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  1. La Colombe

    Rob Callister

    Looking very statesmanlike here.
  2. La Colombe

    Ronaldo Red Card

    Here's another 3 syllables. Beginning with R. Ending in O my God.
  3. La Colombe

    Ronaldo Red Card

    Always fun to see Ronaldo reduced to tears! However, this red card is unwarranted. Absurd even.
  4. La Colombe

    5G Network Radiation?

  5. La Colombe

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Who, rent boys?
  6. La Colombe

    Hong Kong, F Off

    Stupid signwriters.
  7. La Colombe

    Memorial Ride Out

    Service for the latest rider killed on the island ongoing.
  8. La Colombe

    Popular Rider Critical...

    It's an incredible video isn't it? Apparently he had his spleen removed afterwards and he gave it to his dog to eat! The dog would have struggled with his testicles! What with them being made of battered steel! Amazing.
  9. La Colombe


    The way I see it is that there's no need to say something for the sake of saying something without merit. That isn't my cup of tea and it should be left to someone who has some information about the subject matter. If the wide culmination of experience and knowledge on the island and forum were used then we could probably make positive inroads.
  10. La Colombe

    Denis Norden...

    ...has died aged 96.
  11. La Colombe

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    It isn't just expenses, that dumb blog has lifted the lid on just what an expensive indulgence of overblown small town the whole system is on the island.
  12. La Colombe

    3X3's Grand Slam Breakfast

    Three Gags of Man.
  13. La Colombe

    Popular Rider Critical...

    I have no idea. Ballaspur seems to be a bad corner for local riders. It's the same spot that Richard Quayle ran out of talent back in 2003.
  14. La Colombe

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    It is a dull forum.
  15. La Colombe

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    This is a rather boring forum.