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  1. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Thanks for posting. Kind regards
  2. Peaky Blinders

    Are u able to watch via usb? Sorry wrongly addressed...should be to Hillside..
  3. IoM Paramedics

    To the Paramedic team that saved me on the 7th Feb 2017...I thank you and will never forget you..God bless you.
  4. War

    Nato would not be able react fast enough if Russia moved in to Europe.. Nato ground troops would be over whelmed...
  5. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    For info: The Halal Certification expired end of November 2017....has not been renewed as YET???
  6. BNP...Manx members 2008

    Many people joined...and many many more supported the party...but Griffin brought it down...Maybe a state asset. Anyway Henry the BNP is kapputt.. Hope your future...pans out as you hope..
  7. GP Appointments on the IOM

    If I had known I would have called to see you...and brought you flowers..DNS....loL
  8. BNP...Manx members 2008

    During the BNPs climb in the elections ( it was a legal party to stand in elections )...most of its members were just normal people concerned about what /is happening in Britain...... some yobs involved which were not welcome...some of the former members were/are very wealthy people. I don't know where you live Henry... but do you not want to protect where you live... and have a safe secure environment for you and your family.
  9. The Horse Trams are now defunct..Move ON

    Mucho besos....mucho besos...
  10. The Horse Trams are now defunct..Move ON

    Fire services are insurance...hopefully never needed... a Must service...
  11. The Horse Trams are now defunct..Move ON

    Whats childish about been concerned that the Douglas rate payer is throwing near £400K per on horse trams...
  12. The Horse Trams are now defunct..Move ON

    Going BUMP... unless we the PUBLIC stopit...
  13. The Horse Trams are now defunct..Move ON

    Change it... and stop IT.. Incompetence... Totally.... NHS bigger issue...
  14. The Horse Trams are now defunct..Move ON

    How many people use the horse trams..in a year .I asked DC Town Hall and they refused to inform me...I wanted a breakdown... Part of history to be retired... so much so now replan on the prom.. Stop the incompetence of losing ratepayers/Gov money... A Roberts