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  1. ...on new sex laws. Man, the public. On sex laws. Might as well book the therapy sessions now for those who are going to have to wade through that stuff.
  2. Clinically, completely, and utterly insane? Does Manx Forums exist only in my tortured, fevered mind as I do little but await my next dose of the brutally strong experimentals? Yes, that must be it.
  3. .
  4. That works much better for me than 'Where You Can'.
  5. Eh? Who asked you to name anyone? Notwell tactics indeed...
  6. I really don't know. I've only ever personally known one fatal casualty from heroin abuse and that was from an overdose. It was Gettafa who dramatically posted about multiple deaths from direct heroin use, but he's gone suspiciously silent since being pressed for more details. It seems to be virtually impossible to have a grown up discussion on what is clearly a contentious subject.
  7. Rob Callister says public is concerned about unauthorised use of the TT brand. I must admit, I'm unconcerned. And I'm the public. I'm more concerned about overuse of the word brand.
  8. No, carpet bombing is much better for that job.
  9. On the bright side, the Douglas foghorn sounds amazing. Lovely timbre. Almost magical.
  10. It's the MF way.
  11. Yeah those Mackie's should get back to where they came from.
  12. What physical characteristics are typical of the hardworking, trustworthy Manxman that even a Cambodian would recognise as unlikely to belong to an American?
  13. I remember one night in the Palace Lido quite a long time ago obviously when I witnessed a young lady having her clothed breasts groped quite aggressively by a biker who was obviously a stranger to her. His friends were laughing at this ugly scene, but as she had just taken part in a wet T shirt competition that the Lido management had organised, it was clear they saw her as fair game. She was visibly upset by this. I hope they never bring that seedy tack back to the island.