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  1. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    Where were the missing 6000?
  2. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    No. Read the post properly. I thought it was a waste of time before that - and held that view in my former career too. Safety checks on PSV and HGV types are wholly sensible as they are bigger(apart from taxis) and invariably revenue generating which may lead to corners being cut. In respect of the motor car, as with so much else in life, the onus should be on the keeper. There is some merit on an import test, but in the case of a UK imported vehicle, I believe a recent MOT would suffice, thus meaning we could keep Test Centre staffing low, decreasing weight on the public purse. Just trying to look at ways of streamlining and saving money.
  3. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    With 95% of collisions being down to driver error, I’ve always been averse to the extra layer of bureaucracy that MOT testing would add here. Introducing it now, with the improvements in all modern vehicles, could be reasoned as unnecessary. Staff savings could be maintained if an imported vehicle which had a UK MOT in the last 28 Days, say, was exempt. I’m bringing a car in next week. It’s being MOT’d today, and then will be tested when the VTC can fit me in. Is that entirely necessary? It’s a test for roadworthiness, and there is a high level of integrity in the UK system these days. This would leave the staff to concentrate on public service vehicles and olds vehicles over 3.5 tones, as well as supporting the police. just a thought....
  4. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    A place this size hasn’t the resources to effectively plan for an unclear situation
  5. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    Trust me - it was like that WITH the heating on. The place is rotten. It needs £250k spending on it.
  6. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    Turning the economy round and making growth more inclusive with a focus on lower and median earnings - The economy is struggling and I know of several opportunities to bring industry here which has hit the buffers because of the approach of Government. Lower and median earnings are great, but they provide little in the way of income tax return, so residents are being hit in other ways. Unless you are earning over c.£45k, it is cheaper to live in the NW of England. more efficient delivery of public services - not so far. All that has happened is that local authorities (all 22 of them) have been burdened with stuff that in a population of 80k only make sense to be delivered centrally. There are still too many managers in many positions. encouraging development of some of the capital's brownfield sites - Its not about encouraging, its about enabling. And there are some perfectly good buildings lying completely empty. Why is that? What breaks are being given to encourage occupation? sorting out public and state pensions for the long term - irrecoverable. Such has been the level of public sector bloat, that we have no ability to do so without cuts, or running at a defecit. tackling generational unfairness issues - what does this even mean? focusing health and care, etc - I'd dispute this. The health service is caught in the headlights and needs a complete shock and awe reset. focusing on the quality of life, opportunity, inclusivity to encourage people to want to live and work here - this is the point; I said a number of years ago to Anne Craine, that it was important to be careful that the island didn't just become 'a nice place to live' (as in nice views, glens, etc.) When you are a windswept rock in the middle of the Irish Sea you really really need to have a massive incentive to make people want come and live here - or indeed stay living here. Year of Our Island is the cart before the horse.
  7. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    You are bang on Chris, but smoke and mirrors won’t achieve that. These things are achieved by proper, incisive and decisive work on improving healthcare, education, security, and making it easy to do business here. YOOI and to an extent, Biosphere are sideshows compared to the real issues. We have to start making some sh*t or bust moves, or it is likely that, despite some real promise, this administration is going to achieve little more than the last one. I sincerely hope that is recognized, and that we see some developments in short order.
  8. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    I know John, I enjoyed the multitude of debates we had on the subject too. It was a minutae in a Code though, as opposed to some of the wholesale buggering about that prevails. I hope you are keeping improved health my friend. Derek
  9. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    Let’s not start that one again. I notice they still haven’t done any of the amendments whatsoever. Unbelievable
  10. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    Perfectly good UK legislation is specially ruined for the Isle of Man. We see it time and time again. Messed about with for absolutely no good reason other than to be “different”. All it does is create problems. We managed to keep the Theft Act and Misuse of Drugs Act intact. Why we can’t manage that with everything else is beyond me.
  11. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    One of the things I liked about the cops (and towards the end it was a short list) was the mission statement of “keeping people safe”. If you were going to come up with something, you could use it as a terms of reference, As in “is what I am doing/going to do/ propose going to....” It does make you wonder if there should be a similar focus for a few years: - Will this keep people healthy/ make them better? - Will this educate People? - Will this keep people safe? - Do we need to Spend this? if one of the top three is answered “yes” along with number 4, then crack on. Otherwise, it can wait.
  12. Manx Radio

    It will be interesting to see what happens up on the hill. Tim hasn’t replaced himself, and now Tanya has gone, they are effectively two down. And one of the BBC crew has gone to the UK too.....