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  1. Nonsense. If you watch the video I posted, you can clearly see there was violence on both sides. We know at least one side was being organised by George Soros.
  2. Translation from Bullshit to English: you have no clue.
  3. But he is behind loads of these groups. You can use these terms like "conspiracy theorist" (a term, on record, invented and perpetuated by the US intelligence services to discredit anyone who questioned the Warren Commission Report back in the '60s) but it doesn't change the fact that it's true. P.S. I'm not right-wing.
  4. Also, it's a fact that the PC Brigade had Andrew Jackson (one of the greatest presidents in history) replaced on the $20 note with Harriet Tubman, basically because she was black. It's pretty obvious they're deliberately trying to wind people up and start a race war.
  5. Move it where? And the protest was intended to be peaceful. It only became violent because of far left ANTIFA (George Soros funded) provocateurs being allowed to attack the protestors, because the Police let them. The dick head in the car was not an organiser of the event so you can hardly blame them for his actions.
  6. Apologies, you didn't use the term "rally". I was just reading a heavily biased article about the Charlottesville event in another browser tab and got it mixed up with your post. If we can stop focusing on the obvious George Soros funded agent provocateur events during the protest for a moment, I'm trying to explain the rationale behind protest. It was not racist in nature, but a reaction to the taking down of Civil War and Founding Fathers monuments by the PC Brigade. For you to just lump everyone in as "racist" is not constructive, nor is it accurate.
  7. These are people concerned about the taking down of Civil War monuments. If they were erected in the early-mid 20th century, that is irrelevant. Why take them down now? We're talking about soldiers or generals who fought for the South, on the Confederate side. The idea that the South was fighting to preserve slavery has long been debunked as a Unionist propaganda talking point of the time. It was already known at the time of the US Civil War that slave labour was no longer economically viable due to the Industrial Revolution in Britain. Slavery was inevitably going to end with or without a war, but ultimately it had nothing to do with the real reasons for the US Civil War. It's a shame so many people have bought into fake history. I am not defending the people involved in this protest, which you purposely call a "rally" because you know it has Third Reich connotations. The organisers are "white nationalists" which is not the same as being neo-Nazi or KKK. If the latter two showed up, that's not the fault of the organisers. The real fault here lies with the PC Bridage for taking down Civil War monuments. The protest would never have happened were it not for this. The US is going completely mental with all this racist nonsense. To take down monuments is clearly a provocation. And it's not just Civil War monuments. They're also going after monuments of the Founding Fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, because they owned slaves. It's political correctness gone mad. And yes there is a shadow government. Nobody with a brain disputes this.
  8. I agree. I bet you £5 the radical far left and radical far right, the racist white groups, the racist black groups, are all led by shadow government operatives, playing everybody off against each other. The last thing the people in power want is for normal people of all backgrounds and beliefs to realise that actually all pretty much the same in their hopes and dreams and they're all being screwed over by the same people. Then people might start uniting against their common enemy. Can't have that.
  9. Where to begin with your usual errors. 1. The organisers are not neo-Nazis or KKK but "white nationalists". There's a difference: they're a reactionary movement, not an inherently racist movement in the popularly used sense. 2. The event wasn't about promoting racism but protesting against the taking down of US Civil War monuments (e.g. statues) of the Confederate side. Should these monuments really be taken down and history rewritten? The answer is no, and the people who are pushing to do this are deliberately provoking people. 3. Trump has repeatedly disavowed and rejected the KKK and all racists for over a decade. Literally, he has been repeatedly asked to disavow, and he has done so, yet the media just kept on pretending he hadn't, so kept asking him to disavow. This is a typical propaganda trick by the media to make it look like somebody hasn't answered a question or, as in this case, disavowed something. It's fake news. 4. The Police didn't stop ANTIFA (leftist lunatics) from attacking people which is the cause of much of the violence at the event. The demonstration itself was intended to be peaceful and the person responsible for driving into a crowd was not an organiser of the event and we have yet to find out full details. So let's not jump to assumptions. 5. While it's true that the United States fought in World War II to defeat the Nazis, the people in power were really more interested in preventing the invasion of Europe by the Soviet Union and the spread of Communism. During and after the War, the United States worked with leading Nazis to bring them to the United States or to help them flee to South America. The CIA was pretty much founded by German Nazis who were brought in to the country. So it's debatable whether its government was ever really opposed to Nazism. It has certainly supported it in various guises around the world in the name of spreading "democracy" and fighting the "commies".
  10. I think the point may be missed on many of you but Barrie actually believes or is at least claiming to believe this bollocks. That is dangerous and a threat to anyone who may be taken in by "clairvoyants" and other charlatans. If you want some fun-filled ghost stories, go buy Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark DVD boxsets........
  11. Who said anything about this forum? I read all the newspapers, listen to the radio. I was unaware of this auction and even if I was aware of it, I'd be powerless to do anything. Money talks.
  12. It may be the way things are sadly done here on the Isle of Man, but there is nothing "Manx" about it. The low life ilk involved are invariably not from this island, having imported their sociopathic and predatory ways from the United Kingdom.
  13. Really? This thread is the first I've heard about it.
  14. My thoughts exactly. It is also my understanding that Coroners don't actually receive a state salary, but rely on commission from the money they "obtain".