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  1. Verne Troyer...

    It's all very well having a cheap laugh at the expense of those with dwarfism, but here's a sobering and damning reflection on the Mini Me role played by Verne Troyer in the shallow Austin Powers films.
  2. Dogshit Map...

    I prefer "stick and kick".
  3. Countdown Censorship

    Tee hee! Bumhole! So rude.
  4. Spineless or what

    Scallops are marine invertebrates.
  5. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Ok, your five minutes of a cheap laugh are up, not really fair to leave it up any longer.
  6. Verne Troyer...

    It's a shame, such a short life. And he died pretty young too.
  7. Manx Mafia General Discussion

    FoS: Thingyman.
  8. Primary School Development Standards.

    Yeah but his mother was a serial killer.
  9. Prince Charles - head of the Commonwealth

    You already are.
  10. Dogshit Map...

    I left a couple of rubble sacks full of asbestos on Marine Drive the other day. I didn't fancy carrying them around in my boot you see. I'll go and pick them up next week. Probably. The fact that I bagged it up shows my clear intention not to leave it there.
  11. Verne Troyer...

    ...has died, aged 49.
  12. Countdown Censorship

  13. Dogshit Map...

    ...to shame dogshitters to maybe be rolled out across the UK. Good idea. Hopefully the island too. It's like dogshit crazy out there.
  14. Prince Charles - head of the Commonwealth

    Ah, one I would venture to suggest short of a full house.
  15. Arsene Wenger

    There's a big difference between being a Liverpool supporter from Liverpool and a Liverpool supporter from the Isle of Man.