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  1. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Stunned... not acceptable by Sharia... Non stunned accepted by Sharia.. In order to sell Halal meat...????...
  2. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Didn't take you long to react... My so called attempt is to bring this to the attention of the Manx population that Halal ritual killing is funded by YOU the taxpayer... Please PROVE ME WRONG... A Roberts
  3. GP Appointments on the IOM

    My GP practice fantastic...
  4. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    I continue to probe the Sharia Council of Britain regarding Halal certification...as I understand they do not accept Stunned killing.. I wonder how Halal meat processed on the IoM...is sold as Halal... if it does not comply with Halal certification.
  5. Nobles park water feature

    I support any facility for our young ones...but this proposal at Nobles park is very limited to weather...ie can only be used during warm weather.. What is needed here on the IoM is facilities that can be used all year...ie covered... I have discussed the cost to provide the water facility at Nobles with construction companies and the sum 180K is far in excess.
  6. What did we learn at yuletide?

    The missus has had 5 days off...should have been cleaning...what would Frigga think.
  7. What did we learn at yuletide?

    Sorry...should make the missus work harder to make up the lost days... Very qik to pick this up...my Pagan calender out of date.
  8. What did we learn at yuletide?

    Today is Distaff Day...Honoring the Norse God Frigga...A Godess of house hold... after Yule...a time for cleaning.
  9. Keyboard Warriors

    It seems to be common on MF...anyone whom speaks out is subject to abuse...
  10. Keyboard Warriors

    Very bad comment...you lack a heart....Bully...
  11. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Brill....Loved it...
  12. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Just a bugle...and a VERY BIG DOBERMAN.... called Wagner....whom hated tea drinkers...
  13. Keyboard Warriors

    You look old...Already..
  14. Freedom of Thought and Speech

    Rog...I fully support you and your homeland... Recently due my post I am called Nazi...only because I question Halal meat on the IoM. Kind regards A Roberts Gates of Vienna ...
  15. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Whats amusing about someone bringing up the issue of Halal ritual killing and the fact the Manx GOV/taxpayer is assisting it...by its One Million plus cash support... Before this thread is closed... I want to know just what percentage of IoM Meats products is Halal processed...and where is this meat distributed to...ie local supplies and export markets...of beef and lamb. My enquires are blocked ....by all parties A Roberts