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  1. If it was found that a jet had been used for full personal use, then as it is registered in the IOM, would we have a recall of the full VAT ? Might be a nice little earner
  2. Pubs closing

    Just look at the state of some of these local pubs, they spend nothing on them - i have to wonder what the visitors think of some of them.
  3. Getting rid of the MLCs and you have the money for this service, would be a popular idea with many
  4. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    At £9500 plus for heating oil for a year, thats about 18 000 ltrs. I wonder if he any radiator valves fitted. Time to turn the radiators down in the empty rooms
  5. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    Its the position and the costs i object to, i dont have a problem with the man himself. It is our stupidity paying so much, with all the add ons etc and then it is tax free ? I wonder if he pays tax on his off island work, as they tax my uk based pension quick enough- we should be taxing his off island income.
  6. Raymotors goes in to liquidation

    How can you be so many years behind with your accounts ?
  7. Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Nearest tug is probably in Liverpool anyway
  8. Laxey bridge

    Yes but it had 17 handles and 13 blades during those years
  9. Rightly or wrongly the pensions have to be paid, as the members contributed during their working life, under the terms of their employment. If this scheme had been setup like a normal private industry final salary scheme, you could taylor the pension to the money available, but here the gov is the pension. Big earners on £150 000 a year and 40 years in gov will probably get 2/3rd salary- just think how much gov investment you need to fund a 100k year pension. They are legally reqd to pay it and the rest of us silly buggers will be taxed more and more to fund it. The fund rules should have been tackled 30 years ago, now its too late
  10. Latest MEA Figures

    I think they import most of the power as its cheaper than generating our own, mind you i hear they still have a lot of people on shift with not too much to do.
  11. Glen Truan Holiday Development

    So you think these people are going to come over to this complex, having paid a lot of money and then sign on at the dole office ? Of course they are going to spend money here.
  12. Glen Truan Holiday Development

    Maybe it is time that the Bride area contributed to the IOM income, as the rates dont benefit anyone else. Not sure i like the bungalow styles but dont have a problem with the general idea. Just look how good the new hotel has been in Ramsey and it is expanding. The Island is in money trouble and this is going to help.
  13. Castletown evacuation

    If they used caustic soda on the trays, there will not be much left now, as it eats holes in the stuff, usually with thick white toxic fumes if i remember right.
  14. Castletown evacuation

    Real overkill, probably used caustic soda on Aluminium , not a good idea but calling the fire engine ??
  15. Ferrari Crashes At Brown Bobby

    This car is a 355 and the best of the old type , good ones are very sought after- this one might need a bit of work but it will be seen again