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  1. It's just you Vader. Your site that is clearly nothing more than an internet outpatients ward seems to be constantly malfunctioning when normal people access it. It is very, very funny though that you are still hanging on to any belief that anything said there is 1. True, or 2. Credible. Buster is IOM politics very own Uncle Fester.
  2. So any truth which contradicts anything Buster says is now a dangerous virus? Buster will be having to delete another entire Facebook account at this rate. Only a few weeks after he had to delete the last one and totally remove his whole internet trail. He should be sectioned for his own good. He's a sad fruit loop whose propensity to generate internet bullshit knows no bounds. No wonder Corrin has now closed that group to save Busters total public embarrassment at the amount of total delusional shit he posts everytime he gives near a keyboard. IOM News and Politics is an embarrassment no wonder they don't want the public reading anything that goes up there now.
  3. More likely Callister had a big tent in his pants having been invited down as MHK to meet and greet the old ladies of Onchan and do some granny farming.
  4. You'd need those navy seals who found Bin Laden.
  5. True I think most people have had enough of Robs overt (and let's face it often seemingly covert) social media omnipresence and the persistent need to try to portray the fact that he's a nice bloke to the public whilst effectively silencing anyone who has an opposing view by citing petty rules and putting pressure on mods and administrators to have posts taken down. Lots of trolling gone quiet too. It's very, very quiet on here now and on IOM News and Politics (now effectively closed to public scrutiny). Strangely lots of characters seem to have completely disappeared from here in the last week and a bit too. The whole cast of Rob supporting Fraggle Rock muppets seems to have packed up and disappeared. Maybe he should have heeded the advice Chips, Cheese and Gravy made on his apparent poorly executed social media obsession months ago? I'm guessing nobody can successfully get the point across though as his ego doesn't seem capable of listening.
  6. But of course - that's what happens when people choose to be omnipresent on social media. They tend to learn a lot about what other people think about them. If only they were actually capable of using that information to adapt their silly behaviour though.
  7. The Callister thread now has a link to the audio clip in it. It seems someone asked a question quoting extracts of CueBalls blog and presented them as extracts from his Blog. It's brilliant the way he responds.
  8. That works on so many levels as he responds in relation to a quote that is a recurrent joke on the parody blog and not his own and yet he still attempts to respond as if it was about his blog. From listening to both of those clips above you are also left with the impression that Hooper wants to punch him in the face such is his apparent annoyance every time Callister opens his mouth and/or butts in ahead of everyone else in the studio and tries to answer the question before anyone else gets a chance to speak.
  9. Oops then maybe the credit above is not due. It was up about half an hour ago.
  10. Indeed but then clearly he knows better than absolutely everybody else how these sort of social media announcements should be handled so that you walk away with credibility! I see James Corrin rightly seems to have unlocked that post against Robs instruction (copied above) for him to close it which is a good move I think. Corrin needs to keep some satire and humour on his Group to lighten it a bit and nobody who isn't Rob Callister seems to have an issue with CueBalls take on Robs blog. Callister certainly seems to be showing his true colours though with behaviour fitting of a Russian Tsar or Saudi Prince instructing a minion to remove an item he does not like from his view. The psychology of that alone is interesting.
  11. He parodies himself unfortunately and everyone I know in Onchan is openly taking the piss out of his Blog as the fake one makes the statements on his own Blog look absolutely hilarious in comparison. The man is clearly deluded and simply can't stop his awful attempts at self publicity even though people are now laughing at his continued attempts to project how great Rob Callister thinks Rob Callister is. Someone should take him aside and point out that he's making a total prick of himself and a lot of people are pissing themselves laughing about the whole thing now. He clearly has no capacity for self analysis at all and is wallowing in total self delusion in continuing with his boring pathetic Blog.
  12. Yes anyone with two brain cells could work it out. So everyone in this thread so far is fucked.
  13. How would you know then?
  14. You can't possibly be right as that's a complete fantasy so crack on with your conspiracy.
  15. Manx Forums paranoia strikes again. Certain about what? Which member of the establishment am i in MF paranoia world this week? Someone said something I don't agree with. They must have an agenda and it has to be a huge conspiracy. As I said where have all the trolls that usually destroy threads to stop these sort of truths being posted gone? It would seem to me that's the only reason why people are objecting to anything said in this thread. Have all the trolls gone on a cruise too?