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  1. I hope you're right, but again we're still only talking about the UK here. There are around 194 other countries in the world beside the UK.
  2. A Manx Forums subscription?
  3. You don't have to accept them, though. You could write a cheque returning the amount back to the Government, or donate the amount to charity.
  4. £100k will just get even more muppets trying their luck at the sweepstakes. On the other hand, £25k (with expenses for each item to be applied for in advance) might just attract normal people who are actually doing it because they consider it a privilege to serve their nation and see it as a public duty.
  5. I doubt 24 genuinely wealthy people would do it even if you doubled the salary. £100k would be just as unappealing as £50k to a genuinely wealthy, successful and financially independent person. I think the argument for increasing the salary to bring in better quality people is pretty ridiculous.
  6. No, I'm sorry, but this argument doesn't hold water. If these private sector people are so successful and amazing, why would they even need a salary to be an MHK? If they are really the bee's knees, they ought to have already become financially independent, to own a business with multiple directors and managers capable of running it without their own full-time presence. If they haven't accomplished that, then they probably don't currently earn more than an MHK anyway. Personally, I think some of the people here pushing for increasing the salary for MHKs are very likely MHKs.
  7. People who are attracted to run for public office based on financial remuneration are exactly the sort of people we do NOT need.
  8. Morals / ethics?
  9. It does matter. I think it proves they shouldn't be given £7,000 for expenses.
  10. But at least he's being transparent. How many will follow his example?
  11. But is Rob publishing it to justify it? I don't think he said that. Let's wait for all the other MHKs to post their expenses (assuming they even bothered to keep a separate set of accounts) before judging Rob too much. I suspect he is probably one of the least worst offenders.
  12. True, but a non-resident personal allowance is £0.
  13. He should get that looked at by a specialist.
  14. But even if the UK Government don't tax you, you're still paying the IOM Government 20% higher rate of tax. Whereas for the most part you'd likely be paying 10% on the island, and I assume if a UK resident whose pension is derived from the UK Government would not be paying as high as 20% tax. I think you're still losing out by moving from the IOM to the UK, whereas vice versa doesn't appear to be a problem. So if there is an agreement with the UK, it doesn't strike me as a very fair agreement as far as Manx people are concerned.
  15. I find it amusing that an MHK can buy a £400 suit as part of their expenses. I remember trying to claim a £50 suit jacket from Next as tax-deductible professional/industrial clothing required as part of my employment. It was worth a try but they said no.