract rate to provide a service
  5. A popular decision

    Who ever gets the job is going to struggle to run the dept, until we get sufficient money to run a good health service. Ypu can have a great servoce if you are willing to pay for it. The gov is good at cutting services but seem scared to increase income tax on the higher earners
  6. Blame the customer.........again........

    As far as i know they have magnets fitted
  7. Blame the customer.........again........

    They will use diesel to get it started and up to operating temperature, i also think they used to run a diesel burner in the flue to ensure the PCBs are burnt off prior to emmission. You used to see a plume from the top of the stack but not these days, makes you wonder if they have stopped having an afterburner in the flue.
  8. Blame the customer.........again........

    The metal is collected from the bottom ash as it is not hot enough to burn it
  9. Eight months? Seriously?

    Might be an idea to save the overhaul money and rebuild it elsewhere, as its due to be flooded again soon.
  10. Ronaldsway Airport

    On the assumption they make a bit more room and get the 2nd scanner working, there is no reason they cannot use office staff during busy periods to staff it, just give them the training as it will give a bit of flexability
  11. Huge Meat Plant Loss

    Its just another version of trying to look like they are doing something that is going to cure the problem, when we all know it has gone beyond that. How can you run a plant losing so much money year on year. If it was an old car you would scrap it.
  12. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    As i understand it, they import it at about 5p a unit and sell it to you and me for 16p. At times when the uk is short, they generate our own and export power for a very good return. So you can have a fully staffed power station importing power and no generators running. The staff just monitor the distribution.
  13. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    If they want to put it there, you will discover the power cable as soon as the 1st liner starts up it bow thrusters as it will wash the top of the cable trench away, such is the output of these thrusters
  14. Beecroft is victim of Beecrofts cost cutting

    It will be interesting to find out how many of these people who needed help with their weekly cleaning have families on the island who should be pitching in and not leaving it to the state. I agree those in need get help but not those who have local family members
  15. If it was found that a jet had been used for full personal use, then as it is registered in the IOM, would we have a recall of the full VAT ? Might be a nice little earner