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  1. Rob Callister MHK

    I think he’s ace and and the best thing by far in Manx Politics. In fact it’s clear that the 23 other MHKs are all total idiots in comparison. The things they say and do just make them look total morons in every respect the only exception is Rob who clearly runs rings around the lot of them. I think he should be made Honorary Chief Minister during this difficult time. Just look at the sort of quality insight we would get.
  2. Rob callister mhk

    I’m a smoothie. Ultimately I plan on having no anus. Just complete smoothness from head to toe.
  3. Why would you want to out someone? You should be at the Awards for Excellence. I’ve had 5 awards now just for turning up. I got one just for having a poo in under four minutes. The big award is still out there too Government is brilliant as you know. Tonight is our night to shine.
  4. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    Supporting a team by getting pissed and getting a trophy for getting the gin and tonics in? I’ve had two trophies already. Still waiting for the main event though where everyone will have to bow down and acknowledge my substantial contribution to the Isle of Man.
  5. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    Did you not get an invite? I’ve had two trophies already and all I’ve done is turn up and buy a round of drinks. I hear the top MHK award is still out there though It would be great if a genuine smoothie who has done so much for the IOM in only a year romped home with it straight off.
  6. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    But tonight doesn’t everyone in the public sector get an award and a trophy just for turning up?
  7. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    I don’t know you could be right. I think I will ask him as you never know what goes on under the shirt. Take me, I’m actually a smoothie. Not a lot of people know that. I’ve got no hair, no belly button and no nipples. It’s quite liberating actually.
  8. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    I heard it was in the bag he is just so brilliant in every way it would be hard for any of them to not give it to him I’d guess. I hear he’s already written a brilliant acceptance speech
  9. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    Absolutely anything Skelly and the DED does is bound to be utterly fantastic in every possible way. This will provide Blog content for years and years.
  10. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    I’m going. I wonder who will get the best MHK of the year award? I’ve been told it’s a new category and theres only one obvious winner.
  11. Pop in for a cup of tea and a chat

    It’s nice to get people in for a cup of tea and a chat about things I’m sure http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/mhk-invites-public-to-discuss-concerns/ Just don’t talk about Vision Nine - will be months before the 700 page report has been read nothing will be said before that DED TT branding - still no real answers after almost a year The TT - no disclosure on what it actually costs / makes The Paradise Papers - can’t go on record for anything here Topics that can be discussed Kate Beecroft and the DHSC cuts Kate Beecroft and meals on wheels Kate Beecroft and MARS Kate Beecroft and prescription charges Kate Beecroft and the budget overspend Dog poo Emptying the bins Commissioners rent caps
  12. Pop in for a cup of tea and a chat

    If they have a mis parked motorhome I know someone who will be straight round.
  13. Pop in for a cup of tea and a chat

    No apparently the owner is a lawyer. Bullshitting didn’t work.
  14. Pop in for a cup of tea and a chat

    The one who isn’t you.
  15. Rob callister mhk

    Any truth in the rumour circulating round Onchan that you’re now on page 30 Rob? Brilliant going if true, at 10 pages a day thats about 70 days to read the lot so you’re clearly on target for sometime around January before you can talk with any authority. Hopefully your Blog will update people. You might get another 30 to 40 pages done by then if there’s no motorhomes you have to help move.
  16. Rob callister mhk

    There’s lots of mental people on here. You sound totally mental yourself to be honest. I mean properly underpants on your head, pencils up your nose mental. The only nonsensical thing I haven’t heard you say is ‘wibble’ but other than that you seem to have covered the A to Z of totally mental in about 5 posts.
  17. Rob callister mhk

    You really are a clown Teddy. Why don’t you stop in your utterly pathetic attempts at self promotion ?
  18. Rob callister mhk

    I can't imagine anyone who would be that stupid because there's a risk that you might have said something nasty about people you were now having to work with daily. I mean you'd have to be a complete cretin to even consider doing anything like that wouldn't you? You'd also have to be completely arrogant and deluded that you would have long eschewed the bounds of decency and reality and completely insulted people's intelligence thinking you would get away with anything like that. I can't see it happening myself as absolute transparency is very important to many in politics.
  19. Rob callister mhk

    No he is by far the best MHK of the whole field when you compare his vast qualifications and skills set with that of everyone else. Graham Cregeen - An idiot Jason Moorhouse - A bell end Tim Baker - A muppet Alfred Cannan - Vaguely competent Ann Corlett - Who is she? Christopher Thomas - An idiot Chris Robertshaw - Angry Clare Bettison - Crazy Ralph Peake - Who is he? David Ashford - A shop dummy Bill Malarkey - Mad Kate Beecroft - No words just completely awful in every way Daphne Caine - Totally wonderful in every way but no Rob Callister Martyn Perkins - An idiot Geoffrey Boot - A gentleman Ray Harmer - An idiot Howard Quayle - A role model in every way to aspiring heads of state like Rob Callister Bill Shimmins - Angry and mad Julie Edge - Crazy Rob Callister - A genius in absolutely every way and a clear future Chief Minister Alex Allinson - Doing half a job Lawrie Hooper - An idiot Laurence Skelly - A clear mentor and role model Juan Watterson - An idiot Everybody knows this. Callister is head and shoulders above them all in every way.
  20. Rob callister mhk

    You only have to look at his CV to see that Callister is head and shoulders above every single one of them. I'm amazed he gave up such a glittering career in offshore finance to work effectively for nothing for the good of the people of Onchan. Specially as the rest of them are all idiots, losers, and con men who are clearly feathering their own nests.
  21. Falklands Jolly - Pigs in a trough

    I heard he bummed a penguin when he was there too. He's a complete idiot.
  22. Rob callister mhk

    That would make sense as "Teddy" is clearly a bell-end who would not know the difference as everything he posts would appear to be untrue in some way. I would imagine that even what he posted above is likely to be completely untrue as that would appear to be his speciality on Manx Forums - posting untrue things and spreading general abuse about politicians (with one notable exception who he continually posts glowing recommendations of). He would appear to be incredibly stupid indeed.
  23. Rob callister mhk

    You seem to be good at making up false stories on the internet Teddy so is the above the opinion of a known clown who should probably know better who secretively uses anonymous ManxForums accounts to slag off members of government and thinks that nobody has worked out what is going on? You've also posted a lot of positive things about Rob Callister too haven't you Teddy? In fact he seems to be the only politician that you have ever posted anything positive about. The rest of your MF content would just appear to be highly personal criticism and abuse of politicians - especially those in Onchan. Is Juan Watterson still an idiot Teddy? What about others in government and in local authorities you have spread awful rumours about on here?
  24. Rob callister mhk

    Yes Rob Callister would never do anything like that as Rob Callister is 100% transparent in absolutely everything he does.
  25. Rob callister mhk

    But it's all fine as all of Rob Callisters expenses are naturally fine and totally justifiable in every possible situation. It all perfectly makes sense even if people like you don't think it does. I know that for a certain FACT. It's everyone else's expenses that should be stood up to ridicule and speculation by anonymous posters on the internet because those are expenses that have not been run up by Rob Callister. What part of this do you not understand? It is only the expenses of anyone who isn't Rob Callister that you should be concerned about as they are not being transparent.