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  1. He was prominant in the photos at the time, interesting he is saying we should look at another promoter, after the bad press this has given the IOM and the costs of this investigation. I find it hard to believe he was so much on the sidelines, but that is what the man says so time will tell when more comes out.
  2. Since it is so underfunded, why do they have this index linking, eating away at the benefits of those still working and contributing.
  3. Do they get a yearly rise as a pensioner of the gov ? In a private industry final salary scheme it is restricted if the fund does not have enough reserves i believe, so as to protect the fund.
  4. I watched the f1 race first
  5. Anybody get stuck behind a horse transporter going to Ramsey- i got behind a yellow one today coming out of Sulby, all 18 mph of it-we did get up to 22 but back to 18 again. Turned off into Glen Auldyn. Would have been quicker if the horse had walked into town. The usual big line of traffic behind it, while i appreciate they need to go at a reduced speed this was a real slow coach.
  6. Given that all these highly paid heads of various dept are now all singing the same song, namely that it was a croc from the start ( i cant help wonder if they are jumping ship in case of blame), who decided to carry on with this this despite their views. Does not hold water with me, time will tell when we get the full story so maybe my views are a bit premature for now
  7. So you will happy to have people driving about 1/2 stoned then, hope they are not on the way to fly the liverpool plane. You deal drugs, u go to the hilton, end off
  8. It has been going into the sea for years at a very low concentration, now it is held back they find it is building up a concentration- no surprize there then. Makes you wonder who was involved in the Marina planning as it is now a big deal. If they dumped it out to sea, it is still the same as if it had been allowed to flow out on its own. They have made their own problems and now it is coming back to haunt them
  9. Do you think you will be able to spot 3 wise men together at this meeting of minds. Lots of minds but can we find 3 off the wise variatory
  10. Just look at the huge number of jobs on the gov web site, so things cannot be that bad. Yet we have the unions going on about control on work permits. I agree on no work permits on the basic trades, ie train our own manx plumbers, leckies, brickies etc but we need some of the others from outside.
  11. The pontoon in monte carlo is close in plus it is not very tidal, if at all in the med. I have seen a 26000 ton cruise ship on it, no problem
  12. Its plays the 1st few minutes but then cuts out.
  13. Anyone hear how the revised road tax rates did in the keys, not seen anything in the media. Are they still going ahead with this stupid idea of no tax on electric cars ?
  14. Relativly speaking, its not a big deal to increase the water depth, it just dends how far out you have to go with the dredging
  15. Nice one, seems to work fine