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  1. Haha, funny result, there may be someone like that kind of tea.
  2. Thanks for sharing the recipes.
  3. It seems that there isnot detailed recipe to make. Just follow your mind.
  4. The iced apple-mint sparkling tea recipe has the coolness of mint, the sweetness of apple, the fresh taste of green tea, and the delight of a little fizz. It's summery and refreshing in all the right ways. You can have a try if you like.
  5. The media makes comics more vibrant, and now I generally do not read comic books, but watching comic drama.
  6. Exactly !
  7. Watching comics is also a way to relax, and did not addict to, I also like traveling .
  8. In our childhood, everyone loved watching the cartoons of course, then as we grew up we started to watch comics.
  9. No one love J-comics ?
  10. You are a great person, but cartoons are not as bad as you think, it's just a casual way to relax.
  11. I have graduated from college.
  12. No, I‘m not.
  13. Because my teeth are not so healthy, I can not drink carbonated drinks, so I try to avoid drinking soda, I miss the taste of soda.
  14. When I was young, I was an anime fan. My favorite cartoon character is Jimmy Kudo. I like the story between him and his partner Ran Mouri, his keen insight into the case is really powerful. But since I went to college, I almost never watched anime, but began to watch Korean drama and Japanese drama, as well as variety shows. As I grow up, I have lose the original blood, more attention to the life video. My study room also has the former people sent me the Detective Conan's articles, that witness my youth, and is my memories of youth. I hope oneday, I can still remember this sentiment.
  15. sorry, not so much like drink.