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  1. Have you ever flounced off the forums and why

    My bags are packed and I'm ready to roll. I'm going home, don't you cry...........
  2. Mf Spotting...

  3. What's Your Favourite Requiem?

    You are quite bloody right, sir! Apologies to Carl Davis.
  4. McDonald's move

    So more of an edging video, really.
  5. What's Your Favourite Requiem?

    I recently had the delight of listening to 'Requiem For My Friend' by Zbigniew Preisner. Preisner composed the haunting theme music to The World At War documentary series.
  6. ID Check on Boats..nah, too much like hard work

    I note that you edited my text to remove the word "a" from my sentence. I assume that was an intentional act of irony.
  7. ID Check on Boats..nah, too much like hard work

    It's not forum etiquette at all! Deliberate misrepresentation is not etiquette anywhere. It's not for you to put words in my mouth. Says a miscreant with a track record of misrepresenting other people and their views on here. Do pipe down.