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  1. Expatriate

    More pathetic Police state laws

    I'm not sure that they just randomly came around and took it. The piece that car failed to stop when they directed it to. So far as I know if the police direct you to stop you have to comply. This geezer didn't comply and because of that offence they've impounded his car.
  2. Expatriate

    Still cheap then

    And of course I have paid off my mortgage, as will most of the right wing wankers who are drawn to this site and like to pick on poor people, whilst Local Authority tenants will never stop having to pay rent. Lets not let the facts get in the way of a good old fashioned bout of cliché mongering. Only 32% of people in social housing are in any kind of employment and almost all of that is part time and low paid and zero hours. Council estates were meant to provide decent housing for the working classes but they tend to be full of the non working classes now. Which isn't to say that somebody might get lucky and earn a few quid and so pay their tax and their rates as well as their rent but they are expected to lose their home as a consequence? Or they inherit some money and they get evicted? Why does living on a council estate mean that, as a matter of course, if you manage to break out of the cycle of poverty almost everyone of your neighbours is trapped in you have to go and live somewhere else? Not only are you poor and struggling to get by and live somewhere most of us would avoid at all costs you don't have any rights. As the boy said, stick it up your arse you right wing wankers...
  3. Expatriate

    Irish Border Question

    The Isle of Man would have to be a sovereign nation that was once a British colony to be a member of the Commonwealth and it isn't a sovereign nation. Following the Act of Revestment the Crown simply kept it whilst allowing it some limited self governance under the watchful eye of the Crown's agent, the Lt Gov. 'British Islands' is just a legal term Barrie dating back to 1889 which is why your passport has term on it. It basically means this is a place under the ownership of the British crown which we let mostly look after itself. Don't forget that the Isle of Man had no effective self governance until 1866. Protocol 3 is a bit of a mixed blessing isn't it? It allows for the Isle of Man to trade freely with the EU but doesn't give the Isle of Man access to the EU structural funds for, for example, fishing and agriculture and it doesn't allow the free movement of Manx persons into the EU. Mind you Barrie the entire country is going to hell in a hand cart given that we're going to be paying £55 billion or so over decades to come so that we can no longer enjoy free trade with our biggest trading partner...
  4. Expatriate

    Irish Border Question

  5. Expatriate

    Pop in for a cup of tea and a chat

    Isn't this just what politicians refer to as a 'surgery'? The sort of thing my MP does every week. How does it even rate a mention in the local blats?
  6. Expatriate

    Age Concern 'shocked' at Meals on Wheels funding blow

    Yep- you can add my old Ma to that list. The food isn't rubbish, quite the opposite in fact. Perhaps more importantly though it's those three visits a week from someone who isn't a family member which help get that vital link to the outside world and help her feel like she's still a part of it. Bastard Beecroft or whoever thought this heartless nonsense up...
  7. Expatriate

    Time to get Rid?

    It was ever thus: this from A W Moore's 'Douglas 100 years ago' written in 1904: 'The immigrants, however, can not have been numerous, for, as late as 1773,: we find the Rev. Philip Moore expressing wonder that people of "middling easy fortunes don't retire to the Isle of Man, where the necessaries and even the luxuries of life are exceeding cheap and in great abundance, where a small family or a single person can live better on £60 or £70 a year than in England for £150, and so on in proportion." A few years later, however, the same authority informs us that several families arrived, induced thereto by "a puff in the papers of such cheap and elegant living in Mona." After the Peace of Versailles, in 1783, some half-pay officers and their families arrived, and they were accompanied, by many of those who found it inconvenient to pay their debts. Nearly all these people settled in Douglas. But it was not till after the war with France broke out, in 1793, that members of the latter class, driven from France thereby, came to Man in any great numbers'. and 'As regards Douglas society, we learn, from Robertson, that it is "considerably indebted to the English," who "have given life and geniality to the town ; and have contributed to polish the manners of the natives." He informs us that "convivial societies, assemblies, and card-parties are now frequent among the higher circles of Douglas. Whist is their favourite game; and they seldom play high. Cards are, however, introduced on every occasion, and generally accompanied with a plenitude of excellent wines'. And 'The local Manx are, generally speaking, are independent, indolent, dissipated, and, above all, curious after every trifling occurrence that may supply food for conversation, in which defamation bears no inconsiderable part'. And 'At first . . the natives, dazzled by the polished manners and superior acquirements of their visitors, opened their hearts and their houses to them; but this cordiality was short lived. Gold had, at this time, become one of the household gods of the Manx, and it was not possible to preserve this deity inviolate from the attacks of strangers, hence arose suspicion on one aide, and contempt on the other, in that, at last, both parties drew off into separate associations, and all chance of conciliation was at an end'.
  8. Expatriate

    Time to get Rid?

