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  1. ‘Free’ Nelson Manndela

    It the denial of the obvious; that Nelson Mandela most certainly did have money in the Isle of Man that annoyed me the most. As you say I’d expect people like him and Lewis Hamilton etc to have done that as we are a professional jurisdiction with good quality legal and trust firms. But why start a story claiming categorically there is no Manx connection and then within it provide a whole pile of information that conclusively shows that there was a connection.
  2. ‘Free’ Nelson Manndela

    I’m getting very confused by a lot of the Manx media statements over the Paradise Papers and I now find that I’m applying Cue Balls waffle/bullshit test to many none Rob Callister media statements. This ‘report’ (I use the word loosely as really it’s been positioned as a non report which then reports on the matter it claims hasn’t happened) from Manx Radio regarding Nelson Mandela Manx connections really sets out to muddy the waters from what I can see. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mandelas-manx-millions/ The story goes: “Free legs of Manndela Nelson Mandela is among the increasingly unlikely list of names tied up with the Isle of Man in the Paradise Papers. So they suggest as their opening premise that it’s completely unlikely that Mandela ever had a trust, or anything else, linking him to the IOM The massive data leak has revealed evidence of a Manx trust fund set up in the late South African leader's name - as Alex Bell reports: But then they immediately admit there is evidence that he actually did have a trust in the IOM as it’s reported in the Paradise Papers Five years after his release from prison in 1990, the then-President founded Mad Trust as a way to distribute funds to freedom projects around the globe. That's at least according to one of its trustees, Mandela's lawyer Ismail Ayob - who claims the Isle of Man was used to get around the difficulties of moving money in and out of Apartheid-era South Africa. So next they confirm that he did set up a trust in the Isle of Man contrary to their opening claim of it being unlikely that Mandela ever had any connection to the Isle of Man. But questions have been raised as to whether Mandela ever knew about his offshore dealings, and if so, whether he would have approved. Next they confirm again that the trust existed even though they open by saying they believe any Isle of Man link to Mandela is extremely unlikely A posthumous court battle between Mandela's estate and Ayob enlisted the help of Douglas firms Appleby and Maitland - whose bosses suggested the trust may have been void from the outset. So there was a trust and his estate knew about it enough to engage in legal action after his death. Yet Manx Radio opened by saying they believe that the Mandela link to the IOM is extremely unlikely and that even if there was a link he probably didn’t know anything about it. Mad Trust's assets of 18 million Rand (£955,247) were handed back to Mandela's estate three years ago” So they close with a further report that it was his money and also confirm that he got it back after this death after a legal battle which is totally contrary to their opening claim that they don’t believe Mandela ever had any connection to the IOM. Clearly he did have a trust in the IOM, and clearly his executors knew about it (so he must have known about it too in order to advise them) as they started a legal claim, won it, and got the money back for his estate after his death. So what is the point of Manx Radios opening claim that they think that it is unlikely that Mandela ever had any connection to a structure in the IOM, and that even if he did he probably didn’t know about it, when clearly they go on to report in the exact same story that most certainly he did.
  3. Rob callister mhk

    The People’s Prince was always a clear aspiration: https://cueballsdiaryofasadman.wordpress.com/2017/09/01/this-week-ending-1st-september/
  4. Rob callister mhk

    I note most of the questions raised earlier in this thread still remain outstanding. I assume we’ll never clear up the Teddy issue now.
  5. Rob callister mhk

    I seriously doubt it JDC which, of course, rather leaves claims as to the identity and claims made by Teddy Smith firmly up in the air and open to speculation.
  6. Facebook Political Groups

    Yes sorry by everyone I didn’t mean everyone on the forum. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I probably meant every one of a growing group of characters who pop up and make exactly the same accusation. It’s all getting too difficult to follow to be honest. I thought it was just a tactic to get the other thread closed the other day but I’m starting to think something genuinely disturbing is going on now.
  7. Facebook Political Groups

    No I’m pretty sure it’s you from the writing. I dont take it as an attack on my blog at all. However I do find your other comments slightly confusing. I’ve only ever been interested in the parody of a Blog that I found amusing and that was rammed into my FB feed every week without me asking for it which annoyed me. As I said in the other thread this has all got a bit too dark and crazy for me. It’s starting remind me of that episode of the Family Guy where everyone becomes Robin Williams. It seems everyone on this forum is now being accused being one person and one person only which clearly makes no sense whatsoever.
  8. Facebook Political Groups

    Not really as I’ve just worked out who you are from the writing. You sent me some really nice helpful private messages and suggestions as another forum character a few months back I think didn't you? It’s very similar to the other stuff you told me you’d done. I just thought I’d wind you up and see if it was you. It is funny.
  9. Facebook Political Groups

    If he would like writing lessons he only has to PM me. It’s hard to do proper parody without sounding spiteful or twisted.
  10. Rob callister mhk

    I think I raised the questions asked in a very level headed and open way as I am genuinely flabbergasted at some of the recent posts that have been made on Manx Forums and I saw the somewhat disturbing posts on News and Politics last night as well. As I said there are two main questions in my head. Has an elected member indeed engaged in comedy sock puppetry throughout, and after, an election campaign to try to manipulate public opinion as some posters have suggested. And why does Teddy Smith keep popping up on here insulting politicians and then making allegations against other posters (which some posters seem adamant are untrue) but then not answer any of the questions put to Teddy Smith? It does leave a lot of questions hanging in the air to me. All of this started off being a bit of a joke but it would appear to have well surpassed that now.
  11. Rob callister mhk

    Thanks! It would be a shame for this thread to be closed but let’s face it another one will surely open up because as long as Robs social media activities continue they are entirely suited to parody. Whether that’s the alternative Blog or just people taking the piss in this thread. I agree this thread has got quite dark and I would agree that it looks that someone now deliberately wants it closing and will do just about anything to achieve that. However before it closes (assuming the clear determination is now there to make sure this happens) looking at the last 5 or 6 pages in particular I think two main questions need to be answered once and for all. Firstly has an elected member indeed engaged in comedy sock puppetry throughout, and after, an election campaign to try to manipulate public opinion as anecdotal evidence would appear to suggest that to some? Secondly lots of people seem to be saying that a poster whose identity has been questioned throughout this thread has also made many posts making allegations against other people that are claimed to be untrue. Those allegations need to be answered too I guess. I’m sure if this thread closes though another will surely open up after a few week or so off the back of another, as yet unmade, embarrassing social media Faux Pas.
  12. Rob callister mhk

    Isn't it short for Rodebrecht?
  13. I love the way Stu sort of ignores all the stuff that is a bit tricky or uncomfortable and bats the callers away with claims that they clearly have an axe to grind, or suggests that they are stupid, before the politician even has to think about how to avoid answering the question. He does it every day.
  14. Rob callister mhk

    I never thought about that I forgot Neddy. I feel a bit used now.
  15. Rob callister mhk

    Ah, indeed I see where you’re going. There lots of strange things I can’t explain that happen. Like why my Blog is getting nine regular viewers from Azerbaijan for one. I believe a Romany group called the Garachi live there and I was wondering if it was the references to gypsies, or more probable someone has some weird VPN set up.