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  1. I will then.
  2. Not this week. CueBall is taking a break for a few weeks and I've PM'd a few people with the reasons why. It will be back soon though.
  3. All those sort of cues (excuse the pun) have been in there for ages. Undertaking "personal tasks" is more than capable of being very liberally interpreted and somewhat euphemistic.
  4. I could quite happily post it myself on there to be honest. Most people seem to have got the funny side of this to be honest and taken it for what it is which is an attempt at humour. I don't think it's rude or specifically attacking him at all as it's a pure parody of his own blogging style taken up a few notches and it was only ever meant to be that. It's certainly not a personal attack and from the feedback I've had (outside of the abusive stuff I've now started getting) everyone has said the tone and style is pretty much bang on. Maybe that's what is really the issue and its hit a nerve? I don't know but I saw his first post on IOM News and Politics which I was disappointed with. If I had wanted it to be vicious or nasty believe me it would have been but I only set out to entertain and that's the truth. It was just such good material to parody. Maybe there's a hint there? Also to be honest I'm disappointed that a site I like very much (IOM News and Politics) has apparently banned links to a humorous website on the specific instructions of an MHK. As has already been said above - so much for free speech. Some might assume that it doesn't exist in the IOM even in circles that claim their very existence is to be a catalyst for open and uncensored debate. @CueBall_iom
  5. I had a crafty poo at the Manx Arms on my way home as I had been touching cloth all afternoon at the Memorial Service. No need for a poo later on after that.
  6. Thanks for your feedback - if you want to keep harping on it will likely only guarantee another one next week Thanks for bumping this thread as it pushes the viewer numbers up.
  7. If you notice it was a close call in Norway last week after the pickled fish 10:00 We retire to our room where I had a rather anxious poo 10:30 Went to bed 11:30 Got up and had another poo (hope that I acclimatize to Norwegian food soon)
  8. It is now live
  9. I wasn't going to do this week as it's taking up too much time but as it offends Viddy so much then I probably will.
  10. Thanks for your feedback. Every time this thread gets bumped it pushes the viewers up. Thanks again
  11. Maybe you should ask your MHK? Onchan will clearly have more war memorials than it has shops at this rate. It would be funny if Callister has a name like Robespierre or Roberto. His entry on the Tynwald biography does make you wonder as why would you use the full name Edward for your second name and shorten your first name to just Rob on an official profile if it wasn't potentially an amusing name? Surely you'd say Robert (Rob) Edward or similar. Hmm, that gives me an idea maybe.
  12. Maybe you should write your own version as you seem to be well informed? Then again it's not hard to keep dibs on someone who seemingly can't help broadcasting his entire life to anyone who will listen.
  13. Making some cheese on toast would have been enough.
  14. I've always imagined that farting in the general direction of women who won't let him get his own way is what inspires him in a revengeful way.
  15. There's something not right about you. When would that ever happen?