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  1. Wrong, there was a big sinking in the baltic years later for bow door failure, plus others with water coming in. Bow doors are bad ideas.
  2. Front doors are not popular after some dreadfull accidents / sinkings with them
  3. That would be a waste of money as the length of the ferry is limited by the room in the harbour to turn it around, knock a lump off the end of the victoria pier and u might have more turning room
  4. Last T shirt with TT on it i got was made in china, if they are that interested in make money off the TT name then start making them locally. A new project for the DED to use its new fund on.
  5. As long as the tax payer does not have to put money into it, then let them give it a go.
  6. We could have a design program on road planters , prime examples of this stupidity can be found at union mills. Maybe we could export this idea to use on the M25
  7. It will be interesting to see if it is self financing or another cash cow like manx radio, how on earth do we spend so much money it ?
  8. You just have to look at the bus drivers to see examples of large people, sitting all day with no exercise- makes you wonder if any are off sick with weight related problems. Some jobs require yearly medicals and BMI is part of passing the medical in some cases.
  9. Some people need medical help but the vast majority would do better cutting down on the crap they eat and the amount. You dont see obese people on desert islands with spring water and coconut trees. I dont understand why i am so overweight, pass me the mayo please, to throw on top of my double cheese burger and fries
  10. Modern marine diesels can run on gas or heavy fuel or diesel fuel - the cleaner the fuel, the cleaner the emmissions. Cleanest fuel being gas, but the ship has to be fitted with gas tanks when built. Engine efficiency is dependent on its design and how much of the waste heat you can extract from the exhaust gas to utilise elsewhere and not feed it up the funnel. Hot exhaust is money going up in smoke Modern engines are a world apart from those of 20 years ago, but dont think you can get huge speed out of the boat just by fitting a modern engine- all ships have an economic design speed and the engines are matched to that design. High speed ships as previously mentioned needs lots of power , ie lots of expensive gas oil as fuel.
  11. They have to maintain it sometime, you can't do it all in dock
  12. The bigger cars are paying more in fuel tax so that is probably keeping your Yaris tax down, you cant have it both ways. We all know the roads are in a dreadfull state and they need money to fix them, or do you want more pot holes and lower road tax. Time they got rid of the lowest rate as only a few pence a day- not contributing anything really.(almost free) I hope he kicks the electric car zero rate into the undergrowth as all cars should pay, i dont see them as a special case-if it turns a wheel on the road then it pays to do so. Lets face it they tax the life out of a motorbike in comparison
  13. As this can be spread in the air, how would you isolate them from the rest of the passengers. It would get in the ventilation and distribute it to everyone. The packet were spot on with their action and while it might not be a popular decision it was the correct one - all credit to them
  14. So you would be happy to get on the boat or plane with the pilot or sailors all happy on drugs then ? I think i might be a bit concerned !!