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  1. I stand to be corrected.
  2. I am afraid you are wrong. Any councilor missing three meetings in a row is out!
  3. Do the research like I did you lazy git!
  4. I do now All told the figure is almost half a billion......PER YEAR!!!
  5. You are having a laugh!
  6. Do you know how much the Isle of Man pays the UK Government every year in VAT?. And how much for the Navy to park their warships in Douglas harbour (And shag the local girls silly?) and for the UK Air Force to touch down their undercarriages on Ronaldsway?.....and the list goes on.
  7. What corruption and lord knows what? Please tell.
  8. Gum! Is that a spelling mistake?
  9. Doh! I only just got this one. No I am not JC
  10. Well said.
  11. To who?
  12. Your right and I will try to behave myself from now
  13. You very obviously don't get it do you!
  14. Corrected: Are you happy? Now fuck off!
  15. As do the majority of the MHK's I nearly did 20 years ago but I am much wiser now No and no. As they say: once bitten twice shy. It's good to talk and get things off ones chest.