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  1. I have no idea, I don't know anything about it.
  2. The Bloody Nora virus is usually fatal.
  3. No, but if there were, theirs would be much bigger than ours.
  4. That's very astute of you.
  5. Lol.
  6. Yeah, that was on the mountain road.
  7. I thought they were on his washing line.
  8. What A Member.
  9. So I see. Canada leads the way. They'll make an absolute fortune. The world will be watching. And probably wishing it had been a bit braver.
  10. Don't be silly, it would be grown here.
  11. I don't mind Orbit, he's put out some fairly interesting stuff. You have to get your inspiration from somewhere, why not sometimes blatantly advertise that?
  12. I wouldn't worry about that, choirs are full of people who can't sing, that's pretty much the point of them. Just join one, I think you'd love it.
  13. Lol. Your post makes sense now.
  14. Maybe. Or maybe a 1 fell off the sign.