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  1. New Rules

    Given your recent standards, that is moderation to excess. I therefore accept your willingness to enter the path of enlightenment, the first steps are always the hardest, hark little one and be banned no more, let the journey commence!
  2. What's going on at nobles

    Using your term 'massive' - Would you rather that the 'massive' investment in this person's experience in public sector management was now spent on the golf course / golf club whatever?
  3. New Rules

    Given your admitted 'quirky sense of humour' I can probably mentor you through this difficult period in your life
  4. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    I agree that IOMG and the judiciary will, if required, be in cahoots. I also agree that whilst Vision 9 have a 'case' - they probably do not have much of a case and that, ultimately, IOMG will call the shots. So IOMG can absolutely demonstrate ( if they wish to do so) that they run 'Bartertown'. They can, if they they also wish to do so, state to any opponents that 'There is a boat in the morning'. But ultimately there is a truth to be faced, which is that the IOM simply does not have the political, professional, financial or natural resources to feck people off and at the same time expect replacements to come knocking on the door with begging bowl. What goes around comes around, and news travels fast. I have absolutely no idea of the intricacies of the Vision 9 contract details - but I do know that, after this fiasco, if IOMG wish to be taken seriously, then the next 'Invitation to Tender' must be professionally compiled, be based on credible financial value not 'Hope value' and be an open, transparent process, which can be either supported or not supported by the IOM electorate. On a local scale, IOMG 'Run Bartertown' - on an international / investment scale, they do not (As was ever thus).
  5. Brexit Is Reversible...

    That sounds great - in theory. Until you take into account that the 'qualifications' upon which your argument rests are mere comments and opinion produced by the same people as the foreword - on which they were completely, unfailingly, and unarguably wrong! If they got their basic facts wrong - how are their 'qualifications' comment and opinion supposed to be any better? By definition, the qualifications are based on incorrect 'facts'.
  6. Applebys: Something or other about planes and VAT. CM says Panic!

    Yes I think that's where it will go - we could even give it a new name such as 'The Common Market'.
  7. Applebys: Something or other about planes and VAT. CM says Panic!

    Absolutely agreed - I have long thought that Eire will be the determinant of future EU direction. They have been net recipients until recently, but that is now changing and public opinion over there will change with it. Were the EU to pressurise Ireland over Corporation tax, and then to pursue a higher contribution from all states (including Ireland) to cover missing UK contributions, then the cumulative effect of all three (Corp tax + Contributions + enhanced contributions) could be a tipping point for Irish EU support. Ireland would be in a very difficult trading situation should the EU overplay the punishment of Brexit. What exports from Ireland do not go directly to the UK (The vast majority do) invariably go to the rest of Europe via UK (motorways + Dover) - difficult to see how the EU could punish UK without punishing Ireland even more as a side-effect. Would Irish trucks expect to queue jump the Brit trucks at Dover? The Ireland issue will become crucial later on.
  8. Applebys: Something or other about planes and VAT. CM says Panic!

    Corporation Tax in France is 33.3%, Germany 29.73%. In Ireland, Corporation Tax is 12.5% - last time I looked Ireland was trading with the EU
  9. New Rules

    As a (genuine) newbie may I make a couple of comments intended as positive contribution rather than criticism. I hope that they are taken in the spirit intended. 1. I have read these forums since 2012 without registering or contributing (you have no idea how difficult that was!). 2. This forum has been a great source of information and formed a major part of our decision to move to the Island, get to know it, and decide to make it our 'final resting place' - thank you, it would be a great loss to see it go. 3. Ans you are correct, some people use alias's because of 'family' situations - I am in such a position, not for me personally, but for my other half, I have no issue with identifying myself, but I know that some people on here would abuse the situation - that is the reason that I held off registering for nearly 6 years. It's sad that it has to be that way, but I agree with doc.Fixit - the modern world is no longer as some of us would wish. 4. I'm still getting used to the general layout of the forum, but I didn't even realise that one could 'contribute' voluntarily until I read it on this thread - I have now found it under 'Store' (Which I thought was a T-shirt shop and did not visit) - might I suggest a more prominent 'Support' icon? I'll sort out a donation now that I know it exists. 5. Finally, having been a Mod elsewhere, I do recall that we had a software option whereby we had the ability to look at 'Location flags' of IP addresses to quickly identify multiple-username abusers - would that help?
  10. Daily Mail blasts typical Daily Mail reader

    I wasn't trying to wind anyone up, sorry if it came across that way Dilli.
  11. Applebys: Something or other about planes and VAT. CM says Panic!

    Who have I accused of drinking?
  12. Daily Mail blasts typical Daily Mail reader

    What if the guy blocked in had been the A&E on-call Consultant?
  13. Applebys: Something or other about planes and VAT. CM says Panic!

    So defined by legally arguable legislation rather than 'morals'?