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  1. Wouldn't know about those...being covert and all...
  2. Do you even know if these people you are so angry about even exist?
  4. Obviously...hence being called covert. But covert doesn't always end up being covert...could you imagine the international uproar if an American team was captured attempting to kill KJU? Or the other way around?
  5. I was going to say Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots...
  6. You do understand that such an action is an act of war? And that is the thing about covert ops...the other guys is probably planning the same for you too.
  7. Because that would be the trigger either side would use to justify a war
  9. Still waiting....I will even up the ante...£10 additional to the forums choice of charity.
  10. Back in your cave dinosaur.
  11. That was all I needed to read to see where this thread was long before you start calling him "Sir Nige" again?
  12. Trump a progressive? He has dragged race relations in the country back almost 50 years in the space of 8 months.
  13. No. The Brexiteers who voted for the unknown. But you knew that already.
  14. Don't get them started on Israel either...
  15. You're such a meanie.