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  1. It seems to suggest if your a local kid in school no point going into work on the island as you won't be trained or supported and be able to build a career, you might as well leave. Which I am willing to bet is probably why none of the university graduates return either
  2. I was listening to manx radio this morning and they were talking about work permits being discussed this week in tynwald. One of the things they were saying was that business were struggling to find people with the necessary skills on the island, which is why they are going further a field. so business's say the skills arnt here, why are they not training and educating people here on the island so they have the skills rather than buying it all in?
  3. With everything said in this forum.....who's bright idea was it to allow mr callister to announce homestay stuff on Facebook and then let him reply to every comment. does the iom govt have the equivalent of spin doctors and stuff?? if they do might be worth getti some new ones
  4. Who did the bollocking?
  5. Just been looking through mr callister so blog again. Does anyone know what this statement was about within it, what happened?? The next 40 minutes of my day was spent refuting silly comments and allegations regarding my use of Facebook, started by someone clearly out to cause trouble. What angered me most was the clear lack of respect towards me - instead of asking me directly, their allegations were based on third hand information, which was clearly wrong and I was able to show that. Will I get an apology? I doubt it......... Will I continue to use Facebook to engage with Constituents? Yes I will.
  6. It's only raised £85 lol it seems all the sympathy and out rage people displayed didn't extend to their pockets lol
  7. Does anyone know what happened with the woman in the tent in her garden? That went quiet very quickly?
  8. Why does it matter that he called it a day at 20.55 why does he have to be so specific nobody cares he could of said he finished around 9. I just don't get it, what is the benefit of being so anal with times?
  9. Order is resumed welcome back cueball
  10. To Ben fair this sounds excactly like Rc in every way lol
  11. Could do with a highlights reel for robs blog as I can't be bothered to read it
  12. Thank you for clearing that up.
  13. Did you see his hand in the bushys deal. I bet that makes the blog
  14. So I'm confused mr callister will answer questions if you message him personally and privately, but if you ask in the public domain he won't answer it?? Have I got this wrong?
  15. At least they got to give there kit ago