    Bloody 'ell- me mother lives at Waverley Court is that in the no go area?
  9. What if you just like getting pissed? Can't I manifest love and kindness after a couple of jars? There's a lot of this jailing people for not being capable of looking after their animals properly. A woman round our way was sent down for having a house load of cats all in a miserable condition she just couldn't see, even when it was pointed out to her. The RSPCA could have simply removed the cats and taken care of them and the woman concerned could have been given some help to better understand why so many cats were not good for her or them, but no, a weak, vulnerable, disorientated elderly person banged up. Who is that helping?
  10. Expatriate

    Living on an Island

    “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” ― Groucho Marx
  11. Expatriate

    IoM Teachers 'worst off' in British Isles

    We seem to be talking about two different things. Stu called the country I live in a 'festering shit hole' etc etc. I asked him where he meant, given that its a fair description of some places in the UK and he said everywhere other than some unspecified towns. Clearly, that isn't fair and it irritated me, much as I seem to have irritated you.. Now he may have meant that anywhere other than the Isle of Man is a festering shit hole, which really is risible, but I assumed he meant the places where the poor people live, given that they tend to live in the most undesirable areas and tend to get in the most trouble. In common with the UK the Isle of Man has areas of severe income deprivation so if there are festering shitholes in the UK due to poverty there are festering shot holes on the Isle of Man due to poverty, if that's how you choose to describe them. That is a situation which is known and can be proved to be true; it is a fact that there is severe income deprivation on the Isle of Man. Your government regularly publishes a social needs assessment. Google it, its on page 12. We seem to be disagreeing about how deep the hole is, how much shit is in it and how long its been festering. You seem to be certain that there is more shit in UK shitholes than there could possibly be on the Isle of Man and that it hasn't festered as badly. I don't think you can know that and that you hold this belief as a prejudice.
  12. Expatriate

    IoM Teachers 'worst off' in British Isles

    No, it isn't a fact. The festering shitholes on the Isle of Man, and there are, at least according to the government are in Douglas, Ramsey and Castletown and are closely linked to areas of social housing. Much as they are in the UK. I have no idea how 'degenerate' they are, and nor do you, but in terms of income deprivation they match similar areas in the UK.
  13. Expatriate

    What if the UK replaced VAT with a sales tax?

    This is way more attention than anything Farage says deserves. Except, I suppose, whatever the implications of the brexit bollocks he helped orchestrate ends up having on the Isle of Man.
  14. Expatriate

    IoM Teachers 'worst off' in British Isles

    Let me get this straight then, you're not saying that parts of UK cities and towns are 'festering shit holes full of deadbeats, criminals and feral youths', much like, say, parts of Douglas are festering shit holes etc etc, you're saying all UK cities and most UK towns are all, without exception, in their entireties, festering shit holes. (You're section on their alleged lower quality of life for the people who live there compared to the Isle of Man is redundant, given your view that they are all festering shit holes they must have a lower quality of life living as they do in festering shit holes full of criminals etc etc). Had you said that the Isle of Man is a fine place to live although not without it's own patches of shitholery, as are thousands of other places in the British Isles I could have agreed with you, but given the extraordinary stupidity of you characterising an entire country as you have, compared to your pleasant enough but little wind swept outcrop in the Irish Sea, I'll have to disagree. I wouldn't want to be associated with such a backward way of thinking. How the fuck you managed to spend forty three years living in a country and learn nothing about it other than its all a shithole says more about you than it does the UK.
  15. Expatriate

    IoM Teachers 'worst off' in British Isles

    'The majority'. Where then?