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  1. Dirty Buggane

    Steam Packet to be sold

  2. Dirty Buggane

    Steam Packet to be sold

    All I see is more and more desperate rolling of the dice to try and prop up cs pension scheme. Love the way Cannel said the creeping hand of off island owners will no longer be felt steeling money out of you and your childrens pockets. No from now on it will be the Goverment
  3. Dirty Buggane

    Globetrotter at it again

    If it did emerge that Mr Quayle did refuse to accept an invite to represent the IOM at an event, I for one would breathe a sigh of relief IMHO
  4. Dirty Buggane

    Shopshite Chester Street

    Like it Douglas Borough Corporation and not the asshole rebranding as a council do they not realise as a council they can not collect rates or charges and have to rely handouts from Goverment. Any way back to the story, DBC wanting to rip out pay and display and introduce extreamly expensive NPR system with its barriers and ludicros pay machines. Will not say how much it costs per annum. And replace the one man/woman to go checking pay and display tickets on £12:00 per hour to save money oh and the £300,000 start up money for the system+instalation. The gov told them to go fuck themselves maybee this is why Mcnichol is upset
  5. Dirty Buggane

    Manx Driving

    Not wishing to shock you. Totaly agree inability to get in lanes and swinging out to the right(sometimes into the other lane)to turn left.
  6. Dirty Buggane

    Globetrotter at it again

    Just listend to the buffoon going on about all the meetings he has been having and how they will save the economy maybee not today as these things take time. but in thirty years you watch. Also alluded to meetings in Aus, so there he is paving the way for them expences claim. On holiday paying it myself my arse. This man is raking millions from public purse and he cannot pay £10,00 for a holiday I rue the day he became chief minister. Numpty
  7. Dirty Buggane

    More argy Bargy over social housing rents

    Would be interested to see the actual amount of rent the goverment picks up every week from the 4,000 property's they rent out. Just doing what the gov do plucking a number out of thin air
  8. Monorail all together now
  9. Dirty Buggane

    Road Safety Consultation

    And we all know what a sparkling succes the drug and alchohol statergy was.
  10. Dirty Buggane

    Nobles park. The Peoples Park

    Sorry forgot to add Gov own foot print of the pit,'s and control tower just stole land for the return lane. And the place they are parking now is the camping area
  11. Dirty Buggane

    Nobles park. The Peoples Park

    No pitch and putt . a third of the park is given over to a dog toilet. Police used to park on the hard paddock area and never police vehicles. Just seems to be that crapped out surveilance vehicle that has been as much use in crowd (over six people on the island) control as an ash tray on a bicycle
  12. Dirty Buggane

    Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    For god's sake (other deity's are availible) Do not give them ideas. Another £300,000 on electronic barriers
  13. Dirty Buggane

    Nobles park. The Peoples Park

    Since when has the police/department of home affairs had permission to use the camp ground in the park as an over spill car park since they took up all the parking with shiney new cells. when they traditionaly used the hard standing paddock area, again with who's permission. while I understand it is an extra 50 yards to walk in inclement weather if it ai'nt brought to brook now the goverment will think they and not the people of Douglas own this property.
  14. Dirty Buggane

    Biosphere Bolloc*s?

    And along comes a
  15. Dirty Buggane

    Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves!

    So fuck all