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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if we were all sort of expecting every page of the redacted report to be scanned, uploaded to a site and the URL shared here and in online media. After that build up we would be otherwise disappointed.
  2. Seagulls are cool, they're like really good at flying. I could watch them fly for like ever. Amazing. Here's an astute observation for the haters from times gone by.
  3. I haven't done one for a while, but I've bought a few kits from the place on South Quay and they've all been about that price. I've still got 3 of those boilers in properties on the island, all of which have had this fix, and all of which have been running like clockwork ever since and signed off each year by Gas Safe engineers which is a necessity of being in rental property.
  4. You can better understand now why Mr Cretney didn't want people to dwell publicly on racers getting decapitated in the island's events. That would definitely frighten off the big names. There's something rather symbolic about people getting beheaded. Not many promoters are ever going to want to be associated with it.
  5. For anyone looking to educate themselves about the Vaillant fix I was referring to, a common problem which in my opinion and experience is in the long run well worth fixing , here is a link to a genuine kit required to do the job. Like I said, cheap copies are also available, but I've only ever bought Vaillant parts so I can't comment on the quality of non genuine parts.
  6. Audio of Mr Cretney's evidence to the committee here. Worth a listen but shocking quality.
  7. Hmm. How much do the SPC owe again? And how much was that power station again?
  8. Hey, violence against birds is getting to be quite a theme with you.
  9. The Hood gonna be rammed bruv...
  10. I doubt we'll ever find out the actual cost.
  11. Hmm. From Line 838. A touch of the Nigerian hook about this. Q291. The Chairman: I think that gets evidenced by the inability at the first bid stage for the TT World Series, where initially – I think it was in the document from The Sports Consultancy – where they said, ‘We have some big names interested’ and then we went on to spend another amount of money and then after spending that money and then getting the first expressions of interest back, the big names were not interested because of the danger of fatality in an event.
  12. I'm bored of you now.
  13. Bring it on! It will be carnage! Oh. P'raps not.
  14. It's like a study in how not to go about things.
  15. Sorry, what advice was that again?