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  1. Hello BallaDoc, Thank you for your comments. I will look into your links and see what I can make of it. The Manx budget is certainly worth an analysis.
  2. In the old days English pirates looted Spanish gold galleons to cover the trade deficit. Later it was the colonies that paid for the upkeep of Blighty. Today it is the City of London and the banking industry. Same system, different methods.
  3. Hello MF, here are the latest updates on the UK economy. https://manxeconomics.wordpress.com/
  4. The deep state Council on Foreign Relations, maybe the most influential policy think-tank of the West suggests that the alternative media should be treated as terrorists in what may be that most extreme attack on free speech so far. https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/united-states/2017-10-03/should-we-treat-domestic-terrorists-way-we-treat-isis
  5. I use Manx Fairy Splash At Shoprite for 9.99
  6. Hello MF, The United States government claims that America is blessed by God. I wonder wonder whether God told them to produce misleading statistics. This may be something for you if you you are a little bit interested in the biggest economy of the world and not put off by stats. https://manxeconomics.wordpress.com/
  7. Hello MF, Most of you will think that revolutions in Europe is something for history books. You may have to test this assumption. Is the independence referendum in Catalonia and the planned declaration of independence not a revolutionary act? No just in Spain but across Europe, revolutioniary movements are spreading. There may be a link beween the new censorship regime and the unrest among the people. Here is the first post covering a vast subject. https://manxeconomics.wordpress.com/
  8. The UK government intends to top the EU: Amber Rudd: viewers of online terrorist material face 15 years in jail https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/oct/03/amber-rudd-viewers-of-online-terrorist-material-face-15-years-in-jail
  9. Will we get the tailwind of it? https://manxeconomics.wordpress.com/
  10. Hello MF, You may find this interesting. https://manxeconomics.wordpress.com/
  11. An easier way to tackle this issue is price control. Have a board of consumers, maybe one for each parish and impose top levels for prices.
  12. snow white, seven dwarfs and a cameraman
  13. Hello MF, The Catalan referendum certainly raises many questions and there are many views on it. Is it illegal? What does it mean? If you are interested in this, you may want to find out what can happen to us if democracy is criminalised. https://manxeconomics.wordpress.com/
  14. Hello MF, some important economic data were released today about the performance of the UK economy. I have put this into context with the ongoing BREXIT negotiations. https://manxeconomics.wordpress.com/
  15. Here is something to cheer you up, Mojomonkey. Some fun about conspiracies.....