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  1. Popcorn anyone?
  2. And we can deduce that from your extensive rebuttal of all the points raised in the thread?
  3. Maybe the IOMG have better lawyers than the report writers?
  4. Yes but the only people "winning" in your post are the owners of said industries, not the poor bastards on zero hour contracts or those earning low end wages.
  5. Slip and slide, dodge and weave...
  6. #doyouevenlawyerbro?
  7. His opening "barrage" was trolling 'Speak'. Then when challenged to elaborate and explain his throw away comment he followed up with another throw away comment. I wouldn't expect anything of substance to follow.
  8. The consensus doesn't appear to be in your favour...
  9. Some rats can be cute...but I wouldn't want a nest of the in the house.
  10. Oh I don't disagree with you. But I am sure the police would prefer to concentrate on one "establishment" than seventeen.
  11. Indeed. I had to clear a fish head from the garden yesterday, and now a shoe has appeared in the guttering. I'm confused as to why a species which is so prolific and far spread is considered a protected species.
  12. However, from a logistical view, it would be better for all the pissheads to be in one place rather than spread over 17 establishments all over Douglas town.
  13. So I take it you will be contacting the news paper/site to ask them to remove the comments you didn't make, and ask them to retract the incorrect statements they made?
  14. We have a nest on our chimney at the moment. Bloody noisy mess buggers. Turns out gulls are a protected species, and killing them/chicks, moving the nest/eggs, etc is illegal.