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  1. Facebook Political Groups

    Don’t try to spin that round. I said if I did post I’d post on Facebook. I’d post on Facebook because clearly that would be in my name - which would be clearly 100% not the person he has been making his stupid and unfounded allegations against on here. Do keep up. I am happy to share in PM though under the caveat they don’t appear on here without my consent.
  2. Facebook Political Groups

    Because clearly I’d be posting under my own name which is certainly not the name of the person he has been making silly, untruthful, idiotic and childish allegations against for weeks on end via various ridiculous accounts on here as he is a total delusional spanner. If you want to see some of the PMs I’m happy to share.
  3. Facebook Political Groups

    But surely you would be concerned if people were posting lies about people associated with your account all over social media and then having a total mental episode when confronted about their covert lying activities? The whole trail will go on Facebook at some stage I’m sure. Not on here though. I’m sorry if such things like dealing with lying idiots on social media offends you. TJ needs to sort his life out and work out when he’s having his strings yanked by others who seem happy to use someone who clearly has issues, and who clearly isn’t the most robust of characters, to do their dirty work for them.
  4. Facebook Political Groups

    Oh deary me. I now have my messages back and have recorded and passed the whole PM exchange on. If this person continues to post lies on the internet and continues to post up only the PMs that suit him even though he was told he was 100% wrong in his accusations and needed to withdraw them before he got himself out of his depth I’m sure the other PMs I have copies of will make their way out on Facebook which explain the whole story. The whole story - like how he was asked nicely (as another forum character) in a PM to stop posting lies but was warned if he set up or used another one of his silly accounts to repeat exactly the same lies he would be dealt with more robustly. He then did just that - used another forum account separate to the one he published the first lies under - and was dealt with more robustly via PM. He quickly deleted those lies as a result of the PM exchange. He then tried to do it again under a third forum account (I have PMs here too). His whole problem would appear to be that he fails to acknowledge that he has been publishing complete lies all over the internet and that doing that naturally upsets people and gets him into a bit of an awkward situation. Nice to see he outed himself on Facebook though in the end. The PMs are very amusing in that regard. Especially the fact that he is, apparently, in his own words, a trainee advocate who should not be messed with When in fact he is clearly just a bell end who lives in some sort of fantasy world.
  5. Rob callister mhk

    Well you’d know.
  6. Rob callister mhk

    I’m not. Again the PMs can be inspected by Mods as far as I’m concerned. No issues. As last night.
  7. Rob callister mhk

    Can you use a knife and fork when wearing a straight jacket?
  8. Rob callister mhk

    If you read my comments of last night Ive already alerted the mods as to the exchange.
  9. Rob callister mhk

    That really reliable source of info Facebook. Really telling lies of public forums really isn’t very nice at all.
  10. Rob callister mhk

    As I said the other night. I’m worried about you. You either need to up your dose or down your dose. Either way you need to deal with reality rather than living through sad online characters and repeating untruths pitched to you by other people for their advantage. I sense another thread destroyal tactic coming on. I’m sure if you try hard enough you’ll get it blocked in the end. Remember that I said if any of your silly clumsy instantly recognizable characters attempts to repeat what Aristotle said then you’ll be getting some mail.
  11. Rob callister mhk

    Is Aristotle down to his last few accounts now the big ban hammer has come down? Adenauer was no Jefferson. Although he was the founding father of modern Germany. Just like Jefferson was the founding father of the US. I sense a founding father theme.
  12. Rob callister mhk

    That would make a good MF book club. Then we could all follow Rob’s progress through this mountain of weighty documents and perhaps also post him some weekly multiple choice questions along the way to test his knowledge on the pages he’s read that week so that he is fully briefed for his fight with Jeremy Paxman on Manx Radio by January.
  13. Rob callister mhk

    We’re back to On The Move and those rumoured adult literacy classes again. So it takes 3 months to read a 700 page report before you can go on the Radio but everyone else is ripped apart by Callister on Facebook within the hour. Double standards or what?
  14. Rob callister mhk

    January FFS how long does it take you read something?
  15. Rob callister mhk

    I think (know actually) that if it ever came to the test that would 100% be the reality.