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  1. Dirty Buggane

    Police ready to race to the scene

    So last week I know, but noticed a police bike at the lights at the bottom of Broadway and that in its self is a rarety. But what I did notice is he was adorned in knee sliders and wondered why?, do they have to travel at such speeds they require them. As far as I am aware the only reason they are worn is to aid the knee to slide whilst on the floor and no protection what's so ever from impact infact more likely to cause injury.
  2. Dirty Buggane

    Horse Trams

    Also do the drivers know the highway code. Only saying as the tram just ignored the red light. So is this just ignorance or lack of training
  3. Dirty Buggane

    Disabled parking missuse

    This has been one of the most light hearted and informative threads I have been privy to and therefore just waiting for the first asshole to turn up. It was not tesco's specific but have noted the parent and fifteen and pimply parking seems to attract an awfull lot of women and screaming sprogs. The same go'es for the I am using the disabilty badge because i am picking up there prescriptiom/shopping/dry cleening. And also it is my badge and i park here and wait for my abled bodied wife to go shopping, what do you mean drop her off and pick her up later I have a badge
  4. Dirty Buggane

    Disabled parking missuse

    Just walking past a row of cars parked in disabled spaces and was amazed to see roughly 50% not displaying badges so I decided to take note of other parking area's and it seems to be the norm as a lot are being used without badges displayed. Is this because they are awaiting badges or just lazy twats who think who's going check. And /or i'm on private property what are they going to do. Who would you get in touch with if you are suspiciouse about badge missuse or is that like the traffic squad non exsistant Views anybody
  5. Dirty Buggane

    World Cup Final

    I for one definitely would mind if any of my tax or rates went to pay for this. Not enough truck trials shown on celestial TV.
  6. Dirty Buggane

    £6m spent on new bus fleet

    With out knowing how many buses, price each is hard to work out. But if basic price is £35.000 and buying in bulk I would expect the price to be consideraly discounted and if we bought 40 new mini buses your telling me its going to cost the best of £120,000 to fit each vehicle out. I for one would not consider that value for money. sorry just read the post as was writing . Lifts for goods or wheel chairs are not that pricey less seats less cost what do you need to fit for dial a ride and if i'm not rong some body qouted 89,000 for the single deckers
  7. Dirty Buggane

    £6m spent on new bus fleet

    Just been looking at teletext and I see the NHS is procuring 256 new ambulances at a cost of £36.3 million. A few rough calculations on the back of a fag packet I work out that for £6 million they would get 39 fully equiped ambulances at a cost of £152,000 each. How many new buses have we aquired and how much have we payed for basicaly for vans with seats and a bit of carpet. And is there any saloons in that price.
  8. Dirty Buggane

    Manx words and phrases added to the OED

    I am a bit confused (easley done most day's) are we now saying doing a Chris Thomas means you are being a prick.
  9. Dirty Buggane

    Gubay v Drower et al

    Did I see a Gubay Foundation sign up on the wall by the old mill at the entrance to the nunnery. Was driving past about 4/5 weeks ago I think, some people on a wagon not sure if they were taking it down or putting it up
  10. Dirty Buggane

    Gubay v Drower et al

    Wonder how much Mr Tango begot by bullying/greasing the wheels aledgedly on the Mount Murrey fiasco
  11. Dirty Buggane

    Smart Meters are coming

    Who pays for the smart meter to phone home with 2G/3G/4G/5G. and no point in using less, price will rise to meet the loss, can not have less with the huge debt to service. Not to pay off just to service
  12. Dirty Buggane

    Red Cross lose contract for patient transfer

    About buses anybody seen the new purple one's doing the rounds on english plates. Are they just try before buy and if so why, are the Mercs buggered already or just Longworth money getting short ?
  13. Dirty Buggane

    Fun Fair

    Corpy do not/cannot charge for the prom as it is the DOI property. They can charge for all the parking spaces that are taken up by the tents on the bottle neck.
  14. Dirty Buggane

    Chief Minister summons new MLCs

    Or not
  15. Dirty Buggane

    Chief Minister summons new MLCs

    I myself have upgraded him from buffoon to pillock, but big useless C works