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  1. I bet your local goes quiet when a stranger walks in.
  2. Why yes, I both instigate, and post on all manner of topics. You can see for yourself. Funny how perception works.
  3. Ah, that famous warm Manx welcome.
  4. Oliver's Mount. There have been two serious incidents where motorcycles have crashed into spectators causing many injuries. The organisers of the island's road racing should take heed really, it's just a matter of time before similar happens again here with dire consequences.
  5. There must be more medical people involved in the TT than there are competitors. Funny sort of a sport really.
  6. It was my point and it doesn't need explanation. I clarified up to full term. Let's take 7 months as an example, approximately 2 months shy of full term. Would you support a pregnant mother's decision to abort an 7 month pregnancy?
  7. Up to full term then.
  8. Not at the moment, it's illegal.
  9. So you support full term abortion should the expectant mother desire it?
  10. Hmm. Some way to go to catch up with this ship.
  11. So you advocate no laws whatsoever regarding abortion then?
  12. Yeah, you'd have to be mad to open a restaurant on the Isle of Man.
  13. Not really. A woman should be able to make a specific pregnancy her business alone, but generally speaking as an issue it is also society's business.
  14. I think you meant going for a noseup.